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This week I’ve been a bit absent in your blogs. I feel sorry about it :( It’s been a crazy week! Lots of new things to be done! Cooking classes to attend! Yes, you heard perfectly well… cooking classes! And you will immediately think… Ain’t this “girl” lucky? And I will shout from here (so that you hear me) YEEEEEEEsssss :D

See? On Tuesday I attended to a free class (again, you heard well) from Mireia Carbó, a Fantastic Cook whom had her own TV show and has published 3 books already. If I had to describe her in two words, I would say she is a practical cook :D
There I went with my mom, to my old neighbourhood… Sagrada Familia. Mireia cooked 3 courses in two hours; traditional Catalan dishes, the ones our grandmoms used to cook: Faves a la Catalana, Meat Cannelloni and Crema Catalana. I will soon be posting these recipes, here you have just one picture of the Faves. I’ve been searching for the translation but couldn’t find it. How do you call them?

There were 70 people attending and I couldn’t ask her if I could take pictures during the class… but next time I will. Hopefully it will be by the end of October.

And on Thursday I attended to another cooking class, this time in La Boqueria (Barcelona’s Ramblas Market). The cook was Iker Erauzkin, a Basque chico living in Barcelona and now starting a business in Mallorca. Iker has also published a bunch of books (3 or 4) I’m not sure of the quantity and if I had to describe him in two words I would say he is a Poet Cook, he cares a lot for quality and presentation too.

There were only 12 people attending this class, maybe because the fee is 20 Euros… but to my surprise, we ate the menu Iker cooked after the class… and it was fantastic!!!! The 3 courses were: Steak Tartare the way the chef likes it, Confited Ducks’ gizzards with crayfish and artichokes and Fardalejos, a dessert typical from La Rioja.

I had such a great time that I will go back next week for another dose :D. The pictures I took this time didn’t come out as good as I expected, but I’ll show you just one and hopefully, when I try it myself, there will be a bit more of natural light in my kitchen.

This is Iker showing us the head of a swordfish!!! And hereunder a couple of his books (he loves to use flowers in his dishes) and the 3 courses we devoured after the class.

So, stay tunned… there will be much more comming soon :D

This week I have also felt a bit exhausted; maybe the change of the season, maybe the cold and bad weather, maybe that blogging is asking too much from me… I just had to put a restraining order between my computer and I. Blogging should be a fun thing to do and sometimes it makes me feel bad because I can’t be everywhere all the time!

Please follow this link to see what I mean and you will probably agree with me. HAVE YOU EVER FELT THIS WAY? Do you have any strategies that you want to share here? (it only gets 30 seconds… I know you are busy too!)

Now to the Awards. Chicas, chicos… I do feel soooo honoured! Thanks sooooo much♥♥♥. It seems that I’ve been collecting them lately… Take a look at the generous bloggers that keep spreading them in the blogosphere. This time I will just keep them with me, not passing them over.

Joan from Foodalogue sent me this cute teddy bear —–> Chocoholic Award

Janet from Gourmet Traveller and Valli from More than a Burnt toast passed me the shinniest award ever —–> Brillante Award (see it shine in my left column)

Nathan from La Cocina de Nathan gave me back the —–> I love your blog Award (also showing in my left column)

Ivy from Kopiaste and Jen from A2eatwrite sent me the ——> Arte y Pico Award (left column)

Chicos, chicas thanks sooooooo much for having my blog in mind when giving away these awards. I do appreciate it :D

Have a great relaxing weekend!


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09/27/2008 · 12:30 h by Ivy

Chica, I’m sooooo jealous of those cooking lessons.
I followed your link and I am at stage 4. Sometimes I also feel very tired but can’t keep away from the computer.
However, you are right. When blogging is not fun any more we should stop doing it. (Remember Pixie?) Congrats for all your well deserved awards.

09/27/2008 · 13:05 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

A cooking demonstration in La Boqueria how fabulous. Tengo envidia. And how convenient…you can buy the ingredients on your way out.
P.S. Fava beans are fava beans in English too.

09/27/2008 · 13:14 h by Peter G

I think its “que bueno” that you are doing cooking classes Nuria! Sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you show us from your classes. As for blogging, I have always said, the moment it gets too much…just step away…everyone will still be here. That cartoon you linked to was very funny and very true!

09/27/2008 · 14:41 h by Bellini Valli

I love taking cooking classes too Nuria. I attended a cooking school in our area and even volunteered a few times so had a number of classes for free… of course the 8 days on the island of Kea in Greece at cooking school:D I can’t wait to see what you have learned:D

09/27/2008 · 16:42 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

What a fun week! Have a good rest this weekend and then come back to us with wonderful recipes! I think I need a restraining order between me and my computer, too. ;-)

09/27/2008 · 16:49 h by FoodJunkie

Nuria, I totally understand blogging fatigue (the cartoon is very funny and true. Well done with the cooking classes. Mine start next week and the cost is 25 euros for 2 hours, but I didn’t see anywone finding that too much. Last year there were 30 people in the class!

09/27/2008 · 17:13 h by Peter M

One can and should never stop learning…you live – you learn.

I’m sure the classes gave you some more inspiration and being the lovely blog hostess yo are, you’ll share with us all.

09/28/2008 · 13:59 h by We Are Never Full

i want to join you at those classes. the view of the sagrada familia in the background peeking over the rooftops almost made me and jonny want to cry. enjoy…

as for the blogging overload – i hear you. i actually recently told myself that I have to take a breather sometimes and not try to please others (by taking the time to go on everyones blog and comment), but if i’m not pleasing myself i will burn out! it is a job even though we don’t get paid. but sometimes you need to recharge your batteries and cut yourself some slack. you do a great job!

09/28/2008 · 17:47 h by Núria

Ivy, don’t you have that in Athens? The free lesson I attended is organized by a big supermarket… that’s why we were 70… and each day is the same!!!! And the other one at la Boqueria was so worth… see how handsome the cook is? ;D

Hola Joan! You are so right, that was so convinient! I did buy some things on my way out ;D. Thanks for the Favas answer :D

I start to have some ideas with the things I learnt Peter… we’ll see it soon. And yes stepping out for some time is good :D

Hola Val! I know you love that!!!! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a class together?

Hola darling Jen! Having a rest from your Presidential huge help campain ;D ?

Hola Foodjunkie… you are so nice to leave a comment… I still have to visit your blog!
Do you eat what you cook after?

Yes darling Peter!!! I will share it all with you♥ He, he, I’ve learned some new things so far ;D

Smuack smuack Amy! You are too cute♥. Yes, lately I was wondering where were you? Take your time too, relax, have a short trip to Barcelona (you can be my guest) and enjoy life… how about that?

09/29/2008 · 5:40 h by Mallory Elise

cooking classes! you gonna open a restaurant next! oh the Sagrada familia, and las ramblas, HEY I WAS THERE i was i was…..europe was real….not a long a go dream…

09/29/2008 · 10:39 h by Núria

Hola beauty! I just wish we could have met!!! Next time… if you want to see my face… get ready for a Ham tapas experience!

09/29/2008 · 13:38 h by Passionate About Baking

I’m green with envy…lucky lucky Nuria. Would give an arm & a leg to have been there too. What a fabulous experience.

09/30/2008 · 19:44 h by glamah16

Oh how lucky you are!

10/01/2008 · 20:43 h by Sam

Those photos remind me of when I was in Barcelona, the Boqueria is Amazing! it has to be my favourite city anywhere.
The cooking classes sound great, I am just a bit jealous!

10/02/2008 · 8:17 h by Núria

Hi Deeba! No arm and no leg needed… just a ticket plane ;D
Thanks for your good wishes, sweetheart♥

Hola Glamah! Hey you are lucky too to meet all those celebrities :D

Hola Sam! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D
YOu were in Barcelona? Hey, next time you should contact me and have a coffee together :D

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