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Hummus Magnificus!

Hummus sounds like Latin to me, but is it Latin? Nope! It’s Arab and it means garbanzos or chickpeas… the main ingredient of the dish. Believe it or not, this is the first time I cook it and I took the recipe from a Spanish food magazine, so if there’s any Arabs reading this post, please let me know if there’s mistakes in the recipe.

I must say I didn’t enjoy the flavour of the lemon and the garlic together in the hummus. It was a bit strange to me but my husband had his portion and mine too!!! So, I guess the dish was ok.

I had to put this title to the dish because every time I hear the word hummus, it has to be followed by magnificus… you’ll think I’m crazy but, did you see Monthy Python’s Life of Bryan? Do you remember the part where Pontius Pilate is giving amnesty to some prisoners? The crowd calls the ones that have a letter in their names that he cannot pronounce… it’s a hilarious scene. Or that one about Bigus Dickus, such a great laugh; I’m not going to make any comments on that name ;-).

Somehow my brain connects words that might sound Latin with that movie. If you don’t know what I’m talking about follow the link that will take you to one of the films scenes in youtube.

The ingredients for the dish are very handy and if you don’t feel like boiling the chickpeas, use some canned ones.
Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 cups full of cooked chickpeas, 2 or 3 tablespoon of tahini (sesame paste), 2 lemons, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 teaspoon of cumin powder, 2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of red sweet paprika, salt and pepper.

  • Peel the garlics and pour in a recipient together with the lemons’ juice. Add the chickpeas, the tahini paste, the cumin, some salt and a bit of pepper.
  • Use your food processor until you get an homogeneous paste. Fill up the dishes and place in the fridge for 30 minutes minimum. Remember to cover with transparent film.
  • Just before serving sprinkle the sweet paprika on top and add some drops of olive oil too.

Hummus Magnificus goes well with fish or meat, but always have some warm bread to eat with it :D

And is there anyone more Magnificus than Ivy? She has awarded me with 2 more fantastic blog awards and from the bottom of my heart … THANKS SO MUCH IVY!!! You are tremendous, fantasticous and generous :D. For those of you not in the know, Ivy has a great blog: Kopiaste full of Greek recipes and some Cypriot ones, hurry to her place and you will enjoy her food as much as I do :D

Who do I want to give A Giant Bear Hug? Aaaahhhh there’s so many of you I would love to meet and give a long nice hug to… such as: Mallory, Jen, Jenn, Courtney, Valli… there’s many more but, these are the rules, only 5 and their blogs:

Mallory from the Salty Cod: Please take 5 minutes to visit her, she’s brilliant and vital.

Jen from A2write: So warm, helpful and sweet.

Jenn from The LeftoverQueen: my darling Jenn… what else can I say about her… a loving woman!

Courtney from CoCo Cooks: she’s always there for you with nice words and good feelings.

Valli from More than a burnt toast: you deserve a Kodiac hug, aren’t these the biggest ones? Who doesn’t know Valli?

And now the blogging with a purpose award I’m giving it to the following wonderful people: Ben, Amy, Peter G, Katie and Giz.

Ben from What’s Cooking gave his blog a new dimension some time ago and he has achieved his goal (from my point of view) A super complete blog!

Amy and Jonny from We are never full. They are never full and I’m never tired of visiting them. Great cooks with funny post casts.

Peter from Souvlaki for the soul. He had the purpose to change his blog, and man, what a change! Beautiful new design and wonderful new pictures and recipes!

Katie from Thyme for cooking. I love her place and her stories and her recipes… she surely has a purpose :D

Giz from Equal opportunity kitchen. A big hearted woman with a busy kitchen and great events going on!



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07/14/2008 · 18:46 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Aw, thanks Nuria for the award – on a post about hummus! I think this is my lucky day!!! So you aren’t too enamored of hummus huh? I usually only use the juice of one lemon and probably 1/4 cup of tahini when I make it. But that is the ratio for about 2 cups of chick peas. So I don’t know. But you should enter this in Tony’s event!

07/14/2008 · 19:05 h by Ivy

Chica, I love hummus and I have blogged about how we also turn this into a soup during winter.
Congratulations to all you have given the awards.

07/14/2008 · 19:49 h by glamah16

You are so sweet.Big hugback. I love that lemoy garlic combo. The more the better!

07/14/2008 · 23:59 h by Peter G

Hola Nuria! Thanks for the many nice people giveing hugs I can’t keep up…gracias chica! As for the hummus…si! It is so yummy. Maybe you added too much limon? I think dos limones might be too much bit otherwise a fantastic effort!

07/15/2008 · 0:24 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Thank you so much, Nuria! A hug right back at you, friend!

It’s so funny… Jenn posted hummus today, too, so now I have two lovely recipes for one of my favorite foods!

07/15/2008 · 0:32 h by Cynthia

Congratulations on the awards!

I love hummus.

07/15/2008 · 3:01 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

Save some for me! I can’t get enough of hummus today.

07/15/2008 · 9:25 h by Núria

You are simply adorable!!! All of you… I love you all ♥♥♥ :D

I might try it again with less lemon, yeap!

07/15/2008 · 13:00 h by Bellini Valli

I love hummus Nuria. I am sorry you didn’t care for it, some people leave out the tahini perhaps that would make a difference for you.Thank you also for the Kodiak hug I really treasure it coming from you:D

07/15/2008 · 19:16 h by katiez

Thank you, thank you, Nuria…. but I have been feeling like I’ve lost my ‘purpose’ lately… It’ll come back…
Next time I make hummus I’m going to add a pimiento (from the jar)… I’ll let you know… Or you try it and let me know. (no lemon, though)

07/15/2008 · 22:21 h by Maryann

I love the title of this post! Congrats on your awards, Nuria!

07/16/2008 · 0:23 h by Jude

Love hummus. Time to bake some pita and try your recipe for sure.

07/16/2008 · 3:49 h by Mallory Elise

Op! Why Gracias!! How kind, I would like to send the hug right back at you!

ps. hummus–is, well hummus is hummus! godly substance.

07/16/2008 · 7:02 h by Núria

Hola Val :D. I’ll try it again with some small changes and see if this time works! Amazing how many people loves it!!!!

Hola Katie! I know you have a purpose but maybe it needs a holiday… you are such a hard worker and blogging takes a lot of energy, plus there’s a life to live too ;-)

Thanks Maryann :D

Hola Jude! Pita is perfect for hummus. Buen provecho :D

He, he, I’m happy you like it Mallory :D

07/16/2008 · 8:35 h by Núria

This is an email I received from Danielle (she doesn’t have a blog) and I thought her comments and suggestions might be helpful to more people, that’s why I’m publishing it. Thanks Danielle!

Dear Nuria,

My name is Danielle and over the last few weeks I have become an avid reader of your blog. Thank you so much for the wonderful and easy recipes. I live in New York City and recently took a vacation in Barcelona. I returned home missing the fresh Spanish produce and delightful foods. Your blog has allowed me to bring some of that delicious taste to my own kitchen.

Your pork in salt recipe, in particular, was so easy and was very popular with all my friends!

Now, I am writing you about your hummus post. I love to make fresh hummus and I have tweaked my recipe over the years to allow for my own tastes, which are more Meditteranean.

First of all, I would not use the lemon. If you do, just add a few spoonfuls. I also use much less tahini, maybe half. I also do not use cumin. Instead, I start with garlic, a bit of olive oil, salt and all but a few tablespoons of the chick pieces. I blend it only until it is smoother, but still a bit chunky. Then I throw the remaining chick peas in and mix them in — that way each spoonful will have some texture. On top of this I add either crushed chili peppers or black pepper, olive oil, and fresh chopped parsley. With less tahini and no cumin, the hummus is much lighter and fresher.

I hope these tips are helpful. Can’t wait to see what you will cook next!


07/16/2008 · 10:21 h by giz

Congratulations on the awards Nuria and wow….thank you for adding me to such a well heeled list.

07/16/2008 · 21:16 h by Peter M

Nuria, I love Hummus and from the photo you have, it does look a bit thin..perhaps too much lemon juice and/or tahini.

Hummus should be thick, some cumin is nice in it and I think you should give it another chance…it’s a wonderful dip.

07/17/2008 · 0:37 h by bee

my dear nuria. that’s why i love you. you are freaking hilarious. hummus magnificus looks awesome. i’ll have your share.

07/17/2008 · 9:22 h by Núria

Thanks Giz. Yours is well deserved :D

Yes Peter, from all your suggestions and advise I will try another time. The thing is that I love garbanzos… maybe the secret is in the lemon :D

He, he, thanks bee :D

07/22/2008 · 4:05 h by Peko Peko

Looks great!

I read that Bigus Dickus’ favorite food was Hummus Magnificus!


07/22/2008 · 8:11 h by Núria

Peko Peko… you made me giggle here :D

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