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Bizcocho con Chocolate – Chocolate Cake

This addiction of mine… blogging… is getting a bit under control. See? I haven’t been near the computer for 4 days now! Sorry readers, but the truth is that I couldn’t focus on anything but my daughter!
She left for the white week (that’s how we call here the week they go skiing with the school) and the previous night to her departure she felt sick all night long. She didn’t sleep at all (me neither) and in the morning she felt so weak that I didn ‘t know if it would be a good idea to let her go. Finally she did.
If you are a mom or a dad, you will understand the uneasiness I’ve been going through all these days… I couldn’t blog, I couldn’t sleep properly, I couldn’t cook… Anyways, today she will be back (the week is actually 3 days) and I feel much better now :D. I know she’s been having a wonderful time!

So, this is what I did, something sweet to keep the bitter taste away! There’s a couple of Spanish expressions that say: ¡A las penas, puñaladas! or ¡Lo que no mata, engorda! The first means that if sadness comes you should be strong and beat it, fight against it (puñalada means a stab). And the second says… what won’t kill you, will make you fat! He, he, love the second one :D

So, here you have a cake that won’t kill you! Get some sugar and cinnamon in your life :D. I’m sending this over to Grace and her Cinnamon Celebration. Please head over her blog: A Southern Grace, for sweet inspiration ;D.

You can still send her your dishes before the 13th!




No leftovers here :D

Coming soon in this blog:

Mar i Muntanya – Sea and Mountain – Chicken and Shrimps

Tempura de Calçots and Romesco Sauce.

Potatoe and Canadian smoked Salmon Croquettes.

Pollo en Escabeche – Chicken in a Pickle (Salad version).


Ingredients for the cake: 3 eggs, 150 grs + a tea spoon of butter, 140 brown sugar, 3 table spoons of orange liquor, 190 grs of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 table spoon of cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon and some chocolate chips.

  • Whisk during 1 minute the 150 grs of butter and the brown sugar in a big bowl. Make sure the butter is soft enough before putting it inside the bowl. Add the eggs one by one and keep on whisking. Add the flour little by little and the baking powder.
  • Preheat oven at 200ºC.
  • Separate the dough in two pieces and add to one of them the cocoa powder and the orange liquor. Mix well and reserve.
  • Take the other part of the dough, add the cinnamon and mix. Pour in a baking recipient (previously rubbed with the butter we had left). Add the chocolate chips and pour the dough with the orange liquor on top.
  • Bake in the oven for 50 to 60 minutes.


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02/11/2009 · 16:10 h by MeetaK

Nuria – this cake looks so lovely and moist. i love the choc-cinnamon combination!

02/11/2009 · 18:06 h by Psychgrad

That would be a tough call. Keep your daughter home because she isn’t feeling well but have her be sad about missing the trip or send her on the trip when she isn’t feeling well. Sounds like it worked out for the best.

You rchocolate cake looks delicious. Would make a nice snack for afternoon tea.

I really like the “sneak peaks” on dishes to come.

02/11/2009 · 18:35 h by Joan Nova

Con una taza grande de chocolate. that’s a nice welcome home for your daughter.

02/11/2009 · 19:57 h by Peter G

Hola Nuria! As always you manage to bring a smile on my face with your wonderful stories about su familia y vida! And that choc cinnamon combination is beautiful chica!

02/11/2009 · 20:37 h by Ivy

I know what you mean about worrying. You must be relieve now that she is back. The cake looks scrumptious.

02/11/2009 · 21:54 h by glamah16

I would be a ball of nerves too, but that cake wuld calm me down.

02/11/2009 · 23:29 h by Grace

chocolate and cinnamon make a surprisingly fantastic combination, and your cake is proof of that, i’m sure. :)

02/11/2009 · 23:42 h by Ning

I love the ingredients of this cake! Cinnamon, orange liquor, chocolates! Yum! Sounds heavenly! :)

02/12/2009 · 0:44 h by veggie belly

oh my, this looks very delicious!

02/12/2009 · 0:55 h by Nathan

I’m looking forward to the “Pollo en Escabeche” I love stuff like htat :)

02/12/2009 · 1:30 h by Bellini Valli

I enjoy the second saying too Nuria. I am glad that your daughter is feeling better and now you can rest peacefully. We worry about them when they are away even if they are not sick:D I see a glimpse of what’s to come and it all looks very tasty:D

02/12/2009 · 1:33 h by Laurie Constantino

A very lovely cake – I like the idea of adding cinnamon to this one. I like “what won’t kill you will make you fat!!!” In the US, this is “what wont kill you will make you stronger.” I like the Spanish saying better!!

02/12/2009 · 2:24 h by Maria

Lovely cake Nuria. I completely understand about your daughter–my little one wasn’t feeling well since last week either and then on Monday we had to rush and get a sudden X-ray to rule out pneumonia! I was so worried that day.

Those upcoming dishes look absolutely amazing!

02/12/2009 · 2:56 h by we are never full

i’m not a mom, but as i get older even i get nervous when i’m on the mountain. i can only imagine how it is when you have a kid going out there!

there’s nothing you can do but stuff your face w/ this cake… let’s be honest.

02/12/2009 · 3:11 h by Mallory Elise

you baked! it’s beautiful!

02/12/2009 · 3:48 h by Passionate About Baking

Hola sweetheart. Blogger is slow my end again. Read the chocolate post, & am glad your daughter enjoyed the white week. A chocolate cake (or anything sweet for that matters) drags me to your blog coz it’s such a rarity there. The line up of what’s to come is making me jump with delight. Now that’s a 5 Star line-up Nuria! Will try again & see if the comment box loads up…Until then, I’m always with you in my reader!!!I’m back…& it seems OK now!

02/12/2009 · 11:14 h by Emily

I love cinnamon and chocolate together, so I know I would love this! Mmm.

Sorry to hear about your daughter!

02/12/2009 · 11:38 h by Núria

Thanks Meeta! I love it 2!!!!

Hola Psychgrad and thanks for your thoughts… she’s now back home and we are fighting as usual!!!! ;D

Si Joan! She had a great time… why we mothers suffer so?

Hola Pedro :D. Thank you darling! Hope that Australian Fires are more under control by now! What a terrible dissaster!

Thanks Ivy :D… I know you understand :D

Hola Courtney! He, he… that cake helped a lot… Siiiiiii!

Thanks so much Grace! Waiting for the round up :D

Hola Ning! You are welcome at tea time darling :D

Hola Veggie Belly and welcome to Spanish Recipes! So glad you like it :D

Hola Nathan! You’ve been so patient with Mar i Muntanya… this will go first and after Pollo en escabeche. Still have to try the Yuca (it’s in the fridge and don’t have time to cook… aaaahhahhahahhaha). Want to do too many things!

Hola Val! Did you see something familiar in that glimpse? Soon coming your salmon. Thanks beauty!

Thanks Laurie for the translation into English! But more than stronger… I’m getting fatter!!!! He, he… a consequence of being a foodie… I guess ;D

Hola Maria! It’s horrible when babies and little kids get sick! I got sick myself everytime my daughter caught the flu or anything. Pneumonia is big words!!!! I’m happy to know your little one is ok!

Hola Amy! I’m honest… no crumbs left!!!

Thanks Mallory :D

Hola Deeba and thanks for the encourament :D. Baking is as exciting as cooking but more difficult ;D. I’m planning to upload a couple of baking posts soon, so I guess I’ll see your beautiful face over here soon :D

Thanks so much Emily (I noticed the change here) and she is more than fine! It’s me that I worry too much!!!!

02/12/2009 · 12:59 h by Ben

LOL I love the second expression, too. Lo que no mata engorda. In Mexico we have a similar one but that goes lo que no mata te hace mas fuerte, I guess it is a little bit more optimistic :-p
It’s nice to see you baking desserts, great job!

02/12/2009 · 16:51 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That cake looks lovely! These are the kinds of cakes I love – delicious but not too sweet! YUM! Glad to hear your daughter (and yourself) are feeling better!

02/13/2009 · 4:16 h by giz

I’ll bet your daughter was more sick because she was so excited to go on the trip. And of course mom worries and worries and thinks the worst with visions of a helicopter taking her off the slopes to a hospital. I hope she brings you only great stories of the fun she had.
The cake – ooo la la – would be a fantastic submission for Psychgrad’s wedding edition of TTT3

02/13/2009 · 9:08 h by Núria

Sí Ben! More optimistic in English and Mexican, but I’m getting sooooo strong that I have to start a diet ;D

Thanks so much Jenn! You are welcome at tea time!!!!!!

Hola Giz! YUes every thing helped :D. How can you read my mind?
Hopefully today I’m posting something for TTT!

02/13/2009 · 16:39 h by Karen Brown Letarte

Hi, Nuria!

My heart goes out to you, having to send your daughter away when she was sick! I’m just like you, I would have been worried the whole time. But I am glad she’s back now! I love the chocolate cake recipe and can’t wait to try it! I am always looking for teacakes and other treats to serve for afternoon tea. (It keeps my family quiet until I am ready to serve dinner, LOL!)

I loved the proverb “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you fat”– isn’t that the truth?

:) Cheers!

02/15/2009 · 17:04 h by Bren

ay que rico. con un poco de cafesito, el bizcocho seria la mejor cosa del dia! te quedo bonito! :)

02/16/2009 · 18:39 h by Tracey

Tiene muy buena pinta! Me alegro q todo se salió bien con tu hija al final! A mi,me encanta la pasteleria…es lo más divertido de cocinar!!

02/16/2009 · 22:55 h by Peter M

Good to hear everything’s ok, it’s also part of growing up for her. You’ll all be stronger after this.

On to the cake…it should be called Nuria’s 50/50 cake….50% chocolate and 50% cinnamon!

05/28/2011 · 8:54 h by Stacy

This cake looks AMAZING! I naturally gravitate towards sweet foods, and I love the combination of chocolate and cinnamon! I’ll definitely be making this soon- I’d like to link back to this post on my blog, if that would be alright with you??

02/11/2016 · 22:11 h by Karson Sluss

Es muy delicioso y facíl. Me gusta Bizcocho con Chocolate.

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