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De Tapes per Barcelona

Hey People!!! The 7th edition of the Barcelona Tapas Event is here :D. Grab your boyfriend's hand or your girfriend's, take your wife for a surprise, invite your parents, take your kids for a different kind of dinner... Whatever your life is... go for a Tapas experience!...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Tapas bar

Clams in Green Sauce

There's no better clams than those from Galicia! Their texture and taste has nothing to do with those we find here at the Mediterranean or the French ones from the Bay of Biscay. I don't mean that our sea doesn't produce good clams, but these from Galicia are ...


Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Pinchitos, Montaditos… all kind of Tapas!

Is there a dish, a meal, a special bite that cheers you up? Nope? Then ask for these outloud with me: Un pinchito de langostinos, por favor! That's all you have to say when entering a Tapas bar here in Spain. The world will no longer be in black and ...


Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Tapas from Spain! A Taste Of The Mediterranean.

Tapas... who has never heard about them? For those of you new in the foodie world, Tapas are a Spanish invention; a small gastronomic taste; something that you find in every single Bar here in Spain; in cities and in villages; in rustic and ...

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