Acabat de sortir del forn – Freshly baked

Sorry, I’m a bit busy right now… my brand new nephew is here!

Barcelona, 30 d’Octubre del 2009

The poem is in Catalan… I’m afraid my poem Muse only speaks Catalan, it’s just too hard to translate.

Welcome to the world, little baby!


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11/03/2009 · 12:15 h by Peter G

Congratulations on the arrival of your new nephew Nuria! All the best!

11/03/2009 · 12:40 h by Yaelian

Oh little Roger is so cute!

11/03/2009 · 13:30 h by taste traveller

Beautiful pictures. Congratulations to the family. To your new nephew: Welcome!! :-)

11/03/2009 · 15:04 h by Miriam

Oh, enhorabuena! Qué fotos más chulas!

11/03/2009 · 16:27 h by FoodJunkie

He is such s sweetie! I am sure you are going to be the craziest auntie ever…

11/03/2009 · 18:41 h by Núria

Thank you sweethearts!!!!!!

11/03/2009 · 20:51 h by we are never full

OH HOW BEAUTIFUL – what great shots. congrats to all!

11/03/2009 · 20:54 h by Maria

Oh, Nuria I have been itching for another and these pictures threw me over the edge!! He is precious … a true miracle! And as we say in Greek, “Na sas zhsei!”

11/03/2009 · 22:18 h by La cuina vermella

Benvingut al món, Roger!!! Un petonàs a tota la família!

11/04/2009 · 0:09 h by Familia

Benvingut to sweet little Roger!

11/04/2009 · 0:35 h by Nathan

COngratulations Nuria!

11/04/2009 · 0:46 h by Bellini Valli

Look at the size of those little fingers. He is going to be spoiled I am sure:D

11/04/2009 · 6:02 h by Ivy

Congratulations auntie Nuria!!

11/04/2009 · 13:05 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Ohh!! quina coseta tan maca!! quins records…enhorabona de tot cor, és una alegria tan gran rebre un nen a la família!!!…ara a disfrutar-lo…i el poema m´ha encantat!!! molts petonets

11/05/2009 · 2:36 h by 5 Star Foodie

Congratulations! So adorable!

11/05/2009 · 13:01 h by Psychgrad

Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your nephew!

11/07/2009 · 20:25 h by pierre

Nuria this always joy to welcome a new born so congratulations !!

11/08/2009 · 15:52 h by pityenlacocina

mi sobrino es la razon de mi continuo babeo, te entiendo, felicidades! besos

11/09/2009 · 23:44 h by Jennifer @ OrangePolkaDot

Congratulations Auntie! I also welcomed the arrival of my nephew recently. An aunt for the first time.

11/11/2009 · 19:07 h by Helene

So cute!

11/12/2009 · 3:47 h by Bren

muchas felicidades!!! que Dios lo bendiga! :)

11/13/2009 · 20:47 h by Diana Bauman

Congratulations Nuria! What beautiful pictures!!

11/21/2009 · 18:43 h by Trig

Sorry I missed this earlier. Congratulations to all concerned. És una criatura bonica.

12/09/2009 · 20:55 h by marisabel

Benvingut Roger
Quina preciositat!!!
Un petonás

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