CAVIAR… my new food discovery.

True Caviar is the female’s sturgeon roe. Everything else is just a substitute or other fish roe. The substitutes are often Lumpfish, cod, salmon, mullet… all but Sturgeon. There are twenty-five varieties of sturgeon, three of them can be captured in the Caspian Sea: beluga, Ossetra, sevruga. The price of caviar is reflected in the rarity or availability of sturgeon.
Today, you can also find Caviar in the Spanish Pyrenees, more precisely at Vielha (Catalan Pyrenees Mountain village). This past summer, we visited Caviar Nacarii factory and we bought one small Caviar can. Now I understand why it is a Tzar and king’s delicatessen!!!!
Take a look at these black pearls, it is one of the best things I ever tasted. Not that I will be buying it every week, but, I’m so glad we bought a little can (only 70 grs) and tried it :D. It has such a special taste and texture… I loved it! However, it’s sooooo expensive that I won’t be able to buy it on a regular basis. Maybe another can for my birthday? ;D.

We were told that the best way to eat it is using a nacre spoon so that it doesn’t interfere in its taste. We didn’t  have a nacre spoon, but we enjoyed it anyway.

What do you think it could fit the best? We had it with a fresh Taittinger Champagne bottle. Yes, you can say I’m a snob, but, it was SUPER!!!
Maybe you can have a fresh gazpacho afterwards, or some fried eggs with caviar on top, or over some foie… but the best way ever will be all by itself in my mouth :D.


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11/16/2009 · 17:37 h by Miriam

Oh oh… Nùria, I must say I love it with blinis and butter… and of course, nothing better than champagne for accompaniment… or maybe a good cava?

11/16/2009 · 17:45 h by Joan Nova

What a perfect photo of the caviar on the tongue! I think that answers the question…it’s good with champagne, gazpacho and eggs…and it’s good right on the tongue!

11/16/2009 · 22:24 h by pityenlacocina

yo estoy esperando que me regalen una cuchara de madreperla o nacar para probarlo….es broma. No lo he probado nunca! no pierdo la esperanza, aunque por ahora me quedo con tu fantastico review, ya te contare cuando lo pruebe, estoy segura de que me va a encantar…
besitos desde londres

11/16/2009 · 22:30 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I fell in love with caviar when I lived in Russia, in the bad old days when you could get a huge can for not much.

I love the taste, too. Completely.

11/16/2009 · 22:32 h by we are never full

SIGH. love it… don’t have it enough (only had it like twice in my life!). mmmm. almost bought a caviar spoon (the mother of pearl kind) and figured i’d prob. never use it b/c i can’t afford caviar so i put it back.

11/17/2009 · 1:40 h by Peter G

Great capture of the caviar Nuria!…genius! I love it with champagne too! On special occasions of course!

11/17/2009 · 2:32 h by Bellini Valli

Au naturel is the best way to eat caviat. You should see some of the sturgeon they catch in the Fraser River periodically…I saw 6 men holding it.

11/17/2009 · 4:31 h by glamah16

Love the combo of both caviar and gazpacho. It looks so beautiful. And my favorite is when it pops on your tongue.

11/17/2009 · 13:43 h by 5 Star Foodie

We have caviar usually with blini and most of the time just on a fresh slices of baguette with a thin layer of butter. There’s no dinner party at my parents’ house without those appetizers :)

11/17/2009 · 14:12 h by Maria

I’ve never gotten to enjoy caviar as such … but can see why you are so enthusiastic about it. Love the pics! And you should definitely treat yourself to some for your birthday.

11/17/2009 · 23:51 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Uff tens raó semblen perles negres…és molt diferent el sabor del succedani? algun dia el provaré :)) petonetssss

11/18/2009 · 8:22 h by FoodJunkie

I don’t like caviar AT ALL, but I believe the best way to enjoy such a treat is with the best Brut champagne available!

11/18/2009 · 9:36 h by tobias cooks!

Can’t get enough of that stuff.

11/18/2009 · 17:32 h by chapot

Superbe, juste quelques grains nature sur la langue, j’en frémis !
Les photos sont magnifiques !

11/22/2009 · 8:25 h by Mel -

You are not a snob! You deserve a treat every once in a while :) Love the first photo.

11/24/2009 · 9:04 h by Kitchen Butterfly

My recent ‘caviar’ tasting was when I took a sushi workshop….not beluga, rather flying roe!

11/24/2009 · 21:39 h by The Mulligan Family

Hi! Found your blog from the Foodie Blogroll, we’re both members. Love it! Great photos and commentary.

And, I might as well add, I triple LOVE caviar… any way I can get it!

Cheers, Cindy

11/29/2009 · 9:22 h by Anonymous

Oh no! you CANNOT use a metal spoon like that! You must try it again with a mother of pearl or bone spoon. my favorite method for eating caviar is on whole wheat bellinis with creme fresh a little onion and a big spoonful of caviar, with some rose champange

wonderful days

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