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Pa amb Tomàquet i Pernil

Toc, toc, toc!!! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE?????? Thank you. :D

This is one of the things in life that one must try at least once! If you dare… because the first time won’t be the last time, I swear!!!

I’m introducing you the simpliest, the tastiest, the itgoeswellwithanything… PA AMB TOMÀQUET, which would be Bread with Tomatoe. But this is just a simple translation… to do the right thing, please:

1.- Grab a ripe tomatoe and cut in half.
2.- Cut a nice slice of bread. You can either toast it or not.
3.- Take half tomatoe and rub it over the bread’s surface. Make sure you squeeze it while you rub it. The bread slice will absorb the tomatoe juice.
4.- Sprinkle with some salt.
5.- Add a generous quantity of Extra Virgin olive oil on top.

Special dressing: James Brown – I feel Good!!!

You have it! You are done! You are half Catalan now! Congratulations! And now the best part, bite it, taste it, chew it, swallow it… Isn’t it fantastic? Well, it is… but you can still improve it: have you got some canned tunna fish, yes? Ok, put it on top, eat it, lovely… uhhh? Have you got a strong desire for omelette? Take two slices of bread with the rubbed tomatoe, place the omelette in between and eat it as a sandwich… can you hear the bells? And even better, any chorizo, iberian acorn ham, just ham, or even cheese? Same procedure… bite, chew, swallow… there you are… in heaven!

This is not a difficult recipe, it doesn’t have hard steps or exotic ingredients. Please try it! I want to have some feed back!!! You will be happy to taste it :D

Where can you find the best Iberian Acorn ham in town and in the whole world? Just a click away. Say you know me and get a discount or even a gift!!!
All Iberian Charcuturie: from chorizos to Acorn Ham, wines selection and a familiar and pleasant treaty.

I’m here waiting for your comments!!!

JUST ONE MORE THING: Teresa brought to my attention that I should mention the kind of bread you should use to get a perfect pa amb tomàquet, and she is completely right, sorry, I forgot. The best bread is the peasant one, don’t use a loaf bread or sweetened sorts.
See a picture of our Pa de pagès.


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02/07/2008 · 15:17 h by Bellini Valli

Sometimes the simplest of dishes are just the best. I’ll have mince with the tuna please..or maybe cheese?? :)

02/07/2008 · 15:20 h by Núria

Wow Val, you are the Michael Shoemaker of the comments! Thank you for trying it, will you be back with your impression? Gracias!!

02/07/2008 · 15:38 h by teresa

Núria, I think that you should say that not any kind of bread works for pa amb tomaquet. Peasant bread is the best. Please do not use a loaf bread or sweetened sorts.

02/07/2008 · 15:41 h by Peter M

Hola Nuria, just you wait until I get my hand on fresh tomatoes…I’ll show you what us Greeks do with bread and ripe tomatoes.

02/07/2008 · 18:19 h by Ivy

Nuria, I wii be baking some bread tonight and it will be ready soon, so that I will definitely try on hot bread! Jealous, eh!

02/07/2008 · 18:28 h by Núria

Gràcies Teresa, you are right, I forgot to mention that!

Ok, Peter, I will wait and see until summer comes, but meanwhile I will have some more Pa amb tomàquet! ;-)

You made me laugh Ivy! You know that today I nearly bought a bread machine? When I got to the supermarket there were non left!!!
It was only 45 Euros!
Please notice that the bread should be peasant bread… I forgot to mention that, sorry.

02/07/2008 · 19:34 h by Peter G

Nice Nuria! I tried this recently when I was visiting Palma de Mallorca. It was delicious as part of my tapas every day. Thanks for showing us how to make it.

02/07/2008 · 19:52 h by Ivy

Nuria, whilst rubbing the tomato and squeezing the juices on the little breads I made, I thought that a slight addition was necessary: oregano and feta.
I posted a picture especially for you. I will remove it tomorrow morning, so you can go and have a look. It was very delicious.

02/07/2008 · 20:32 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

I have actually had this Nuria! They make bruschetta like this in some parts of Italy and I actually taught this at one of my classes! It is soo soooooo sooooooooo

02/08/2008 · 1:30 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I’ve made this after another Spanish friend told me about it… Out of this world! But I’ll wait for in-season tomatoes. ;-)

02/08/2008 · 3:32 h by amysep

I just discovered your blog – love it! We just found out (from a reader from Barcelona) that pernil means ham there… never knew! This reader had found our post on pernil, the famous (and delicious) slow-roasted pork butt/shoulder done by the Puerto Ricans. I also wanted to recommend a distributor of Spanish meats/products that those in the USA can buy from: check out We’re saving up for a leg of jamon iberico! i will be back for a visit again! amy @ We Are Never Full –

02/08/2008 · 8:43 h by Núria

Good morning Peter! So you have already taste it! Did you like Palma de Mallorca? Great place for a holiday!!!!

He, he, thanks Ivy, I’m going to your place right now. Just saw your answer this morning.

Wow Jenn, so you know about it and you even show it to others in your classes… I would have never guessed that… Pa amb tomàquet is worldwide known!!!!

Hi Jen, so glad you like it. Yes, season tomatoes are the best, or the winter dried ones, those you see hanging in the shop are also good for this.

Hola Amy! Thanks for your kind words!!! I’m taking a look at your blog inmediately. And also this latienda web, I thought that exporting Iberian acorn ham from Spain was forbidden. There’s only one factory that has followed FDAs rules here in Spain and of course in the States and now can send it over… but I might be wrong, I’ll check that.

02/08/2008 · 8:57 h by Ivy

Good morning Nuria,
I haven’t taken it down yet. I just saw that the link I sent you yesterday was broken, so try this again and leave a note so that I can delete it later on.

02/08/2008 · 11:52 h by Núria

Thanks Ivy. I finally saw it this morning. It looked delicious!!!!

02/08/2008 · 13:26 h by Ben

I’ll give it a try. I agree with Bellini Valli that the simplest dishes are the best. And tomato, bread and maybe some cheese or tuna sounds delicious!


02/08/2008 · 15:01 h by Núria

So true, Ben! Simplicity is most of the times the best choice!!! Wish you could have some iberian acorn ham to taste it!

02/08/2008 · 17:51 h by Heather

That reminds me of summertime. I will also have to wait for my garden to wake up before I can do this dish justice. You are so lucky to live in a country of beautiful weather!

02/08/2008 · 18:20 h by Núria

Yes, I’m lucky with the weather here… but this comming summer, I think we’ll all get fried!!!! Now we have already 20ºC!

02/10/2008 · 20:13 h by katiez

Not that I’m an expert, but…..
Didn’t you forget the garlic?
I love it – it’s what I miss most about Catalonia. And I make it here whenever I get decent tomatoes… very addicting!

02/11/2008 · 8:20 h by Núria

Hola guapa! Pa amb tomàquet has the 3 ingredients I mentioned: tomatoe, salt and olive oil. Maybe you think about a toasted slice of bread with garlic spread on top and some olive oil too.
Of course you can mix both kinds, but for me are different things, couldn’t say which one is better… but the garlic one is no good during Valentine’s day! he, he.

02/14/2008 · 9:30 h by vegeyum

Yum, this sounds so good, I am getting up from my blogging seat and making a sandwich NOW.

02/14/2008 · 9:33 h by Núria

Hola Vegeyum! Welcome, hope you enjoy your sandwich!!!

10/22/2012 · 17:42 h by Anonymous

Hey there, I love your blog! I know this is one of your older posts, but I just linked to it in my oatmeal blog…check it out if you get a chance!

A deu ;-)

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