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LENT IS OVER! And we foodies celebrate it!!! Each country, each region has its own particular way and here in Catalonia and Valencia, every Monday of Easter, goodfathers give to their godsons this special chocolate compositions. Cake shops show all kind of Monas (that’s how they are called) and after a good lunch families eat them! Every single piece is eateable, except the little dolls and chicks!

Originally, the tradition started as a symbol of the beggining of spring and abundance. The first Monas were made of a spongy cake with chocolate, egg and llonganissa (like a dry chorizo but not as red and spicy). The word Mona comes from the Arab word Munna which means “food you get to your mouth”. The first Monas looked more like this:

But nowadays in Catalonia you can see all kind of funny compositions. However, Valencia keeps the old design which always shows one egg.

Traditionally, the Godfather would give the Mona to the godson after the Sunday Mass and then on Monday the whole family and friends would eat it at home, preceded by some grilled rabbit or paella and lots of wine.

Hereunder you will see some pictures I took in Barcelona in different cake shops… and these ones are not the most spectacular!

This shop has even made flipflops out of chocolate and sweets!

Betty Boop was created in 1930 and is still on fashion!!!

Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck are a classic too!

Asterix, Obelix and Cleopatra on a delious boat!

Enjoy the Mona’s Day!!!


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03/24/2008 · 13:04 h by Ben

What a delicious tradition! I’ve heard of these monas before. but I had never seen them. They look yummy.

Happy spring!

03/24/2008 · 16:39 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Wow, Nuria! These are amazing and I never knew about Monas. Thank you so much for sharing this tradition!

03/24/2008 · 17:43 h by Peter M

Nuria, hope you had a wonderful Easter and the decorated chocolate looks fun!

03/24/2008 · 18:12 h by Núria

Hola Ben, Jen and Peter! So glad you liked it! I’m sure you would love to eat them. These days entering into the bake’s shops and cake shops was a torture… they smelled sooooooo good! :D

03/24/2008 · 18:57 h by ley

These are soooo cool! I wish we had a tradition like this! I LOVE learning about different traditions (it’s why I studied cultural anthropology, lol)- thank you for explaining it all so well! :D

Hope you have a great holiday!!

03/24/2008 · 19:15 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow what a great tradition, Nuria! I love it! :)

03/25/2008 · 1:58 h by Peter G

What a glorious celebration of Easter Nuria. Very happy to hear how you celebrate it there. The monas look very similar to a greek bread we make for Easter too!

03/25/2008 · 7:43 h by Núria

Hola Ley! Getting ready for your wedding? He, he, I would send you a Mona if I could ;-)

Thanks Jenn!

Hola Peter! I love knowing about traditions too. Haven’t seen the Greek bread around though. Maybe you could show us someday? :D

03/25/2008 · 10:28 h by Mallory Elise

holy cow that really must be a Spain thing! I want that big chocolate boat! i’d eat it all too.

I submitted a photo to the contest that you won last month! thanks for the idea ^_^

03/25/2008 · 11:17 h by Núria

Hey Mallory! So glad you like it! It would have been shocking for you… so many chocolat around!!!

I love the click contest, I’m taking part this month too! See you there!!!
Liked the picture you presented :D

03/25/2008 · 13:01 h by Bellini Valli

How I wish I lived in Spain and was on the receiving end of this tradition. Chocolate!!!!!!

03/25/2008 · 15:13 h by Ivy

Hi Nuria, I want the Betty Boop Mona. Our Easter is yet to come in a month’s time so you will be seeing a lot of Tsourekia from your Greek friends.

03/25/2008 · 20:17 h by Núria

Hola sisters Val and Ivy :D!!! I wish I could buy a big one and eat it the three of us together :D ♥

03/26/2008 · 20:53 h by katiez

In Andorra we had the cake with the egg…
Love all these fancy, chocolate things though.
I just heard that Barcelona has been promoted to the most expensive city in Europe…
Congratulations – or sympathy!

03/26/2008 · 20:58 h by Núria

Yes, I think we need some sympathy! Prices are too much, not only in houses and flats… food, clothes, bla, bla :(

Maybe we should move to France :D

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