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True Blood

Will you let me seduce you with… True Blood? No need to be a vampire, no need to be pale and with night preferences. Just follow my rules here and you will have the fuel you need to live… forever… or maybe not ;D.

Now that there’s such a renewed interest for Vampires… I must addmit I have some kind of weakness with the idea of immortality, sun alergy and blood drinking! Let’s imagine we had the chance to choose… would you take that path? I wonder if I would… well, maybe if Bill Compton was the one…

The only problem Vampires have is that they don’t eat!!! What kind of foodie would I be if I chose to be one of them? That’s why this red potion is neither a True Blood beverage nor a Bloody Mary… it’s only a harmless Strawberry Gazpacho!

Eat well and remember to close your bedroom windows at night… one never knows!

STRAWBERRIES. Compared with other fruit contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates and their caloric value is low. We should highlight its contribution of C vitamin, antioxidant substances and its high content of organic acids, including citric (disinfectant action), malic, oxalic acid (anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory action). Strawberries are also rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium, among others. Its fiber content is moderate. (Eroski source)

I’m sending my Strawberry Gazpacho recipe to Katie from Eat this, whom is hosting this week the famous and “old” Weekend Herb Blogging; Kalyn’s brainchild from Kalyn’s kitchen and now ruled by Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything. If you want to participate too, just follow the rules here.


Ingredients for 4 servings: 500 grs. of ripe strawberries, 1 garlic clove, 1 ripe tomatoe, 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, 6 fresh basil leaves, water and salt.
  • Wash and clean the strawberries, cut in small slices and place inside the blender.
  • Get a pot with boiling water and blanch the tomatoe for 1 minute. Peel and take the seeds away. Place inside the blender.
  • Add the garlic clove (peeled), the balsamic vinegar, a glass of water and a pinch of salt to the blender and proceed to mix all ingredients.
  • Use a fine colander to strain the mixture. Reserve in the fridge.
  • Get a small pot with boiling water and throw the basil leaves in for a minute. Prepare a recipient with cold water and icecubs and when the minute passes, throw the leaves in. Dry them with kitchen paper and add to the olive oil. Blend and reserve.
  • Present the gazpacho cold in large glasses or in bowls with some of the basil oil on top.


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04/15/2010 · 12:27 h by Bellini Valli

I don’t need the promise of living forever as a vampire to love this soup. What a unique idea Nuria.

04/15/2010 · 12:32 h by Norma

Will definitely try this. Beautiful. Thanks

04/15/2010 · 13:03 h by Miriam

Me encantan las fotos!!

04/15/2010 · 14:09 h by Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

This is an awesome post, Nuria!!! One of your most creative yet!

I have always been into vampires. Have you read any of the Anne Rice books? Those are my favorite vampire books, ever. I think I would choose immortality.

That strawberry gazpacho is certainly tempting!

04/15/2010 · 18:18 h by Mary Catello • Teri Salomoni

Great presentation Nuria! Very creative and I’d love to try that strawberry gazpacho!

04/15/2010 · 20:13 h by Ben

I have a bunch strawberries I need to use and this is a great idea! Oh, and i’d love to be a vampire, too. But the not-eating business would be a very hard decision to take! Decisions, decisions…

04/15/2010 · 21:54 h by Katie

This sounds delicious and very different from anything I’ve had before! Thanks for contributing to WHB!

04/16/2010 · 1:05 h by Victoria Allman

I was just admiring this photograph on Tastespotting and here it is that I know the blogger!!! Congratulations on a great post!

04/16/2010 · 1:39 h by WizzyTheStick

I love the use of spot colour to highlight your ‘Blood’ LOL

04/16/2010 · 4:26 h by Nathan

This is such a healthy way to use strawberries i think Im going to make it soon, since strawberries are so plentiful this year :)

04/16/2010 · 7:41 h by La cuina vermella

ooooh, ets tu la de la foto? quines ganes tenia de coneixer-te!!!
Petons i bon cap de setmana.

04/17/2010 · 1:09 h by Bren

LOCA! that 1st pic looks intoxicating! Funny how I just did that post on garlic and talked about how it used to be used to cast out vampires, etc… hope you’re eating suficiente ajo; at least it made into this recipe! las fresas estan preciosas… que rico

04/17/2010 · 13:33 h by Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul

I agree with Jenn! Very creative! I love the pictures and how you have really highlighted the red in this post! Immortality or food? Hmmmm….not sure. But I do love this strawberry gazpacho…sounds delicious and amazing!

04/17/2010 · 16:02 h by Nadjibella

Je découvre ton blog.
Des recettes intéressantes et des photos magnifiques.

04/18/2010 · 4:17 h by Ivy

Sounds like a very refreshing and delicious soup. Beautiful photos Nuria!Have a wonderful Sunday.

04/18/2010 · 23:57 h by glamah16

I will take a glass of that!

04/19/2010 · 3:34 h by Mercè

Núria, no sé si de vampirs o no, però és deliciós!! I les fotos, genials!

04/21/2010 · 12:41 h by ://: Heni ://:

LOl very well written article also i love the effects in your picture Nuria! going to try it out!

04/21/2010 · 21:34 h by Joanne

These photos are so excellent! They really emphasize the vibrancy of the gazpacho…in taste and in color.

03/31/2016 · 1:41 h by Paige

I loved the recipe!! It was delicious. I could taste the sweetness in the strawberries and the garlic gave it a twist!

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