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Artichoke’s Doughnuts – Event

Light as FLOUR

Healthy as an ARTICHOKE

Tasty as SALT

Shinny as an EGG

Rich as MILK

Special dressing: Righteous Brothers. Awwwwww I love this song so much!!!!♥♥♥

Mix these ingredients and you will get fantastic Artichocke’s Doughnuts. This is my entry for Jugalbandi’s Click Event. I deeply admire their posts’ pictures and the design of the blog. Plus, Bee and Jai are great people, please take a look at Click Event, picture entries are beautiful!!!

This month the main character is FLOUR.

The picture I chose to present this doughnuts is the first one showing… that’s my daughter blowing some flour in our terrace… you should have seen us after the experiment… two laughing ghosts!!! :D

*Ingredients for 4 servings: 6 -8 artichokes, 140 grs of flour, 1 baking powder teaspoon, 1 salt teaspoon, 1 whipped egg, 150 ml of milk, olive oil and parsley.

•Prepare the dough, have the flour first into a bowl, the baking powder and the salt. Mix it all well. Add the whipped egg and the milk. Stir until you get the texture you see in the picture. Clean your artichokes.

•Rub a lemon on them to avoid they become black. Place in the bowl.

•Heat some olive oil (3 cms aprox). It shouldn’t be too hot cause they would get burned and not too low. Aprox. 180-190ºC.
•Throw the artichokes doughnuts into the olive oil and let brown. When done, place over kitchen paper so they leave all oil there.

•Sprinkle with some minced parsley on top. Eat warm.
•I bet you can not eat only one!!!!!

I JUST NOTICED SOMETHING!!! SORRY!!! There’s two steps missing in the recipe… I hate when these things happen!!! First: the artichockes should be previously boiled in salty water for 30 minutes, drained, dried and just then fried. Second: Once we have all ingredients in the bowl to make the dough, let if rest for 1 hour. I hope I didn’t give you time to cook them :D yet!


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02/20/2008 · 16:36 h by Peter M

Hola Nuria,

I love the photos…right down to the finished result…save me some, por favor?

02/20/2008 · 18:10 h by Peter G

Nuria you always inspire me with your different use of ingredients. A great way to enjoy artichokes. Gracias!

02/20/2008 · 18:56 h by Emiline

I love that first picture of the flour!

Artichoke doughnuts sound mighty tasty.

02/20/2008 · 19:07 h by Ben

Now this is a recipe I am not sure I want to try just because artichokes give me the creeps, I don’t know why. Hehehe. That picture of your daughter is so lovely!

Abrazos hermosa!

02/20/2008 · 19:12 h by Pixie

Looks absolutely delicious as always!

Afraid it’s tag time and you’re it!

02/20/2008 · 19:19 h by Bellini Valli

What a wonderful way to enjoy artichokes Nuria. I am really impressed with your photos as well. I can see you and your daughter covered in flour after the photo session :D

02/20/2008 · 19:25 h by Núria

Ok Peter, there’s a whole bunch waiting for you here :D!

Buenas noches Peter, thanks! There’s some waiting for you too!!!

Thanks Emiline! Did you get rid of your cold already? Maybe artichokes are also good for colds? Take care :D

02/20/2008 · 19:51 h by bee

truly inspiring. thank you.

02/21/2008 · 0:42 h by glamah16

Great picture for the event. I have yet to create a really good picture for that event. The dooughnuts are looking very nice too!

02/21/2008 · 6:45 h by click

thanks for participating. your artichoke doughnuts are an excellent idea. The artichokes that we get here are not the best , but when we do get some good ones we’ll try your recipe.

02/21/2008 · 7:57 h by Núria

Hola Ben, buenos días!!! Have you recovered completely from your flu? Hope so :D. Thanks about the picture compliment!!!
Que tengas un buen día!!!

Good morning Pixie! Thank you darling! I’m rushing to see what it is!!!!!

Hola Val! Yes it was so much fun!!!! :D Thanks sweetheart♥

Thanks bee!

Thanks Glamah, will be checking to see the picture you send… I just love food photography!!!

Hola Jai, thanks for your comment, can’t wait to see all entries :D

02/21/2008 · 12:10 h by Cakelaw

These donuts look great Nuria – and I bet the flour blowing would have been fun!

02/21/2008 · 13:14 h by Núria

Yeah, it was so much fun, Cakelaw, the hard part was taking it out of our clothes!!!!

02/21/2008 · 15:52 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That looks incredible Nuria! I especially love the first photograph! So cool and original! Anything with artichokes and I am in love!!!

02/21/2008 · 16:26 h by Núria

Thanks so much, guapa!!! Pictures help us a lot, don’t you think so, Jenn?

02/21/2008 · 20:59 h by Ben

Hi again Nuria, I am completely recovered from the flu, yay, thanks for asking :D
Your blog is excellent and that’s why I want to give you a little and humble recognition
Check it out here

02/22/2008 · 1:02 h by katiez

Artichoke Doughnuts!?!?!
Alcachofas (sp) is the first Spanish vegetable I learned when we moved to Andorra – we love them – season should start soon back home!

02/22/2008 · 5:52 h by Heather

I love a savory doughnut! It’s like a beignet, I think. Yummm. Did you make allioli for them? Artichokes are so delicious that I decided to grow some in my garden this year.

02/22/2008 · 8:55 h by Núria

Ben, you are soooooo cutE!!! Thanks so much :D!!!!!! I will post about it inmediately ♥♥♥

Muchas gracias!!!!!

Hola Katie, so nice to see you back!!! How would you call buñuelos in english? The dictionary said doughnuts!!!!

Hola Beauty!
How did you guess??? Of course we had them with allioli!!!! Then I spend all afternoon trying to digest garlic, but it’s worth :D

If I had a little garden, I would plant some artichokes too!!

02/22/2008 · 9:47 h by Ivy

Just made a fool of myself at Val’s blog. I thought I was at your site (hehehe).

02/22/2008 · 12:17 h by Núria

Ivy, I’m going to Val’s to see what you mean… I’ll be back!

02/23/2008 · 13:12 h by Susan from Food Blogga

I love this post, Nuria, especially the way the flour is poofing right into the camera. Ingenious, indeed!

02/23/2008 · 15:52 h by Núria

Thanks so much Susan♥

03/08/2008 · 15:25 h by Maryann

Congrats on your “click” award. Very well deserved!

03/09/2008 · 16:36 h by Núria

Hi Maryann! Thanks soooooooo much!!! I appreciate it :D

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