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Some Other Place, Somewhere, Some Other Time

Special dressing: Alan Parsons: Some other time. (turn player on) This song brings me back such great memories!!!

Easter Holidays have been wonderful because the family came to visit us at the seaside, we had endless lunches and dinners, talking, eating and drinking good wine. We had long beach walks with the dogs whom were delighted to chase the seagulls and… we were freezing cold!!! The weather has just turned mad, the sun was gone for some days and the temperatures dropped.

One of the visits I enjoyed the most was my husbands oldest daughter and granddaughter. They have been living in Chile (South America) for the last year and now they plan to stay in Spain for 2 years… Yujuuuuuuuuu!!!! You know I love babies and I just adore this kid♥. She is sooo warm and sweet and behaved as if she had never been away, she would go all day long sending kisses to everybody, just too sweet♥.

One of the things they brought from Chile was Locos, in English, Abalone. They made all the trip from Santiago to Madrid and then to Barcelona in a special package to keep them fresh and they arrived in perfect conditions!!! Abalone in Chile is called loco, maybe because to tenderize it you have to pound it unmercifully, the way mental patients once were treated. It lives in a thick shell, adhered to rocks, usually in cold waters.

My husbands’ daughter cooked them the way she was told and we enjoyed them a lot: She prepared a big pot with boiling water and throwed the locos one by one inside the pot and paying special attention because the water shouldn’t stop boiling. Had them there for 2 hours and after that time let them cool down in the same water. Once they are cold it’s time to eat them. I made a good strong allioli with 3 garlic cloves and I must say they were delicious!!!

Their meat is thick and so tasty and flavourful, so rich and strong… I never tasted anything similar :D Thank you for a seafood Chile’s treasure!!! If there’s anyone from Chile reading this post and wants to comment on this special seafood, please do! Other recipes are welcome!


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03/29/2008 · 9:55 h by Emiline

Aww, she’s a cutie, for sure!

I’ve never tried abalone, but I would like to.

03/29/2008 · 14:16 h by Pixie

aww she’s so cute, sounds like you had a lovely time with your family

as for the dish, is it a pastry on the outside?

03/29/2008 · 15:59 h by Ivy

Hi Nuria. That little kid is so sweet, I can understand how you feel. The dish looks wonderful, although I have no idea what this is.

03/29/2008 · 18:15 h by giz

This is something I have not only never tried but never even seen. I must live in a bubble.

03/29/2008 · 18:59 h by Núria

Emiline, yes she is not only a cutie, but the cutiest♥♥♥

Hola Pixie! Yeah, great time.
It’s not pastry it’s the seafood itself!

Hola Ivy, wait until you have granddaughters or grandsons and I’ll send you a bib!!! :D

Hey Giz, this was my first time too! I’m also in the same bubble :D

03/29/2008 · 20:28 h by Bellini Valli

I have heard of abalone, but as with many seafood I have not tried them.I would love to have little ones around me…it brings me to less complicated days…such a sweetie:D

03/29/2008 · 20:46 h by Peter M

I’ve seen abalone in Asian markets and they are big, therefore tough. Nothing wrong with slow cooking it to tenderness, like your tush! lol

03/30/2008 · 0:45 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

She’s just adorable, Nuria! Good times ahead for certain. ;-)

03/30/2008 · 13:25 h by ley

Ohh, my goodness- she is adorable! And wow, it is absolutely gorgeous there. You’re so lucky to live so close to the beach! No wonder you have such amazing seafood recipes!!

03/30/2008 · 14:30 h by Núria

Hola Val! Today the sweetie was here too!!! We just adore her♥. She is such a cute baby!!!

Hola Chico! The meat is so special! You should try these ones!!! I don’t know what tush is???

Jen…. si, si, si I could eat her kiss by kiss :D

Hey Ley! YOu are welcome… what about a honey moon in Spain? I would have a paella ready for you two!!! :D

03/30/2008 · 16:24 h by Mallory Elise

i love abalone. but im pretty sure that aside from the gouyduck it is the ugliest thing to crawl out of the sea. but delicious none the less. theres a lot of abalone on the us west coast (west is the best) the only abalone i personally have made was barbecued with tropical fruit, like mangoes and papaya, and mustard and ginger—i saw Bobby Flay make it on the Food network. hehe.

I love this post–food’s great, but what does it matter at all if it doesnt have a story.


03/30/2008 · 17:34 h by Núria

Hola Guapa! This recipe you mention must have been a delish!!! With those fruits mMMmmmmm.

I agree with you… recipes are great but the stories behind make them brighter :D

Have a nice weekend mon amie♥

03/30/2008 · 20:09 h by Heather

Awwww! What a pretty child! The locos look very tempting. Doesn’t that mean “crazies” in Spanish?

03/31/2008 · 7:05 h by Núria

Hola Beauty!
Yes locos means mad, crazy!!!

03/31/2008 · 20:03 h by ley

A honeymoon in Spain?? FUN! :D

04/01/2008 · 1:12 h by We Are Never Full

Wow, Nuria. I want a bite!! Not only of that seafood but of the adorable child’s cheek!

ok, don’t be scared, i don’t really want to bite her cheek… i just want to pinch it.

04/01/2008 · 6:39 h by Núria

Dear Ley… the table is set for you ;-)

Sure Amy, I can’t stop kissing her cheeks when she is around!!!!

04/01/2008 · 19:32 h by katiez

What a cutie!!!!
Mon mari had abalone once, and I don’t think it was prepared correctly because it was almost inedible – very tough. What a treat to have them all the way from Chili!

04/02/2008 · 6:38 h by Núria

Hola Katie! Yes we’ve been told that the key of a good abalone is in the cooking! I was surprised myself they arrived from Chile and still were frozen!

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