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UMA Restaurant

As Louis Armstrong would say... Heaven, I'm in Heaven... Yes, that's the feeling you get when you enter UMA Restaurant in Barcelona! Let me tell you everything about it :-). Uma is a small Restaurant, there's only space for 12 people. The decoration is ...


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Steak Tartare and Mack the Knife

Special dressing today: Mack the knife (turn player and see it shine at that street corner).You could also reach heaven without moving from your kitchen if you'd follow my instructions... Are you a meat lover? Do you still have that old instinct alive? Do you like ...


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About cooking classes, Bloggers and Awards.

This week I've been a bit absent in your blogs. I feel sorry about it :( It's been a crazy week! Lots of new things to be done! Cooking classes to attend! Yes, you heard perfectly well... cooking classes! And you will immediately think... Ain't this "girl" ...

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