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Cazón Sailor-Style

Special Dressing: Deep Blue

This dish is done with School Shark have you ever tried anything similar? First time I cooked it I didn’t know what I was eating, but I was told by my fishmonger that there was no monk fish left (my first option) and that Cazón’s meat was kind of similar… so I tried… and it was good I did because it has a wonderful thick and flavourful meat and it goes perfect in fideuà, with some potatoes, steamed with some veggies, or just grilled!

This dish is called this way because is the kind of meal that sailors prepare on boat when they go fishing off shore for days.

The differences between school shark and monk fish are many but the basic is that the former is a blue fish and the later is white. If you want more info follow their links to wikipedia. Eating blue fish it’s known to be so healthy because they contribute in Omega 3 (“the good fats”) and in the long run this helps to avoid heart attacks, bad brain blood circulation and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here you have two powerful reasons why I don’t like having a dip in the sea…. Dips should only be for sauces ;-)

Don’t forget some bread to dip in this sauce!!!


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04/02/2008 · 15:12 h by Bellini Valli

This dish just sounds so flavourful Nuria:D I don’t know if I have had anything similar to school shark here? When we were salmon fishing in the Pacific we would occasionally catch dogfish ( a type of shark). The owner would dispatch of them quickly. They were not good to eat without a large amount of preparation so I know they are not the same. I have had monk fish though:D

04/02/2008 · 15:44 h by Peter M

I love monkfish and they are in Greece’s waters too. These fish stews are hearty, lots of sauce for bread and healthy.

04/02/2008 · 18:06 h by Núria

What an adventure to fish Salmon in the Pacific!!! Val it seems to me you’ve a plenty and wonderful life :D.
I found another recipe on school shark that will post some day very typical from Andalucia (Seville and so)If you can find it there, buy it, it’s very good! Maybe not as neat as monk fish tough :D

I completely agree with you Peter! A good dip (bread dip) is the best :D

04/02/2008 · 19:20 h by Ivy

Nuria I have never eaten any kind of shark fish before but I know that it’s very tasty so I’m sure this recipe is very good.

04/02/2008 · 19:26 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

I like taking a dip! :)
I plan on taking one real soon in the waters of the Caribbean! :)

I like monkfish, so this would probably taste really good with either!

04/02/2008 · 19:46 h by Peter G

Beautiful pescado receta Nuria! I love the use of the potatoes and garlic. We have a lot of sharks off the coast here in Australia! And yes we do eat them sometimes!

04/02/2008 · 22:34 h by giz

I really really really do want to learn how to cook fish properly. I think I would really enjoy this dish – it does look beautiful

04/03/2008 · 7:03 h by Núria

Ivy, you should ask for some fresh one to your fishmonger!!! It’s worth to try :D

Really????? Will you go on honeymoon to the Caribean, Jenn??? Woooooooowwwoooooowoowoo! That’s fantastic♥ Hope you come back relaxed (that’s for sure, time there runs so slow) and suntanned!!! Have a great trip with your lover and enjoy it♥♥♥

Hola Peter! For me sounds a bit weird to say I ate shark, but the truth is that it’s… sooooo good!!!
My parents are on a trip to Mallorca and hope they bring back the real recipe for Suquet de peix… did you try it when you were there?

Hola Giz! I think that as long as the fish is fresh, any sauce, any cooking would be just fine :D

04/03/2008 · 17:22 h by michelle @ TNS

this sounds like it’s bursting with flavor! i’ve never cooked with this fish, but i do love monkfish.

04/03/2008 · 19:45 h by Núria

Hi Michelle! Welcome to Spanish Recipes and thanks for commenting! If you find the school shark, then you should try it, believe me, it’s very tasty :D

04/07/2008 · 22:59 h by We Are Never Full

This sounds so delicious. It reminds me of a tapa we made last summer but with calamari instead of the fish. Very similar. YUM.


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