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Tapas: Egg quail on Sobrassada Toast

Special dressing: Life is Life from Hermes House Band (turn player on)

Mallorca is one of the three islands in front of Catalonia and Valencia soaked in the Mediterranean sea. It’s such a beautiful land! The inner villages are magical and their streets and people seem to be from another time, the beach villages are shinny and lightfull… Oh, what a place! Peter from Souvlaki for the Soul has also been in Mallorca… tell me Peter, did you have a taste of sobrassada?

This Island brings me back such nice memories… I was young and naive and my boyfriend at that time was in the island doing the military service. I travelled there every time I could (only half hour plane), we explored the island avoiding the tourist routes. We were lucky to have some friends living there and they showed us all the paths leading to wild and lonely beaches were we could run and swim nudes and free! Aaawwhhhhh… sooooooo nice!

If I had to choose 5 things from the island, I would take: the blue transparent sea waters, the herbs and salt summer breeze smell, the sweet memories of beaches and old stoned watchtowers, the ensaimada and the sobrassada.

Sobrassada is a typical sausage from Mallorca, tasty and different from all other pork “sausages” like could be chorizo or salchichón (if you want to know more, follow the previous link). Its texture is softer and perfect to spread over toasted bread; so here comes today’s Tapa:

* Preheat oven at 150ºC.
* Slice your bread, take some of the sobrassada and spread on top. Place on a middle rack and heat until sobrassada softens more.
* Meanwhile fry in some olive oil the egg quails.
* Take the sobrassada toast out of the oven, place the fried quail egg on top and some sea salt over it.
* Eat while is still hot.

I bet you will love it if you taste it! My friends at La Tienda have some for you!

Just in case you are wondering about that old boyfriend of mine… no he is not my husband… in one of my trips and stays back in Barcelona he met a girl in Mallorca, fell in love with her and married her!!! Life is Life!!!!

This song goes so well with those memories because it was a hit back then and also it shows me that all Life experiences are for good… in the long run! Back then I cried and cried for days! But now I know I wouldn’t have been happy like I am now :D

I’m submitting this post to Elly’s blog: Elly says Opa for her Eat to the Beat Event. You still have time to submit your entries until June 30th, just have to find a connection between a recipe and a song, go to Elly’s and see the exact instructions!


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04/30/2008 · 11:43 h by Peter G

Si Nuria I tried the sobrassada at desayuno I think. It was delicious. Oh! your storie abot past lovers are so cute! And swimming nude is the only way!…LOL!…Hmmm..I have some pics…I might do a post about Mallorca (but I have no food shots!)..oh well!

04/30/2008 · 12:01 h by canarygirl

Ñossss! (jiji soy una canaria adoptiva) Qué pinta, tía!! I looooove these sorts of toasts (canapés), and sobrasada is just so good…with a little quail egg it must be even better! I like these with just olive oil, tomato and anchovies, too. ñam ñam! :)

04/30/2008 · 13:36 h by Elly

Oh yum yum yum! This looks SO tasty, Núria! Thanks for participating again!

04/30/2008 · 13:57 h by giz

Every day feels like a new learning day on your blog. How wonderful!!! And the picture – oh my gawd… just take me away. You know I have this Shirley Valentine complex and this place would be great…no…better than great – it would be fantastic!!!

04/30/2008 · 17:31 h by Núria

Peter… are you telling me you are going to post and show pictures of you nude in Mallorca’s beaches? Je, je. Just kidding!

Please write about it! You surely have many things to tell!!!!

Hola Nikki! Veo que estás completamente adaptada y que tu dominio del lenguaje es perfecto!!! Tu dominio de tapas, canapés y montaditos también es top level!!! :D I knew you were going to like this one… a toast to you, canarygirl! :D

Hi Elly! Thanks for hosting such fun event!!!

Hey Giz! You are so kind and your commments make me soooo happy! Take a Boat to Barcelona and Mallorca… now there’s all these cruissers that stop in Barcelona… I’ll be in the port shaking a sobrassada so that you recognise me!!!! :D

04/30/2008 · 18:25 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

I love this post Nuria. What a great entry for Eat to the Beat! I love reading about people’s past memories!

04/30/2008 · 18:42 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

What a cute story Nuria! All those lost loves brought us to our biggest loves of all – our husbands (too fun to say that!)
Yummy looking Tapas! Delish!

04/30/2008 · 20:45 h by jj

First I’ve heard of this, it sounds fantastic! Loved your pictures, too.

04/30/2008 · 23:33 h by Susan from Food Blogga

You always teach me something new, Nuria. Thanks for another engaging post and lovely pictures. I wish I was walking around that village right now.

05/01/2008 · 1:17 h by We Are Never Full

LOVE the story, nuria. so funny! a little secret: the picture on the “about us” page on our blog was taken in Spain on a beach and I’m actually nude. luckily for you, it’s only a head shot. gotta love those nude beaches. it’s the most freeing feeling EVER! americans are so uptight about that. such puritans (who love porno!!).

As for this tapas… whooo weeee. i love the sound of that sobrassada. la tienda, baby! i’m saving some pennies to get an order together this summer!!

05/01/2008 · 1:51 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

What a wonderful (and lovely!) post!

05/01/2008 · 4:03 h by Cynthia

I love love stories!

05/01/2008 · 9:47 h by Núria

Hola Judy! It’s so nice sharing them with all of you!!!

Jenn, you are so right! It’s all for good!!!!

Thanks Jj! Welcome to Spanish Recipes! I’ll visit you shortly :D

Hola Susan! I wish I was there too!!! Such good times!

Amy you are so much fun! When I was in the States many years ago, I went to Martha’s Vinneyard with some friends and they told me it was forbidden to go topless!!! I couldn’t believe that could happen in the States!!!!

Thanks Jen!

Hola Cynthia! Thanks darling!

05/01/2008 · 16:36 h by Ivy

Now Nuria your story is more juicy than your Tapas. Viva l’Espagna!

05/01/2008 · 18:03 h by bee

mallorca is beautiful!!!

05/01/2008 · 19:28 h by Núria

He, he… yes Ivy… I bet you also have juicy stories to tell!

So true, Bee :D

05/02/2008 · 8:28 h by Pixie

haha I play that song any time I want to irritate my husband!

I’ve yet to try quail egs and thought of buying them yesterday- I’m going to buy them next time now!

05/02/2008 · 16:56 h by Núria

Doesn’t your man like this song Pixie?
Quail eggs are hard to break, have that in mind when you try it :D

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