Bergerac, France. And meeting Katie.

One of the best things about being a Foodie blogger is that you get to know other Foodies no matter their nationality and no matter where they live. And on top of that, some of them, might live in Paradise like Katie! Last summer we made a trip to France and I couldn’t be more pleased! I was expecting fantastic meals and beautiful landscapes and it didn’t deceive me at all.  France is such an awesome country!!!

katie and Núria

One of the things that impressed me the most was that while walking through a small tinny village during one of our morning walks, we were getting near a kid’s play park, where a couple of brothers were having fun in the sand. As we got close, we heard the old sister (6 years old) tell the young brother (3 years old): now, when this madame and monsieur get closer, you should say: bonjour madame et monsieur. And when we were close enough, they did wish us a good morning with a smile on their cute faces! They made my day!!! And might give you an idea of how polite French can be :D.


The Perigord is painted in green vineyards at Summer, which spread all over; and yellow and ochre cereal fields, that contrast with the freshness of the green. There’s also some creeks and forests that refresh you in your daily walks and provide you with some shadow when you feel hot.

When I said Paradise I meant it! The wines are spectacular! No need to spend a lot of money… nearly any wine is as good as you could imagine. We visited a caves à vin near the place we were staying at, Château des Chapelains… it was a rose… absolutely delicious, we bought a box of six bottles and you don’t want to know how long it lasted ;D.

Champagne is also one of the most spectacular inventions French did! Forget about bidet ;D and bring me a bottle of… Pommery, Mumm, Veuve Clicquot, Moét & Chandon, Dom Perignon… If Baco would have known what French people would do with their grapes he would have been a French good instead of a Roman ;D.


No wonder France is the land where European Cuisine started… with such boundary… A must in the Perigord region is Bergerac, it might sound familiar to you due to the famous Cyrano from Bergerac… even though he was born in Paris… but that’s another story. It’s really hard to choose one restaurant among the others (I bet all of them are equally excellent), it’s also hard to choose one foie can… that’s why we bought 3 different ones, hard to choose the nicest street… they are all so cute!!! What could I say… I loved this city and this area. Go visit Bergerac!


The street Markets are colorful and full of visitors and buyers. The shelves at the foie shops are up to the ceiling with foie cans and different produce.


No way you get lost in narrow streets, you will always find your way to the foie shops ;D

foie route

If foie is not your kind of thing, then you can also find the best truffles, morel mushrooms, great cheese and butter…


Katie lives in this wonderful region, and she was kind enough to invite my husband and me to her beautiful country house. There’s no words to describe the house and the surroundings, it’s an old big house, it’s been arranged by her husband room by room and the result is more than awesome!!!! The view from her balcony is so idilic… Oh, boy… I want to live there too :D

katie house

She not only offered us with the best company, she also shared one of the best Bourgogne wines we ever tasted; prepared a delicious Peppers soup, a drooling grilled duck and the best Brownies Ever!!! Katie, we will treasure our stay at your house in our memory :D… and our bellies ;D

If you want to find thousands of other great recipes, check out Katie’s blog… for sure, you will find what you look for, and I can guarantee you that she is a great cook!

katie brownie

This is part of our last years trip to France and it will be hard to improve… although, I’m thinking that Toscana will be a great destiny too ;D. We will have a pinch of France again on our way to Italy and I can’t wait to see and eat at coast glamorous villages.


Au revoire, green vineyards, adieu centenary trees, santé pour tous!


All pictures have been taken with my iPhone. I used Hipstamatic. John S lens, Ina’s 1982 film and flash off.


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06/19/2013 · 13:09 h by Katie

We had so much fun when you were here…. Come back any time and stay longer! All of your photos make me want to visit – and I live here!!!!

06/20/2013 · 7:32 h by Núria Farregut

He he he, don’t tell me twice or I’ll hit the road like Jack ;D

06/20/2013 · 14:12 h by norma

We are supposed to go in september but we cannot get our time share. What fun you had.

08/06/2013 · 5:56 h by Justin

Excellent blog I just had the pleasure of coming across! Reminds me of my travels in Europe and the things that make it great: good people, good food, good memories. Great photos as well! Thank you. :)

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