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Mushrooms and Artichokes’ Timbal with Poached egg and Piquillos’ Sauce

Using seasonal ingredients will make your cooking easier, cheaper and better! So, let’s hunt for some wild and fresh mushrooms (in the market), some beautiful and delicious artichokes, ecological eggs and a can of piquillo’s peppers… yes, it’s that simple!

I always enjoy “painting” my dishes. I love colour contrasts and think that they make my food more appetizing. That’s why this time Red is the protagonist… but with a complete different meaning: Red to Remember is the Event that Angela from Spinach Tiger has thought in order to honor World’s Aids day. So, today, these Piquillo Peppers sauce are Red to Remember those whom died from Aids and aren’t here anymore. If you want to colaborate and send a dish too, follow this link to her blog, there’s still some days left.

There you are!!!

I couldn’t help it, I ate the two of them!!!!


Ingredients for 4 servings: 400 grs of mixed seasonal mushrooms, 4 artichokes, 4 eggs, 3 piquillo peppers, 2 garlic cloves, some cream, olive oil, salt and maldon salt.

  • In a big sauce pan pour enough oil to sautee the mushrooms. Once nearly done, add 1 minced garlic clove. When fragant, reserve in a plate.
  • Use the same sauce pan and add a bit more of oil to fry the artichokes (cut in small pieces and without the greener and harder leaves). When nearly done, add the mushrooms back and stir for 1 or 2 minutes. Add some salt, taste and reserve in a plate trying to leave all the oil in the pan. Separate some artichoke pieces to decorate the dish at the end.
  • Prepare the piquillos sauce: pour a bit of oil in a sauce pan and add a sliced garlic, when fragant, add the piquillos and cook at low heat for 4 minutes. Turn them both sides. Place inside a deep recipient and add a bit of cream to get a fine texture when blending it. Add a little dash of olive oil and taste before you add some salt.
  • Prepare the dish: Use a mold to place the mushrooms and artichoke mixture inside. Paint the side of the dish with the piquillos sauce.
  • Put a pot with water on the stove, pour a dash of vinegar inside. Bring to boil. Crash the eggs and carefully pour them inside (one by one). When done, place the poached eggs over the timbal and sprinkle with maldon salt.


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12/03/2009 · 19:57 h by Juju at Tales of

They look simply divine!

12/03/2009 · 20:10 h by Anonymous

Every time I read a red to remember post, I cry. Not only that, but your dish is fabulous. Simple ingredients, yet so very elegant and just the kind of food I love. I, too, like to see color on a plate and food that is appetizing, yet simple, local, fresh.
Thank you for your participation.

I am a lover of eggs and I would eat two also. Your dish is inspiring. I have to add you to my food blog roll because I think your food is wonderful.

12/03/2009 · 20:35 h by Peter G

Nuria, this is a beautiful combination of ingredients for this event..the colour contrasts really make the dish stand out! I love it!

12/03/2009 · 21:01 h by Ivy

I love anything with mushrooms in it, I would surely eat three.

12/03/2009 · 23:02 h by _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

Love that egg! =)

12/04/2009 · 4:14 h by 5 Star Foodie

A beautiful dish to contribute to a great cause! The eggs look just wonderful and I love the color of the piquillos’ sauce!

12/04/2009 · 6:25 h by danazia

Okay, you got my attention! These look so good it is unbelievable! I will give these a try this weekend. Thank you for the lovely recipe!

12/04/2009 · 15:03 h by Vegetable Matter

A gorgeous vegetarian dish. Well done!

12/04/2009 · 22:51 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Estimada meva avui t´has guanyat el meu cel jajaja aquest ou ferrat així acompanyat ha de ser sencillament deliciós i si sabés que m´hauria de sortir igual que el teu encara aniria a la cuina a prepararme´n un :)) petonetsss

12/04/2009 · 23:10 h by Bellini Valli

This is a beautiful dish from a warm-hearted lady for a touching event.

12/05/2009 · 14:18 h by pigpigscorner

This is beautiful! The oozy yolk looks amazing!

12/05/2009 · 16:25 h by Diana Bauman

Beautiful colors, Beautiful flavours! I hope to get something up for this as well, I better move on it!

12/05/2009 · 17:28 h by pierre

hello Nuria
this looks so good i have almost dne the same recipe with mushrooms pupkin and egg cocotte!! I am hungry now !cheers from Paris

12/05/2009 · 20:26 h by Tracy

Found your site via Tastespotting. Nice! I have a weakness for suppers involving vegetables topped with eggs, and look forward to trying this one soon. Muchas gracias!

12/11/2009 · 0:56 h by Beatrice

Sounds delicious and looks wonderful — I really like the composition of your photos.

12/11/2009 · 10:23 h by Peter M

Simple yes, but with high quality ingredients…that scream to be treated delicately yet simply. A wonderful 1st course!

01/26/2010 · 11:15 h by mikey

This looks like it’s a wining combination. I’m gonna try it soon.
thanks Michael

10/26/2010 · 5:53 h by Anonymous

What part of Spain is this dish from? I’m doing it for a class and I need to write a report on the area. Thank you!

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