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Alubias pintas con Arroz y Pimientos del padrón – Beans & Rice & some Hot Peppers

I love it when, like in this dish, one recipe can be shown in different ways: A classic view, a modern view and a transformed view... and you may think... what is she talking about? I'm talking about presenting a dish, making it nice to the ...

Olleta de Music


Legumes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Beans Porridge and 10 Tips to Cook your Beans well.

Let's forget about sophisticated and festive dishes for a while and land our feet on earth... Are you familiar with morcilla de cebolla, with chorizo, with pigs feet? No? Well, then let me introduce you to Potaje de judías-Olleta de music or Beans Porridge. This is a typical dish ...


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Fabada Asturiana

Special dressing: Isaac AlbenizMy husband's grandparents were both from Asturias. Back to the days when they were young, life was very hard in Spain but even harder in small villages and in certain Spanish regions. Asturias was one of these regions: people would leave their home ...


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Pork Cheeks with White Beans – Food Event

Special dressing: Joan Baez (I adore her voice) A tribute to my grandmother.Here in Spain it's said that we don't throw anything away from the pork. And it's so true! Here you have a dish made out of its cheeks. This meat can be the ...

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