De Tapes per Barcelona

Hey People!!! The 7th edition of the Barcelona Tapas Event is here :D. Grab your boyfriend’s hand or your girfriend’s, take your wife for a surprise, invite your parents, take your kids for a different kind of dinner… Whatever your life is… go for a Tapas experience!

pincho variado

I thought it would be funny to copy the illustration, so this is my guess hereunder: there’s some octopus (boiled and salted), a fried mushroom, a fried sausage wrapped with some browned bacon and a cherry tomato. Dress it with some extra virgin olive oil and some sea salt. Maybe instead of a pork sausage you can put a sweet date with the bacon, or you could even place a shrimp there…

pincho variado

If you want to follow my advise go De Tapes per Barcelona and enjoy your stay in the City with a different approach ;D. These links could be useful.

City map with the hotels, bars, cafés offering this promotion and the photos of the tapas and addresses.

Gastronosfera will give you all the information about it. Not in English.


You might get a bit confused with the Tapas (with two a) and Tapes (with an a and an e). The first one is in Spanish, the second is in Catalan.


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