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Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Tapas Pinchos and montaditos

And finally Spring is here!!! Let's celebrate, and have some Tapas Pinchos and montaditos con cerveza in a sunny street bar's terrace, watching the people walk by, the dogs sniffing the trees and their owners pulling them in a hurry, pigeons trying to eat the small crumbs that fall on ...


Others | Tapas bar

Roquefort lollipops with grapes and pistachios

Are you wondering how could I even get near to the Roquefort cheese? I wonder myself too... However, I love seeing my husband's face when eating one of these :D = Absolute pleasure! I keep myself 2 meters away and I still can smell that horrible aroma... sorry, cheese lovers, ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish

Marinated Salmon Cubes.

Do you like it raw? Then, go for this easy and flavourful appetizer. This is one of the main reasons why I love raw food... no need for cooking and most important... no need for cleaning a kitchen mess afterwards ;D. Now seriously, from my point of view, salmon tastes ...


Fruits | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Avocado Gazpacho – Greens for Spring

What makes a food picture Spring full? Sure the light should be natural and maybe with some shadows, there should be greens involved in the food; pink colour makes me think about flowers and good energy... The food itself should be refreshing and light... ...


Charcuterie | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Ham Wrapped Asparagus with Romesco sauce

♫ Birds flying high... you know how I feel ♫ Time to cheer up, time for swallows to come back to their last year's nest, time for diets, time for wild asparagus... time for a new Foodie Royal Joust!!!...


Others | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

My Recipe contribution to BloggerAid CookBook: Eggplant Mousse with Butifarra negra

My friends Val, Ivy and Giz at BloggerAid are such fantastic and generous people! They are assembling a Cookbook to help ease the world's hunger!!!!In Ivy's words: we will be publishing a cookbook with 100% of the profit from sales being directed to our chosen agency. ...

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