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Veal’s Tongue in its Sauce

The tongue is such an important organ. We can feel all flavours through our tongue, we can talk and sing and shout, we can eat, lick, kiss... do I forget anything? Many animals have tongues but ours is so versatile. It's the kind of muscle my daughter ...


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Veal’s Tongue in Vinaigrette Sauce

I have never been a fan of the Rollings! I have never thought Mike Jagger was sexy, nor good looking, nor appealing (in any way) to me! Soooo skinny and so provocative and with those big falling lips and those tight ...


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Trype Madrid-Style – Callos

Special dressing: Elvis Presley (Cook me tender, cook me through... ups! Love me tender, love me true)I could understand some of you thinking... wow how disgusting... I would never try that! But, here in Spain is one of the most valuated traditional dishes. I never made ...

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