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Veal’s Tongue in Vinaigrette Sauce

I have never been a fan of the Rollings! I have never thought Mike Jagger was sexy, nor good looking, nor appealing (in any way) to me! Soooo skinny and so provocative and with those big falling lips and those tight trousers and his ribs showing through opened shirts… not my type at all. Subtlety is not a word that could define the Rollings! I only have two Rollings’ albums in my musical collection… so they are not my type of music either. I would rather go for Beatles’ music and esthetics’s. I felt more comfortable and identified with their harmonic songs and lyrics.

But, I must admit that the Stones have been there all these years… with good music! My opinion doesn’t count when one sees those crowds of people going to their concerts and buying their albums and consuming their products.

I wonder what do they EAT to be in such good shape when they are so old, and their faces are wrinkleland. Do they follow a Mediterranean Diet? Or maybe their secret is in the tongue? If you are looking for subtlety, then try this Veal’s tongue in Vinaigrette sauce. Maybe you don’t like the idea of eating tongue… you are wrong!!! Sorry about that, but you should give it a try! It’s one of the softest, tenderest and tasty meats ever! If you were my host and thought you might feel funny about eating tongue, then I might not tell you what you were eating until you didn’t leave a single piece in your plate. ;-) No, no, I wouldn’t do that; I would try to convince you.

Can you get no satisfaction in other veal’s pieces anymore? Come along with me to the market to see how this starts :D

There’s special shops in our markets with this kind of “meat”: tripe, feet, brains, lungs, tongues, and so on, they are called Casquerías and they are a bit impressive!!! One could think he/she is in Hannibal Lecter’s pantry ;-). I made a picture to show you… but, I deleted it without knowing, awwwwhhhh. It’s ok, I’ll take it again some other day when I post about a pig’s feet recipe I have in mind!!!

You can either buy the tongue cooked or raw. My choice this time, was cooked and without the outer skin. Things are easier this way.

Prepare a vinaigrette with the following ingredients: 2 spring green garlics, 1 carrot, 1 green onion, 1 red pepper, a bay leaf, salt and a bunch of colored peppers (pink, Hawaiian, black, white). Extra virgin olive oil and Jerez vinegar. There should always be 3 times oil, 1 time vinegar; this is the perfect proportion.
I used 600 cl of oil and 200 of vinegar, whisk and add the veggies cut in dices (the smaller, the better), add some salt, the bay leaf and the colored peppers.

Now cut the tongue the thinnest possible or ask your butcher to cut it this way. Place the slices in a recipient and add the vinaigrette on top.

Place it in the fridge and eat after 12 to 24 hours. The longest they marinate the better all flavours will mix.

Serve with some thick sea salt on top. Can you get no satisfaction? Then you should insist!!!

A tongue would serve 6 to 8 people.

Need any help to guess which one is the special dressing today?


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04/14/2008 · 10:58 h by Mallory Elise

oooooooooh thats nice. i’ve had “langue du bouef” here in France, but i’ve definitely never made it.

about celebrities–yeah I didn’t get my picture with Clotilde either, but, when we’re both famous we can get one with each other! ha ha ha ha!

04/14/2008 · 12:51 h by Pixie

woah! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a photo of a veal tongue before- I’d certainly try it but would prefer to know about it afterwards lol :)

04/14/2008 · 13:22 h by Peter M

I like the Rolling Stones (more than the Beatles), I love cheese and the only way I’d eat this is if YOU made it and you offered me cheese to sprinkle on top! lol

04/14/2008 · 15:04 h by Bellini Valli

“I can’t get no satisfaction” with other tongue recipes I have tried. My neighbours loved pickled tongue and it was a delicacy:D

04/14/2008 · 16:55 h by Peter G

Oh Nuria! I love the way you mixed the Rolling Stoes in with this veal tongue post. Muy fascinating dish chica! I’ve never tried it before and I am certainly curious. I love Jerez vinegar.

04/14/2008 · 18:07 h by Emiline

Ok, this looks beautiful, it really does, but I think I would prefer not to know what it was.
I can’t help it! I’m American. We don’t eat tongue.
How daring of you.

I like the Beatles over the Stones. I LOVE the Beatles, actually.

04/14/2008 · 18:35 h by Núria

Hey Mallory! Sure, we’ll be both famous and soon!!! I’m quite famous in my house already :D That’s a start, isn’t it?

So glad you like the tongue recipe!

Pixie it’s a mavellous flavour and taste and such tender meat!!! You would love it!

Peter, you know I have no cheese in my fridge/pantry… You would have to trust me and eat it… but since you were a spoiled chico maybe I would make it stewed specially for you ;-)

Hola Val! So happy to see you think it’s a delicacy… for me it is!!!! I haven’t tried picklet’s though!

Then you should go for it, Peter!!! There’s a saying here that says: “if you eat what you’ve got it will grow” Maybe I should get some lamb heads in the oven??? We eat their brain too :D Is that too much for you? It’s been years now since I ate those.
Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate that :D

04/14/2008 · 20:38 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

We used to have beef tongue many Sunday evenings. And it wasn’t my favorite. Of course, my mom boiled the heck out of it and then served it with mustard – with veal tongue, and the way you show it here, I think you might make a convert out of me. And I agree with you about the Stones!

04/15/2008 · 7:02 h by Núria

Hola Emiline! YEs, maybe is the same feeling I have when somebody tells me to try and eat fried grasshoppers!!! I couldn’t eat those… I’m Spanish ;-)

Hola Jen! We used to have veal’s or lamb’s liver… I still can’t eat those :( Puafffff!
The tongue is so different, though and in thin slices is great :D

04/15/2008 · 12:44 h by Ivy

How do I always get here so late. First of all when did you join the “Great Cooks Community”. I haven’t spotted you yet.
Now I was punished at school because I was copying the lyrics for “I can get no satisfaction” although like you I preferred the beatles.
My mother would cook a whole pig’s head and feet and make “zalatina” with bitter oranges and hot peppers and a jellow would form after boiling this. She took all the meat pieces from the head and put it in a bowl with the broth and it became a meat jelly. The only part I would eat was the tongue. Yummy. If you think your readers are shocked by eating the tongue wait and see what I have to post.

04/15/2008 · 21:46 h by Laurie Constantino

This is a hilarious post – you really made me laugh – starting with the Rolling Stones’ tongue. I’m old enough that I remember the Rolling Stones before they turned ancient and definitely preferred them to the Beatles – in my school the good kids liked the Beatles and the wild one like the Stones…
I’ve never had tongue, but this makes me want to try it.

04/16/2008 · 4:00 h by giz

My mother used to make this all the time when we were children. We loved it and then one day she told us what it was. That was the end of it for all of us.

04/16/2008 · 7:18 h by Núria

Wow Ivy! You’ve got a lot to say here… Yes :D I joined Great Cooks some time ago but I don’t do much in these communities… lack of time… Your mom was a Great cook!!! This dish you talk about would be one of the favourites of my husband and in Catalonia we have one called “Cap i Pota” which means head and feet that it’s similar but with no oranges, I might cook this one day :D I’ll hurry to your blog today to see what you posted… see you!

He, he, If I made you laugh, then I’m happy!!!
It was the same in all schools, I guess, Stones represented rebelliousness and beattles… simply the youth????

Ha, ha, ha, really? Did you ever taste it again?

04/18/2008 · 22:27 h by We Are Never Full

Oh nuria, yum. we just bought a veal tongue yesterday. We put it away to make at a later date, but this looks like a wonderful way to prepare it. The sauce looks delicious. And you’re right, people need to give it a try! Tongue is absolutely delicious.

04/19/2008 · 6:48 h by Núria

Hey Amy or Johnny! I’ve also had a good recipe with stew tongue, if you’d rather cook it that way let me know and I’ll send it over to you ;-)

05/02/2009 · 16:52 h by we are never full

also, we ate this dish in argentina at a basque/argentinian restaurant there. we thought of you.

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