mona de pasqua

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Chocolate Cake with hazelnuts

The baking fever goes on and on... I tried this classic yogurt cake with the perfect outfit: Chocolate! I changed a few things from the original recipe to improve the cake... and voila, it was soooo good!!! I succeeded! We had a small piece each after lunch and it was ...


Cakes, pies & tarts | Traditional Spanish Recipes

La Mona de Pascua – A Catalan traditional Cake

This is the story of a Mona that wasn't convinced enough to become a Mona. And it's also the story of a woman (me) who was patient and stubborn enough to finally achieve good results! My first try was kind ...


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LENT IS OVER! And we foodies celebrate it!!! Each country, each region has its own particular way and here in Catalonia and Valencia, every Monday of Easter, goodfathers give to their godsons this special chocolate compositions. Cake shops show all kind of Monas (that's how they are called) and after ...

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