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Espai Kru Barcelona

When food becomes a beautiful sculpture, when flavor saturates your senses, when after each bite you feel the urge to get up and clap… you are in Espai Kru, Barcelona.

Espina de pescado

First times are always special, right? It wasn’t my first time celebrating my husband’s birthday in a nice restaurant, it wasn’t my first time eating sea nettles, it wasn’t my first time visiting Montjuich neighborhood, it wasn’t my first time eating raw food… but it was the first time I enjoyed a lunch at Espai Kru Barcelona.


You all know that Catalonia, besides Spanish, has its own language: Catalan. So, Espai means space and Kru means raw (the correct spelling of the word is with C though, but it sounds the same).


So, if I were you, I would  plan to visit Montjuich; where you have a Castle up in the hill – an old military fortress. Also a gorgeous Botanical garden. I’m sure you heard about the Magical Fountain. And to finish the one day tour, I would visit the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, a fantastic museum where, among other things, you can take a look at the Joan Colom photography exposition which will be there until May 25th and will take you back to the past, it will give you a different view of the Barcelona during the sixties.


After such an exhausting day, a dinner at Espai Kru will be your deserved reward! It’s a 5 minutes walk from the Magical Fountain!


I hope you enjoy the ride and the food :D.


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02/05/2014 · 12:41 h by Afner

Great post! I would love to go to Spain and enjoy all these deliciousness!
Glad you had a new and exciting experience!

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