Charcuteries are specialized shops that sell all kind of pork products, but not just raw meat… these products are marinated, cured, smoked, dried. They go through one or some of these processes and end up in these shops that are also called Tiendas de embutidos. Here you can also find all kinds of Spanish Cheeses and other clasical products such as Pimientos del piquillo, chorizos, foie… This picture is taken at the shop I go and buy my Iberian acorn ham. Manuel, the owner is a profesional that’s been working in this business for many years now. If you happen to be in Barcelona please go and check the shop, you’ll get a special treatment if you say that Nuria from Spanish Recipes has sent you over. Click here to see the conditions. If you want to buy through internet, please mention my name and blog name too and see what he can offer.

For those of you in the States, Canada and puerto Rico La Tienda’s people will be really pleased to help you find all the Spanish products you are craving for!

Pa amb tomaquet i pernil

Melón con jamón

Garbanzos con Chorizo

Figs and Iberian Acorn ham

Callos Madrid-Style

Foie toast with Iberian Acorn ham

Potatoes Rioja-Style

Fabada Asturiana

Cold Carrot’s puree with Iberian Acorn Ham

Spanish potatoes omelet with Chorizo

Empanada de Chorizo

Ham wrapped asparagus with Romesco sauce

Stuffed Potatoes with butifarra negra and allioli gratin




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