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In The Mood For a Quickie!

Special dressing: Alanah Myles (she’ll surely turn the heat of your kitchen on !)

Im in the mood for…. a “Quickie”… because there’s only one hour left for lunch time and I don’t know what to… cook… aaawwwwwhhhhhh!!!!! What were you thinking of? :D

Surely it has happened to you many times… you are so concentrated blogging (for example) that when you take a look back to your watch is sooooooo late and you don’t have the time to go out and buy whatever you needed, you just have to “make it” with imagination and creativity… basic ingredients for a good quickie ;-)

Luckily, I had 4 pork cheeks, garlics (6 cloves), 2 thyme dried springs, olive oil (that’s something I always have), salt and black ground pepper.

Turn the player on and by the time “Black Velvet” is finished, you have your dish inside the oven.

First of all turn on the oven heat at 200ºC. Take the 4 cheeks and wash them under tap water, dry and cut the greaseast parts away. Get an oven tray and drop some olive oil (1 spoontable for each cheek), salt and pepper the cheeks and place on the tray. Smash the garlics with the peel on and throw into the tray, add the thyme springs and drop some more olive oil on top.

1 Hour in a middle rack at 200ºC and the result is a miracle… your lunch is ready!. So easy, so tasty, so simple, so quick!!! The meat will be a bit crunchy ouside and so tender inside… lovely :D

While the cheeks are in the oven you can do some roasted potatoes or some rice or steamed veggies… or any other thing you are in the mood for… you’ve got one hour ;-) … Just get inspired by the music and let yourself gooooooooo…. he, he, he, blame it on spring time!!!


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02/26/2008 · 17:24 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That sounds like a great lunch, Nuria! I don’t think I have ever had pork cheeks before! Your blog is always so full of new things for me!

02/26/2008 · 18:01 h by Peter G

Bravo Nuria..I love pork cheeks and simply roasting them like this is delicious…cooking to Alanah must be wild!

02/26/2008 · 19:19 h by Peter M

Nuria, you should have called this dish Chica Cheeks!

I bet that meat fell off the bone.

Allanah Myles is from here in Toronto.

02/26/2008 · 19:32 h by Núria

Hola Jenn! Surprising you is quite a compliment!!! :D You should try them… the most tender meat ever!

Cooking and dancing while cooking with a shinny day outside and good mood and a fresh beer… plus Alanah… Wild, Peter and… great!

What a great name for the dish Peter!!! I wish I thought about it :D

I love Alanah… Canadians are made of something great!!!!!!!!!

02/26/2008 · 23:32 h by Elly

Ohhh this looks so good! I have never cooked with pork cheeks before but roasting them so simply sounds delicious!

02/27/2008 · 3:24 h by Bellini Valli

I have eaten cod tongue which is really only their cheeks…if fish have cheeks…but never pork cheeks Nuria. I have yet to see manything more unusual than feet or tongue in the stores.

02/27/2008 · 6:13 h by Heather

Mmmmmm pork cheeks. I think it’s no coincidence that “pork” and “porn” are only one letter apart. :)

02/27/2008 · 7:45 h by Núria

Hola Elly! Welcome!!! Give them a try it’s a wonderful meat and the method takes you no work at all!!!

Good morning Val! Basque people even have a recipe out of cocochas which are hake’s or cod’s cheeks… sooooooo good!
Hey, now that you have your barbaque installed, you should get some pork cheeks there and have a green sauce on top. That would be great!

He, he, hola Heather, guapa! I knew you would get the meaning!!! I just felt a bit “traviesa”, I think that means naughty. However, it’s hard for me and my english to make double sense phrases… but I tried!!! :D

02/27/2008 · 8:42 h by Pixie

I’ve never had pork cheeks before. They look great Nuria, it’s always a pleasure visiting your blog.

02/27/2008 · 13:19 h by Núria

Thanks Pixie! They have the best meat!!! soooo tender… great with some fried artichokes! ;-)

02/27/2008 · 14:48 h by Ben

When I think of pork cheeks I think of tacos de carnitas, I guess I could eat this dish with Mexican tortillas (I just learned in Spain tortillas are something completely different) in tacos. It looks yummy!

02/27/2008 · 15:03 h by Núria

Hola Ben! ¿Que tal? Yes! Tortillas is omelette here :D
And the pork cheeks were delicious, the meat fell off the bone MMMmmmmmmmm.

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