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BlOg yOur Omelet! Announcing my new Contest with a Giveaway♥

Eggs are such an important ingredient in all kitchens and diets! We use eggs for such different purposes: cakes, omelets, quiches, muffins, coatings…

So far, I have participated in sooooo many events that I thought it was high time to get my own contest going! I have thought about eggs because I bet you all have your own traditional omelet recipe, or your favourite’s picnic omelet, or maybe your grandmother’s recipe for fritata… if you do and want to share and participate; find hereunder easy instructions:

* Post a new recipe in your blog with your omelet or fritata. Tell us the story of that recipe if you want, if there’s no story behind, no problem.
* Please take some pictures and include them in the post. Mention the event: BlOg yOur Omelet and include a link to this post. You can also show the logo of the event if you wish (optional).
* Send me an email to: with: Your post URL, Your blog tittle, your name and a picture of the omelet attached. The subject of the email should be BlOg yOur Omelet. Please send it before the 15th of May.
* The round up will be published the 18th of May.

There will be a Giveaway for the winner!!!! I’m sending over 150 grams of Iberian Acorn Ham. One of the most delicious and best Spanish treats!!! If the fortunate winner thinks she/he might dislike it, then I can send some Spanish Chorizo or Longaniza (we can talk about it :D).

So, don’t be shy and participate in the Contest! It will be fun :D… and we all can learn lots of new recipes from the Round-up.

Here is my Omelet to start with the Contest: Codfish Omelet.

Once the omelet is cold you can have it like this: in pinchos, or as a tapa with a good glass of beer! Enjoy this one and share your omelets too!

Obviously, I’m not participating for the prize ;D. I will take all your entries and make a little lottery game to get the winner’s name. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


Ingredients for 4 servings: 400 grs of desalted Cod fish, 6 big eggs or 8 medium, 4 big onions, 1 red small hot pepper, 4 fresh parsley branches, olive oil, salt and a can of roasted piquillo peppers.

  • Wash and dry the parsley leaves and when completely dry chop in small pieces. Reserve.
  • Peel the onions and chop finely in small dices too. Reserve.
  • Pour 2-3 table spoons of olive oil in a non sticky fry/sauce pan and start cooking the onion at medium/low heat together with the hot pepper and a bit of salt. Stir and cook for aprox. 20 minutes. Once the onion is transparent take the pepper away and reserve.
  • Beat the eggs in a deep bowl and reserve.
  • Take the desalted, shredded and dried cod and place in a non sticky pan together with the onion and a bit of olive oil and stir for 2 minutes at medium/low heat. Add the parsley, stir well and add the mixture to the eggs' bowl.
  • Mix well all ingredients, taste and add salt if necessary. Be careful, cod fish could be a bit salty.
  • Clean the non sticky pan and pour some drops of olive oil, when it's a bit hot, add the omelet ingredients and let them rennet for some minutes. Turn the omelet upside down with the help of a Tortilla flipper or a big plate and cook the other side until brown.
  • Insert a tooth pick to see if it's done inside, if it comes out clean, your omelet is finished!
  • Serve it with some piquillo Peppers... the combo is delicious!


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03/30/2009 · 12:40 h by Peter G

Bravo Nuria! I look forward to being part of your event…I love omelettes!

03/30/2009 · 12:49 h by Bea

Pues yo creo que también voy a participar……me salen unas buenas tortillas ( aunque no está bien que yo lo diga!!!) Jejeje

Un beso. B

03/30/2009 · 13:23 h by Joan Nova

It’s good you are not participating because a codfish omelette sounds like a winner to me! I’m happy you gave us some time to complete the task. This way I’ll be finished with my culinary tour. I already know what I will do for this.

03/30/2009 · 13:30 h by La cuina vermella

Hola guapa, m’acabes de deixar morta, no coneixia el teu bloc i m’he quedat al·lucinadeta de les teves creacions. Un petó.

03/30/2009 · 14:27 h by tastetraveller

I just did my fritatta post yesterday, but I’m sure I have more up my sleeve – especially if there’s jamon iberico involved! :-D

03/30/2009 · 15:12 h by Bellini Valli

Sounds delicious Nuria. I will look forward to all of the delicious egg recipes out there.

03/30/2009 · 15:33 h by glamah16

Great Nuria. I love omlettes and thats the first thing I learned to cook.

03/30/2009 · 17:11 h by Maria

Can’t wait to participate in this one Nuria…I just made this delicious omelette the other day that had my husband, daughter and son licking hteir fingers!

03/30/2009 · 17:16 h by Ben

I want some Spanish ham so I am in I am in! Great idea my friend :)

03/30/2009 · 21:55 h by Maria Jose

Holaaaaa Nuria!!! me encanta tu idea, es una muy buena iniciativa…a ver si me pongo las pilas que en mi famili se hace una tortilla especial que me gustaria publicar….besitosssss

03/30/2009 · 22:33 h by Mercè

Núria, great initiative!!
I’d love to participate but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to get the prize in case I win. It’s not allowed to send any meat derivatives to the US. :(

03/31/2009 · 0:58 h by Dragon

What a great idea! Your are egg-ceptional. hee hee :)

03/31/2009 · 8:42 h by Ivy

Glad to see you’ve come back with a new event. I’ll have to wait until after Easter to participate as we are fasting now and no eggs are eaten during Lent.

03/31/2009 · 9:22 h by Miriam

Mmmmmmm, very good idea, we all have omelette stories to tell, I’m sure… will I dare to participate in an event for the first time?? Oh oh, what a challenge…


03/31/2009 · 15:26 h by Núria

Thanks Peter… can’t wait to see what you send :D

Hola Bea! Que bien, cuantos más mejor :D. Seguro que tus tortillas son sabrossssssiiiisimas!

Thanks so much Joan! I know I can always count on you. Smuack!

Hola Cuina Vermella i benvinguda!!! Gràcies pel bon rotllo… m’he posat del color de la teva cuina :D. A veure si em passo pel teu blog aviat.
Una abraçada.

Can’t wait to see your Magic, Tastetraveller ;D

Thanks Val! Aren’t you going to show us yours? Pleaseeeeeeeee?

Thanks Courtney! Is there a special Chicago Omelet?

Great Maria!!!! I bet it tastes super… let’s see it :D

Gracias Ben :D :D :D, cuento contigo chico!!!

Ai, que estupendo Maria José!!! Me encantarà conocerla y probarla ;D

Hola Mercè! Tu no t’amoïnis per aixó… participa i ja veurem si t’arriba ;D

He, he… love that word game Dragon! Your cuisine eggcites me too ;D

Hola Ivy! That’s fine chica! I’ll be waiting for you ;D

Siiiiiiii Miriam!!! It’s fun and you can win the Ham. C’mon, I’ll be looking forward to your entry :D
Petonets per tu també!

04/01/2009 · 1:33 h by we are never full

oh my god, nuria. you know how to get us… iberico!? as a prize??? we’re going to have to come up w/ something soon. something really, really, really good.

04/01/2009 · 6:36 h by Emily

What a great idea! It is time for you to host your own event. I have noticed how many events you enter.

This sounds like fun!

04/01/2009 · 11:00 h by Núria

Thanks so much Amy and Jonny! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :D

Hola Emily :D Thanks for participating sweetie. It would be fantastic if you could get that Ham. I know you would love it!

04/01/2009 · 13:03 h by Peter M

Nuria, just this past weekend at a Tapas restaurant did I order the potato & egg tortilla…yum!

So, all I have to do is make an omelet for a chance at Iberico ham? DEAL!

04/01/2009 · 17:11 h by Núria

Sí Peter! Thanks for participating :D and good luck chico!

04/02/2009 · 2:27 h by giz

Oh my – this could be fun. I can see some fierce competition fighting for that ham :).

04/03/2009 · 14:54 h by Janet_Gourmet_Traveller 88

Hi Nuria, this is unbelievable, I came to your blog to look for your tortilla recipe, suddenly want to make one. Tried once many years ago. And here I found your food event, isn’t it amazing! I will have to join your event …… : )

04/03/2009 · 15:22 h by Núria

He, he, that’s what I pretend Giz!

Please Janet do!!! It will be fun and worth trying to get that Ham :D.

04/03/2009 · 23:16 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Darn. I just posted a frittata on April 1st before I found out about the event. I hope I can whip up another one before the deadline.

04/05/2009 · 20:01 h by ley

You know, I think I’ve only made two or three omelets EVER! I think this is a fun challenge! I hope I can actually come up with something, though. Hah. Count me in! :D

04/06/2009 · 7:25 h by Núria

I’m sure you have some more delicious omelets/fritatas under your sleeve Susan ;D

YOu and your omelet are more than welcome Ley!!! By the way, I love your new icon picture :D

04/14/2009 · 18:07 h by Dolça

Hola, t’acabo de descobrir i flipo passejant-me pel teu blog! Quin bé de Déu, noia!
T’enllaço la meva recepta de truita:

04/17/2009 · 6:18 h by Mercè

Núria, aquí tens la meva participació al concurs Blog your omelet: Pancakes de truita de patata.
Espero que t’agradi! :)

04/23/2009 · 18:18 h by Cindystar

Hi Nuria,
nice to meet you!
I put the logo on my blog and think about a nice omelet for you!

04/24/2009 · 13:42 h by Dharm

Sounds like such a great event! I have to go make and omellete at some point now and if I do, I will link back to you!!

04/24/2009 · 16:41 h by Núria

Moltes gràcies Dolça! Em sembla que avuí clonaré la teva truita ;D

Nice to meet you too Cindystar! And welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. Let’s see your omelet soon ;D. Thanks for showing my Omelet logo in your blog. That’s very nice of you :D

That would be great Dharm! I would love to have your Omelet! Good luck in the contest :D

04/26/2009 · 20:04 h by IDania

Count me in!!!! Ya estoy pensando de que voy a hacer mi “omelette”…

04/27/2009 · 6:30 h by Núria

Muchas gracias IDania!!! Cuantos más seamos mejor :D.
Besitos para tí también!

05/06/2009 · 20:11 h by Ila

What a nice, funny idea! Can’t wait to see the results! Good luck!

05/14/2009 · 8:37 h by MaryAthenes

I sent you my participation !
Great event !

05/14/2009 · 19:27 h by Lisa

If I send in my entry tomorrow (the 15th) will you still accept it?


05/15/2009 · 6:20 h by Núria

Lisa, sure no problem :D. Thanks for joining!!!!

05/15/2009 · 17:50 h by Lisa

Great! I have just sent you my contribution.

06/04/2009 · 8:11 h by Rumela

My father is a huge fan of omelet and I always try to bake one for him whenever we see my parents. He has yet to be fully blown away by any of the recipes i’ve tried. Simplicity is key, and yours looks perfect! Can’t wait to try it.

10/14/2009 · 4:23 h by lex01288

Su recipies suena asombrar. ¡Trataré y los haré! Las imágenes hacen la mirada de alimento tan bueno. ¡No puede esperar tratarlos! ¡Gracias!

08/04/2010 · 16:25 h by Electric Omelet Maker

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10/24/2010 · 17:25 h by brazillianrecipes

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08/26/2011 · 20:39 h by George

The omelets look delicious.

08/26/2011 · 20:42 h by George

The omelets look delicious.

08/22/2012 · 9:02 h by catering Fort Lauderdale

Wow, this is really fun! I do really love eggs and to be honest, my favourite is the simple way of cooking it, sunny-side-up. I do not really cook because my mother does all that task and it is really fun to just wait for it to be cooked. Thank you so much for this recipe. I am going to ask my mother to prepare this for breakfast. Thank you again.

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