Clay Cookware. Which Cookware material is best?

Every day I wonder what will be the healthiest choice for my family daily cooking. I always take into consideration the variety of food we eat, the quality of the produce… the fact that it grows near by is also important. But, we rarely think about the importance of the cookware we use to cook our food, and that is so important!

Clay Cookware

The Cookware we choose, directly affects the produce we cook, and therefore our health. Let’s see the pros and cons about Clay Cookware!

Pros of cooking with Clay Cookware: The most important reason is that Clay is one of the best natural materials that we can use in our daily cooking, if we add the fact that we choose organic clay, then we are making it even better. When cooking with clay, the heat should be medium or low because an abrupt change of temperature might  crack the pot or the casserole. Another good reason is that the recipient keeps warm for a long time… so we can save some money from our kitchen gas monthly bill.

Cons of cooking with Clay Cookware: First problem with clay is that it can break easily and without knowing we can swallow small pieces. Also, if we accidentally drop it from our hands (after a major Halloween scare ;D) it will break apart and we’ll have to buy another one. But, the worst problem is that it might contain lead oxide…This was used some time ago to paint the recipients so that they would look shinny and beautiful. Nowadays it’s no longer used, but you better ask when you buy it because it’s really bad for the human body.

What can I cook with a Clay casserole? You can prepare your home made Beans, you can also prepare a goulash soup, or some crema Catalana, some delicious cannelloni, or some lentils… any dish that requires slow simmer and low heat is perfect for this material. I also love preparing a meat stew in these casseroles.

But, what I would love the most (are you hearing, Santa?) is this awesome VitaClay Smart Programmable Multi-Cooker!!! The things I would do with it! Superhealthy food with its organic clay pot, delicious rice recipes, soups, yogurts, stews… It’s in my wishing list for this Christmas :D. Click here to get it.

These are some of its wonderful characteristics:


  • Unglazed clay pot intensifies flavors.
  • No aluminum, lead and non-stick chemical coating contacting your food.
  • Up to 4 times faster than conventional slow cooker.
  • Makes probiotic Rich Greek yogurt or yogurt cheese.
  • Preserves important nutrients, enzymes and vitamins!!!

Next post on Which Cookware material is best? I will talk about Stainless Steel.


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11/04/2013 · 15:26 h by Dina

Hi Nuria, love your blog. Interesting that you are writing about clay, I was just thinking about it. I’d like to link to this post from my blog (left side bar, under Resources: Articles). Hope to meet you when I visit Spain this Jan-Feb.

11/06/2013 · 10:27 h by Núria Farregut

Yes, I’d like to meet you too, Dina :D. I’m working on your list. Thanks for your comment and link. See you in the Winter ;D.

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