Torre del Remei


Torre del Remei Puigcerdà

We are excited about this little vacation trip, we are heading towards the Pyrenees, towards the cold nights and the fall colored trees. We are revisiting a fantastic and cozy Relais Chateau… it’s been 16 years now since our first stay at Torre del Remei, an amazing small modernist palace, with beautiful rooms, fantastic gardens and a great cuisine. Expectations are high because the first time it was like a dream…

Hispanic Breton Horse

If you are visiting Barcelona for some days, you might want to get away from the city and drive for only 1 1/2 hours to meet the wilderness and nature in its perfect state. Driving your own car is the most confortable choice, but you can also take the train from Barcelona Sants to Puigcerdà (average 3 hours ride) and then a taxi to the Hotel. Puigcerdà is a rich Catalan Pyrenees city, perfect for ski lovers; it’s surrounded by Ski stations such as the ones you will find here at the region’s website: La Cerdanya. If you are looking for a Gastronomical Escapada, then the Pyrenees might be one of your best choices… the charcuterie is so rich and flavourful, the soups are so hearty and the meat is deliciously tender!

Hispanic Breton Horse

We didn’t know that just this weekend took place the Hispanic Breton Horse Fair… what a coincidence! All the villages in the area were full of people asking for restaurant reservations and hotels. We wandered through the fields and enjoyed the view of one of my favorites animals.

Torre del Remei

The hotel room was a dream! We had the best views of the garden, the fields and the mountains at the front. The service was great and we felt really comfortable there. The food… Oh, the food was heaven on earth! No wonder they are recommended by Relais Chateau website. We had a typical soup from the region… so delicate; a Pickled Partridge… so flavorful;  and a Strawberries Vacherin… the best dessert ever!!!! I look through internet to get the recipe, but all I saw was so different from the one we had. I discovered it’s a French dessert made out of strawberries and cream… no words to describe how good it was!

The only thing I felt it could be improved a bit it was the room wall’s and floor deco, that got a little bit old like we did ;D

If you ever get the chance… go for it! Have a marvellous weekend at the Catalan Pyrenees. Torre del Remei Puigcerdà :D

Hispanic Breton Horse

Just in case you wonder, all pictures have gone through the HDR filter at Snapseed. I love to play around with it! It’s my new toy :D.


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11/09/2013 · 8:54 h by bellini

It sounds like a vacation in a dream Nuria.

11/09/2013 · 21:23 h by Katie

We used to play golf at Fontenals in Puigcerda when we lived in Andorra… Never been to that hotel, though. It looks lovely and the food sounds delicious. The colors are always beautiful in the mountains….

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