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Please rise your hands the ones that wouldn’t eat this croquettes…. MMmmmmm such a delish! Crunchy outside and soft and tender inside. C’mon try to cook them yourself and you will be pleased with the result! Your kids will love them!!!

The red meat should only be eaten once a week (always depending on circumstances, if you have anemia, then you can have it more frequently) but the white meat such as rabbit and chicken, and also duck can be eaten three times a week or so. The fat of this animals can easily be discarded because they have it all by the skin and then it becomes healthier than the red meat. This is what we love at home and you will find lots of recipes hereunder… enjoy!

Chicken croquettes

Chicken done with Cider

Chicken Jerez Style

Ducks’ wings’ Rice

Duck’s breast with Pears

Ducks’ breast in Nuts

Nut coated Chicken

Rabbit with Rosemary

Rabbit with noodles

Rabbit, prawns and chocolate

Drunken Chicken and its croquettes

Hen in Pepitoria

Baked Cornish Hens and Parsley tattooed potatoes


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