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Meatballs with Squid

Special dressing: Fito y Fitipaldis (turn player on)

This is one of my favourite dishes… I love to mix meat and fish and if you have never tried it, give it a chance, take this one as an example! The flavours mix so well you will be surprised :D.

We had this for our lunch on Saturday, and since I like not to rush on weekends, by the time I got to my fishmonger it was 12:30 and she had no cuttlefish left. I’m telling you this because the original catalan recipe is done with… cuttlefish, yes! But since I was craving for it I took this fresh beach squid instead. The result it was as good as with the cuttlefish. Don’t forget to have some crunchy bread for the sauce!!!

Just want to see if this works! If you like it better I will keep it.

How to make meatballs.


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02/19/2008 · 19:39 h by Peter M

Nuria, only the Spanish can combine unconventional ingredients like this.

I’m fascinated to try this…I love both squid and meat…let’s see what they are like together.

Also, great slide show!

02/19/2008 · 19:44 h by Bellini Valli

I have been “jigging” for squid off the coast of Newfoundland ( a province of Canada) many years ago. This would certainly be a more interesting way to serve the little “ink gushing” beasties :D

02/20/2008 · 0:20 h by Peter G

Wow! You learn something new every day Nuria. I would have never thought to combine those two together. Must try it…

02/20/2008 · 1:33 h by glamah16

I have always loved squid. And cuttlefish( come to think of it I havent come across cuttlefish here in Chicago). This looks very interesting.I believe the flavors would work.

02/20/2008 · 5:14 h by ley

Ok, I just have to say that I LOVE coming to your blog and seeing these fabulous combinations that I would have never thought to put together!! I stick to the basics waaay too much.

(Down here, it’s, like, fried chicken, or barbecue pork, or brisket. And that’s it…if they start combining things, people think they’re crazy! Bah. Your way is so much more fun!)

02/20/2008 · 7:56 h by Laurie Constantino

I love both squid and cuttlefish. And I love meatballs. But putting them together? That’s a completely new idea for me and one that I’ll definitely be trying soon. Another wonderful and interesing recipe – thanks Nuria!

02/20/2008 · 8:12 h by Pixie

Nuria this sounds delicious. I wouldn’t have taught to combine fish with meatballs but I’m certain it would taste wonderful together. And well done with the slideshow, I happen to like it!

02/20/2008 · 8:40 h by Núria

Muchas gracias querido! You will love it, I just know!!!!
Ok, if YOu like the slide show, there it will stay :D

Hola Val! Newfoundland… what a great name!!!! :D
Poor beasties, outside the water they don’t frighten me, but when they get all together to find their couple…. I wouldn’t like to be there!

You will love it Peter!
Yesterday I tried to get to your blog but it wouldn’t show… ?????
I’ll try today again :D

Thanks Glamah! Both are ok for the dish, whatever you find first will be great! C’mon dare to try it ;-)

Life is fun, Ley! Here this dish is included in our basics!!! It all depends on the point of view, right? Barbeque and fried chicken are great for me too!!!!!

Good morning Laurie! I like that my dishes may sound exotic to you! he, he, he :D You won’t be deceived, flavours are really great in this!!!

Hola Smiling Pixie! Thanks about the slideshow, I will keep having them this way. Concerning the dish, and seeing that is easier than a Paella, what do you think of trying it in your brand new section? Maybe with cuttlefish instead? I’ll go to your blog to leave a comment on this too :D

02/20/2008 · 12:33 h by Ivy

Nice widget Nuria, but my suggestion is that you write the recipe as well below the widget. I think it’s easier to read. This is a very interesting dish, I have never combined meat with seafood.

02/20/2008 · 13:29 h by Núria

Hola Ivy!! You should try it… seriously, you’d be surprised how good it is!!!
Thanks for the advise, ok, I’ll write the recipe as well in the post, good idea!

02/20/2008 · 17:57 h by Heather

Two great tastes that taste great together! It seems like it would be delicious – meat and seafood are served together in Chinese food all the time! I like the slide show, too, Núria. :)

02/20/2008 · 19:28 h by Núria

Thanks querida Heather :D

Dare to try it, you won’t regret it… surprise your husband… even more :D!!!

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