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Bye Bye Summer Holidays!

Special dressing: Joe Cooker with “You can leave your hat on”. No other song could fit better here ;D.

I’m back!!!! Back home, back to heat, back to my kitchen and recipes and back to you!!! Finally I can get my hands on a good internet connection :D. My broken PC has been arranged but I lost ALL my things: pictures, recipes, songs, videos, docs… all!!! Can you imagine? I asked the man who fixed it if he could get all my pictures and videos back and he said – yes sure, I can get that back. When I went to pick my computer up the other day, he looked at me in a very funny way and I didn’t know what that look meant… Once back home, I opened the pictures’ folder and I blushed!!!! You don’t want to know what kind of pictures I found there together with my family’s and recipes’… How could all that get in my PC? I could hardly get the folder opened because it was so heavy and I decided to destroy it all. Nearly 1 year of data to the trash, just like this… amazing!

Anyways, this post will be a slow entering into the foodie bloggers world, I still have that peace, comfort and easy-going that the holidays’ injection gave me ;D

First, I want to THANK YOU ALL for your Superkind comments on my Bloggiversary post… I just love you all!!! Thanks for a wonderful year of recipes, friendship, and sharing.

Second, I couldn’t help it to post some of the pictures that made my summer.

A fresh salad by the pool. If you want to know the recipe, please head to Ensaladilla Rusa. This one also has some mussels and pimientos del piquillo. Don’t forget to have some allioli over it!!!

See how lost I was in the middle of nowhere? Actually, these dunnes hide a wonderful wild long beach.

Is there any other sport more relaxed than fishing by the river?

Finding beautiful places after impossible roads!

Isn’t this perfecto for a hot summer afternoon?

Kilometers and kilometers of rice fields… and birds, frogs and mosquitos!

Where are the baby’s legs?

Hibiscus is one of my favourites! Ain’t it beautiful?

And third, get ready for a second year of succulent recipes! I’m also thinking of taking some cooking classes at La Boqueria (remember Barcelona’s best Market?). So, Chicos y Chicas here I come!


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09/01/2008 · 11:57 h by Ivy

Welcome back Nuria. It’s great to have you back again. I’ve missed you so much. Seems that you’ve had lots of rest during August. Sorry to hear about all your pictures being lost. Don’t you have them on Picassa or Flicr? It’s nice you will be having cooking lessons, I’m jealous. :)

09/01/2008 · 14:42 h by Bellini Valli

Welcome back Nuria. I am the first to post..that means it will be GOOD day. Looks like you had an amazing..and relaxing…vacation…but I’m glad to have you back:D

09/01/2008 · 14:57 h by glamah16

Welcome back. The pictures look like like you had a relaxing and delcious time.

09/01/2008 · 17:35 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

YAY!!!! Nuria’s BACK!!!!

Oh, how I missed you!

It looks like it was a delightful time.

I love hibiscus, too – it’s my favorite flower. It always transports my heart to beautiful places.

09/01/2008 · 20:15 h by Peter G

Hola chiquitita! Bienvenido! We missed you. Sorry to hear about your photographs…but am looking forward to see what the future brings for you in blogging…so good to see you post again!

09/01/2008 · 20:22 h by We Are Never Full

you’re back! you’re back!! it’s been a very quite food blog-o-sphere in August. I’m kind of looking forward to everyone getting back to normal (including myself!). So sorry about your computer. You should buy an “external hard drive” – they cost about $100 here but you can put all of the things that eat up the memory on your computer but you must save – pictures, music, etc. it’s very worth it!

glad you’re back!
amy and jonny

09/01/2008 · 22:35 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your lost material. That’s just terrible. Maybe those other photos made you laugh though? ;) Welcome back, my dear! You look too cute with that hat on. :)

09/01/2008 · 23:39 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Welcome home Nuria! Wonderful to have you back. Looks like an incredible vacation from the pictures! I am in the midst of a cimputer crisis so I share and feel your pain!!!

09/02/2008 · 7:33 h by Núria

I have missed you all t♥♥!!! You are an important part of my life now! Thanks for your support :D

Hola Ivy! I did have long and wonderful restful holidays :D. Is one month too much for the Greek habbits? How much do you have in summer? Since I don’t upload my pictures to picassa anymore, I only have there old ones, not new. I learned the lesson, though.

Hola Valli! I’m afraid your sis “stole” that first place… but you will surely be lucky not only today… the whole week!!!! And yes, the word is relaxing :D

Yes Courtney… a wonderful relaxing holiday :D… all the wrinkles went away ;D

Hola Jen! Ay! your words fill my heart! It feels great to have such a nice welcome back :D. Thanks so much sweetheart, I hope I’ll be able to meet expectations ;D

Hola Chico! I see you also leave your hat on!!!! ;D Thanks for such warm welcome! I missed you t♥♥

Hola Amy and Jonny! You know you are always full of good ideas and suggestions… I might go for this external hard drive! Copying folders in CD is a little bit of a “pain in the ass” ;D.
Love to hear from you too! We’ll be in touch :D

Hola darling Susan! Laugh is not the exact word! Maybe if I had given them a second look I could have learnt something new ;D. Nice to hear from you again!

Hola sweet Judy! Don’t let it happen!!! Save everything you can! It’s so frustrating to see it all go to the trash or to nowhere :(.
I’m happy to hear from you again t♥♥! Hope this horrible Gustav is not affecting you much :D.

09/02/2008 · 8:14 h by canarygirl

Welcome back, Núria! Te he echado de menos, hija! Jiiiii, no puedo contenerme la risa con lo de las *ejem* fotos verdes. Pero siento de verdad que hayas perdido todo lo demás. :( Dónde fuistes de vacaciones? La belleza es impresionante. :)

09/02/2008 · 14:51 h by Mallory Elise

well well well crawled back from the sea eh? that baby in the sand is far too cute–welcome back pour la rentree!

09/02/2008 · 19:46 h by Núria

Hola Nikki! Las fotos son del Delta del Ebro y alrededores. Es uno de los pocos sitios que quedan en la costa catalana que aún no están super explotados. Lo de las fotos guarras fue muy heavy!

Hola Mallory! Yeap, I did crawl back home… wouldn’t have left the good life! The baby is my husband’s grandaughter… so cute and so sharp!

09/03/2008 · 4:40 h by Heather

Welcome back, gorgeous! It looks like you had an excellent holiday. Mine is coming soon, I can’t wait! (But I only get a week, booo.)

I’m looking forward to your new recipes, Núria!

09/03/2008 · 8:55 h by Maryann

Happy blogoversary Nuria! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Good to see you back!
I lost all my photos at one time as well..what a pain! haha
be well,
Maryann xox

09/03/2008 · 14:04 h by Núria

Hola Heather! A week goes by in no time!!! Hope you enjoy your holidays and have a great time!

Hola Maryann! Ah, every time I think about it… a roar comes from my guts to my mouth ;D

09/03/2008 · 16:26 h by Passionate About Baking

Beautiful pictures…& a very cute little baby! What a grand vacation you had! I’ve been losing my pics on & off, & now quite take it as part of my life! Am gonna be here often! Cheers

09/03/2008 · 17:33 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Hola Nuria! Sorry it took me so long to get over here….


I missed you and all your funny stories and delicious recipes! :)

Roberto’s computer died this summer too! I wonder if it is something in the air!

Your vacation looks wonderful I am so glad you had some nice and relaxing times away!

09/03/2008 · 17:57 h by Núria

Hola Passionate! Ugh, everytime I think about the lost pictures… well nothing to do about it! Thanks for dropping by! Yes the holidays were fantastic!

Wow Jenn! How horrible!!! Yes, there must be something in the air and it’s not love!!! (just in case you think I went crazy… I’m talking about the song) :D

09/04/2008 · 1:30 h by Psychgrad

Welcome back Nuria! It feels like you were gone for a looong time.

09/04/2008 · 6:56 h by Núria

Hola Psychgrad! It feels like a long time to me too! Being in no hurry made time go slower… so nice!

09/04/2008 · 18:53 h by bee

what gorgeous pics. nice to have you back, dear nuria.
i’m sorry you lost your pics and music. but i’m selfish. for me, your writing is enough. :D

09/05/2008 · 7:18 h by Núria

Hola Bee! Thanks darling :D. See you soon in Click!

09/07/2008 · 14:40 h by Peter M

Welcome back Chica…hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer!

09/07/2008 · 15:27 h by Núria

You bet I did darling Peter! I’m sure that you did too… am I wrong?

09/07/2008 · 17:21 h by pixen

HIbiscus! The 5 petals Hibiscus is my country’s national flower. Besides a gorgeous plant, they came in several colors and certain types of petals. The local women like to pound the leaves and petals to make their hair darker/black and if mix with Aloe vera is to stop hair falling off. I tried once but I just don’t feel having sticky mucus like thingy on my hair.. :-D

09/08/2008 · 19:45 h by katiez

Clara con gaseousa si’us plau!

Is that what looks so refreshing???
Welcom back!
(forgive my bad spelling and mixing of languages…)

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