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Humid weather kills me! I’m fine with heat, but getting my arms stuck at the table, my legs at the car seat… bla… it’s disgusting!!! If heat is too much, then I can behave a bit like Hulk! I don’t get that green though, but I do get pretty aggressive and unsocial.

So here I am looking for remedies to pass this heat:
* A dive in the pool is always a good solution but I don’t get a pool near every time I need it.
* Avoiding the heat of the stove and oven is a great way to cook now,therefore, salads, fruits, and raw fish are perfect elements to play with!

Since it’s time for sales, here you have two dishes for the price of one ;-). Herring black eggs on Salmon tower and Fruits tricoloured flag.

Let’s start with the Salmon tower. Depending on the people you’ll have for dinner, or lunch, buy a piece of fresh salmon (calculate 100 grs per person), 1 fresh cantaloupe melon (or a ripe and sweet one), a can of herring black eggs.

Cut the salmon in dices and the melon too and place some herring eggs on top. Sprinkle some sea thick salt between the melon and salmon. I bet you cannot find a shorter recipe in the whole blogosphere :D.
Experience the salty and sweet and also the different textures… Mmmmmm.

And for the dessert you will need some figs, the truth is that I didn’t count them, some kiwis, yogurts and sugar.

Have some glasses ready and peel and smash the figs in a bowl with a fork. Take some and place in the bottom of the glass. Get some sugar in the natural yogurt and stir. Make the white level with it and third, place the peeled kiwis in a food processor and blend. Use them for the green third level.

Place in the fridge and let it cool down! Before you eat it, mix it all.
Wednesday’s post will be my Joust’s entry and on Friday… you better come over here on Friday if you want to celebrate with me my bloggiversary!!! Please do, I’ll be showing you all something you have never seen!!!! And you might me asking in the distance…. what? what?, and I’ll might be answering… aaaaahhhh you will see if you come here and celebrate… there will be some music, some balloons, some food, and something to laugh at… the ingredients for a good party :D… there will also be a cold wonderful cava’s Spanish Sangria waiting for you ;-)


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07/28/2008 · 16:18 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That looks like a compeletely GORGEOUS meal Nuria! I want it all right now! I love the presentation, the flavors, all of it!!! :)

07/28/2008 · 16:57 h by Psychgrad

Beautiful pictures! The dessert looks like a nice, light combination.

07/28/2008 · 19:36 h by Jen (Modern Beet)

that dessert is absolutely lovely — so simple and elegant! I’ll definitely be trying this soon…

07/28/2008 · 19:59 h by Peter M

Sashimi en Espanol…luv it. The salmon’s colour is real bright…good stuff…where do they import from…scotland or Norway?

07/28/2008 · 22:33 h by Peter G

Such beautiful pictures Nuria! The salmon with the melon and roe looks perfect and very colourful. And really that has to be the easiest dessert and very pretty too.

07/28/2008 · 22:45 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

This is sensational! I love each individual part of it, and I love the whole thing too! Great, great stuff.

07/29/2008 · 5:03 h by the Aspirant Abecedarian

Beautiful! These photos are fantastic and the food sounds delicious. I want both of them rignt now. Bravo!

07/29/2008 · 6:11 h by Nathan

Looks wonderful and refreshing. The raw salmon reminded me of “sushi bars” popular here in California and some parts of USA.

Is sushi and sashimi popular in Spain to now a days?

07/29/2008 · 7:58 h by Núria

HOla Jenn! It’s so easy to perform… and contrasts in food are so much fun :D

Hola Psychgrad :D. Yes, the dessert was so refreshing… feel free to change colours and fruits, I bet some strawberries would be perfect here too!

Hola Jen! Welcome to Spanish Recipes!!! Thanks for your nice words, hope you enjoy it :D

Hola Chico/Peter/Kalofagas! You always have an eye for these details… we can get both, the Scotish is cheaper, and we also get factory raised :D

Hola Chico/Peter/Souvlaki! You are always sooooo nice! And comming from you… if you say my picture looks lovely… Woooooweeeeee! I get happy!!!

Hey Eating Club! I still have to go to your place but I saw something at the Joust Forum that left me breathless!!!!! Your dish was THE BEST!!!!!!

Hola Aspirant! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. Thanks for your kind words, I’m so glad you enjoy it! I will visit your blog too in short ;-)

Hola Nathan! Yeap! Very popular… there’s some wonderful Japanesse restaurants in the City! Last week we went to one to celebrate my daughter’s birthday… we are still chupándonos los dedos ;-) (leaking our fingers) Do you say that in English?

07/29/2008 · 8:07 h by canarygirl

Qué SÍ Núria!!! Gawd, everything looks delicious! The humid weather is just gross, isn’t it? You’ve come up with the perfect way to beat the heat, though!

07/29/2008 · 16:03 h by Nathan


I’ve never used it in english, but I have heard something similar in a commercial for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) it’s one of the fast food places here. Their slogan is, “Finger lickin’ good” so it could be used in english as an expression I guess.

LOL. among many youth that have a dirty mouth it’s typical to here atleast in Southern California “The Valley” area some kids say, “That shit was good” and it’s used in a positive way, also using “It was damn good” or “Damn delicous” I’ve used those before haha.

I can’t speak for everyone here though because almost everyone I know is Latino/ Hispanic or of Spanish origin so maybe they have different habits and styles compared to other Americans? I don’t know.

07/29/2008 · 16:11 h by Núria

Hola Chica de Canarias! Tú siempre tan positiva y energética!!!! Yes, I also think is gross… I couldn’t live in Vietnam or any other kind of humit country.

Caramba Nathan, gracias por las explicaciones!
I know Kentuky fried chicken, we also got it here! I used to love it when I was younger and moneyless ;-)

I love to know expressions in English… I’ve heard that one using the shit word, but I don’t think I’d use it here in the foodie enviroment.
Thanks again Nathan :D

07/29/2008 · 18:59 h by Meeta

a lovely and exquisite meal. perfect flavors!

07/30/2008 · 0:30 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Those colors are just gorgeous, Nuria. That salmon just leaps off the screen! And those dessert glasses are so easy yet elegant. Thanks for the lovely feast.

07/30/2008 · 2:08 h by Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Hmmm…a few questions: Was the salmon farm-raised? If not, you will have to worry about acquiring a seal worm in your gut if that salmon was not frozen first — good sushi places ALWAYS freeze wild salmon before serving it raw. It is the most common parasite sushi-eaters pick up.

Also, how on earth did they make the herring eggs black? Herring eggs are bright orange. Did they dye them with something? I am fascinated…

07/30/2008 · 8:46 h by Grace

i’m not too keen on raw fish, but that dessert is perfection in a glass! not only is it beautiful, but that particular combination of flavors and textures sounds sensational! i love crunchy kiwi seeds. :)

07/30/2008 · 10:56 h by Núria

Hola Meeta! Thanks so much darling :D

How nice you like it so, Susan! It sure is refreshing and easy… I’m in no mood for cooking these days!

Hola Hunter :D. You are so right in your points here!
My fault I didn’t mention I froze the salmon to avoid these little suckers! I know about the warms in raw fresh fish. Thanks anyway for mentioning it!!!!
The salmon was fresh from Norway.

Now, concerning the eggs, these are “arenque” eggs. I looked in the dictionary to see their name in english and found herring.
I just took the can now to have a closer look and among the ingredients says squid’s ink… maybe that’s why… I’m sorry I gave this impression on not knowing what I talk about, the truth is that I’ve used these eggs a few times and didn’t know that the original ones were red!

Thanks for showing all that to me!!!

Hola Grace! I do love that double crunch comming from the figs and the kiwis ;-)

07/30/2008 · 19:34 h by Hillary

Yummm! I love salmon sushi anything. That looks remarkable. Confession: I used to think that salmon sushi was any raw salmon so I tried to eat a small piece of the salmon my mom was going to cook for dinner once. I think I gagged.

07/30/2008 · 20:50 h by Núria

But Hillary, this one is completely raw! Maybe there are some parts of the salmon that shouldn’t be eaten raw? I didn’t know about that! Anyway, this was soooo good ;-)

07/31/2008 · 0:36 h by Bellini Valli

Perfect dishes to beat the heat Nutia:D

07/31/2008 · 7:02 h by katiez

When I lived in Andorra I used to buy Perelada ‘Blanc Pescador’ – which was slightly fizzy, to make white wine Sangria. I’ll definitely be over to try some of yours with cava!

07/31/2008 · 9:33 h by Núria

Hola Val! There is nothing else in my mind that avoid the heat and the sweating!

Hola Katie! I like Blanc Pescador too! But Viña Esmeralda is one of my favourites… if you haven’t tried it, you should… it’s great!

08/03/2008 · 21:48 h by Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Very cool about those eggs, Nuria! I love the idea of herring eggs marinated in squid ink, especially because (I think) squid eat herring, or at least anchovies…

And don’t get me wrong, the dish looks great — I will probably make it with some chinook salmon and some caviar!

09/03/2008 · 13:52 h by Sophie

What a delicious meal and dessert, I love that they’re quick to make too :).

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