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Trout Navarra-Style

Special dressing: Carly Simon (turn player on)

Doesn’t it look great? Well, it tastes great too :D. This is one of those really easy recipes that needs nearly no work at all and that everybody will appreciate eating it.

First things first… the rivers near my house don’t have trouts swimming gracefully, the rivers near my house have contaminated waters that now we are trying to “save” and clean and get their fauna and flora back in again. The rivers near my house have huge factories by their riverside which have been throwing shit for years and years into the water and nobody seemed to bother, when finally somebody bothered and reported about it, paying the fee was cheaper than getting the factory in order. Nowadays, it seems that things start moving and that their waters are less contaminated and slowly some fishes and birds are finding their place there.

Please care for the environment!!!

This beautiful trout comes from a fish factory, but hopefully in a near future we’ll be able to fish them again :D

Mr. Kalofagas has also a dish with trout fish factory… I thought that Canada was the perfect land for fresh and wild fish, but it seems that we, humans have the ability to get things dirty all over the world :( . It’s been some time now since I wanted to cook this Trout and his dish reminded me that I should be going to my fishmonger… and this last time she had trouts!

Take these few steps, have these few ingredients and in no time… it’s done! Feel the combination of the fish with the ham and bacon! This recipe is original from Navarre, another beautiful region from Spain.

Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 trouts, 4 slices of country ham, 50 grs of fresh panceta, flour, olive oil, parsley and salt.

* Clean and wash the trout (watch out, it’s very slippery), cut its head off and take its guts away (or ask your fishmonger to do that). Dry with a cloth or kitchen paper.
* Fill each trout with a slice of a good ham and sprinkle the trout with salt (have in mind that the ham is salty).
* Lightly coat each trout in flour.
* Meanwhile, in a big sauce pan on a medium heat, fry the panceta cut in dices in some olive oil. When fried, reserve.
* In the same sauce pan with the same oil and at medium heat too, fry the trouts and fry for 5 minutes each side.
* When done, let rest on kitchen paper so that it absorbs the excess of olive oil.

Serve the trout alone or with some chips or some steamed rice. Eat while it’s still hot.

It’s been so long since I did this recipe that I twisted the ingredients: to fill the trout I used the panceta slices and to fry in olive oil I used some ham dices… ups! Does it really matter?

This is the kind of look I would love that all our rivers had!!! Actually, this is a Catalan river at the National Parc of Aigüestortes… a beautiful place with no contamination… but so far away from my house!


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05/14/2008 · 8:23 h by Peter G

Oh my! I think I’m about to faint! I’ve never gad trout done this way before Nuria. Sure looks tasty with all that ham and pancetta..mmmm. I love your environmental message..its so true!

05/14/2008 · 13:03 h by Bellini Valli

The ham would have added that extra touch to the trout Nuria.I love the photo of the mountains in this region of Spain…just beautiful:D

05/14/2008 · 13:19 h by Ben

Oh querida! This dish looks delicious. I love trout, but haven’t eaten it in years! There are some parks here where you can fish and eat your prey, but I am really a very bad fisherman. I get my fish from the store :-p

05/14/2008 · 13:29 h by Peter M

You Spanish like to combine earth & sea alot in your dishes, eh?

Whole fish is so much more flavourful and the ham, well pork makes everything better, si?

05/14/2008 · 18:22 h by glamah16

What a grat idea for fish. I have never seen it before. Makes the fish look so apapetizing. Certain Someone would eat my trout served up with jamon isnside. Great!

05/14/2008 · 21:13 h by We Are Never Full

This is definitely a great idea – trout and pancetta. gutsy – ballsy! i’ve had fish with chorizo which i LOVED, but never pancetta. going to have to remember this one, nuria.

05/14/2008 · 22:17 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

This looks so delicious, Nuria! And that park is stunning. I wish it weren’t so far away, too!

05/15/2008 · 0:20 h by giz

I’m so with you on the environmental issue. Although I think we’ve gone strides in creating awareness, we still have quantum leaps to make. Canada still does have some pristine waters but certainly not in our own backyard. Sometimes the beaches even have to be closed for contamination – how sad is that.

The trout – unbelievable – who would have thought pigs and fish could be such good friends?

05/15/2008 · 5:33 h by Heather

Ham inside the trout? That must be so moist and succulent! Oooh…

That photo of the river is so scenic, it looks like a poster for “Save the Rivers”! :)

05/15/2008 · 8:59 h by Ivy

Nuria, what are you doing to my diet!! Lovely post however and everywhere they are doing their best to ruin our planet. Never mind. I love you so much, so go and pick your award.

05/15/2008 · 13:02 h by Ann

That looks fabulous! Must, must, try it!

05/15/2008 · 17:12 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Beautiful dish! We do one similar but we stuff the trout with herbs and wrap it in pancetta and grill it. When I can get get fresh trout I have to try it your way!

05/16/2008 · 17:45 h by Núria

Sorry all to comment back so late; I’ve been away from home and didn’t have internet connection!!!!

Peter, I’m sure you’d love this trout :D.

HOla Val! When my daughter was 3 we went up there for holidays… ahhhhh the best air, the best waters and best views!

So, Ben… you have fishes in your river!!!! That means clean waters! How nice :D

Yes Peter, it seems that pork makes everything better :D and yes, we do love to mix :D

Certain Someone seems to have good appetite ;-). I think you would like it too Courtney!!

Thanks Amy. Maybe next time you come to Spain you should make it during July – San Fermines – This feast takes place in Pamplona, capital of Navarre and is where people run in front of bulls!!!!!!

Thanks a lot Jen :D

Hey Giz! Thanks. Really? Closed beaches… ahhhh that’s sooooo sad :( The combination is fantastic, come on and try it ;-)

Yes it looks like a poster and it’s 3 hours away from home by car. He, he, the trout WAS succulent!!!

What are you talking about Ivy? Another award? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Thanks Ann :D

Judy, your way sounds wonderful to me too!!!! Mmmmmmm so good with the addition of the herbs :D

05/17/2008 · 19:21 h by katiez

I’ve never stuffed them with ham – what a wonderful idea!
I usually use sliced lemon and lemon thyme – and then cook them on the grill.
But ham…. yum!

05/18/2008 · 9:22 h by Núria

Hola Katie! Your cooking ingredients and method sounds very tasty and flavorful too!!!!

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