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My Kitchen’s Window’s View

Lynda from Lulu’s Bay had the wonderful idea of showing the view she has from her kitchen’s window in Cairo. She encourages us to do the same… and here is mine! Hey Lynda, why don’t you make this event seasonal?

I must say I don’t live in Barcelona city, I was born there and lived in the city for 33 years, but when our daughter showed in our lifes, we needed a larger space than the one we had in the flat we rented and so we started looking for a house outside the city. Prices were astonishing there and for the price we got a small and old appartment in town we could buy a house in a village nearby (17 Kms. away).

I didn’t have a window in my old kitchen. There were 2 doors, one was the entrance and the other lead you into a dark, dusted downfloor space…. that was scary!

Now, I have this beautiful park in front!!! Tones of light get into my kitchen… when it’s not cloudy, he, he.

This Sunday afternoon I went for a walk with Boleta and took some pictures so that I could show you how near Spring is.

Almond trees have bloomed already and fields look this green! These are like 300 mts. from my house. I love living in the country now!!!

For those of you interested in how Boleta is doing: I’m still trying to avoid surgery, so I found another vet for her, and she has a more conservative way of treating Boleta. She has prescribed a different antibiotic and also is giving her injections to get the amniotic sac water outside her body… I just hope this works! I’ve been taking her a bit far away from my house to follow the treatment and this is why I’m being late visiting your blogs, hopefully today I’ll be there :D

Here you have some “nice to meet you” lickings from her!





02/18/2008 · 16:33 h by Decorina

What a cute doggie! I hope she feels better very soon. Our dog (Skylar) was very ill about 6 months ago. I thought he might die, but he recovered. We switched his food and he is an entirely new dog! He wouldn’t eat kibble any more and would only eat canned food – Pet Promise from Whole Foods. I can’t believe the difference in him and his health! Give Boleta a pat for me.

That park is really nice to have close by. Especially after the apartment with a kitchen with no windows. When I was driving through Central California there were orchards in bloom – one of the most beautiful sights ever.

02/18/2008 · 16:42 h by Decorina

Boleta – does that mean mushroom? My Spanish is pretty rusty…she is really cute.

02/18/2008 · 16:58 h by Núria

Hi Decorina! Welcome! I’m glad Skylar is fine now!!! I remember seeing his picture in your blog. I will give Boleta a pat from you, will you give Skylar a pat from me?

Yes, it was a great change!
I just love Spring! Can’t wait to see all blooming!!!
Boleta means small ball. Thanks!

02/18/2008 · 17:25 h by Decorina

My Spanish is worse than I thought… I read elsewhere on your blog that you didn’t have a driver’s license until recently. I thought about your small car – and my big truck. I would worry with small vehicles like that on the road when I’m driving.

I can’t wait for spring. Had enough winter here. It makes the mountains look beautiful, but enough already!

Don’t you just love Lulu’s idea? Around the world with kitchen window views. What a great concept. Did you see Ann’s view in NYC at Redacted Recipes?

02/18/2008 · 17:43 h by Lynda

wow nothing wrong with that view and what a difference in real estate just moving 17KM! Lots of people have asked for a ‘rematch’ in the warmer months… works for me. Thanks for showing off your view.. love your dog. Cheers Lynda

02/18/2008 · 17:55 h by Helene

Nice view and I like the surroundings. Thanks for posting lot’s of pictures.

02/18/2008 · 18:01 h by ley

Aww, she is so precious! I hope everything goes okay for her! :( Poor little girl.

Ooh your view is so pretty! I just see another apartment. :\ I’m so envious! lol.

02/18/2008 · 18:17 h by Heather

That almond tree is so beautiful! I can;t wait until my quince starts blooming. I should take a photo out of my window, too.

02/18/2008 · 18:39 h by Núria

Decorina, I don’t think your spanish is bad… maybe you thought of boletus which is similar to boleta and the former means mushroom… a kind of mushroom.
I’m scared of big trucks when I’m on the road!!!!!
I saw Ann’s view, yes! A spectacular view from the roof.

Thanks so much Lynda. Count on me if you repeat it!

Thanks Helene! Welcome!!!

Hola Ley! You are so young… you still have time to move and buy a beautiful house!!!!

Isn’t it? With those twisted branches? Please Heather take a pic of your view!!!
ONe of my grandmoms used to cook dulce the membrillo with the quince’s fruits! My brother would devore it in seconds!!!!

02/18/2008 · 19:01 h by Peter M

Nuria, the view from your kitchen no doubt inspires your food.

I too am in awe that your almond tree has already blossomed.

02/18/2008 · 19:41 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

She is really a sweetie Nuria! She must have so much fun playing outside in your beautiful yard! it looks gorgeous in the contryside this time of year! Enjoy!

02/18/2008 · 20:31 h by Peter G

Boleta is so cute Nuria! I envy your amazing views. My pequeno apartment en Sydney has the tiniest cosina…thanks fr your pics

02/18/2008 · 21:16 h by Mansi Desai

wow, that’s one refreshing view Nuria! you are lucky to have a such a view while cooking:)

02/18/2008 · 21:34 h by Ivy

Nuria, boleta is so beautiful. I used to have a poodle in Cyprus only it was black. Now I have a siamese cat. She had surgery several months ago and she is fine now. Your view is breathtaking. I wish I could live in the countryside. Here it’s the opposite. People are so desperate to live outside Athens that it’s hard to find any and too expensive. I hope that one day soon I will sell this appartment and go and live in a small village.

02/18/2008 · 21:58 h by Toni

I adore Boleta! Give her a kiss on the top of that curly head for me! I hope she is feeling much, much better soon.

And that almond tree takes my breath away. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

02/19/2008 · 1:07 h by Emiline

Boleta is so cute! I hope she is well.

Pretty kitchen view!
It really does look like spring there. It doesn’t look like here at all!

02/19/2008 · 1:55 h by Ben

I love Lynda’s blog, but I haven’t sent my picture because all I can see from my kitchen window is my backyard, that needs a lot of work, the back alley with the big ugly trash cans and the abandoned house in the other side of the street, not very pretty. Hehehe
I love the view from your kitchen. I would love to spend some time there and cook some delicious Spanish recipes with you :D

Abrazos muchos y besos gordos desde aca

02/19/2008 · 2:55 h by Bellini Valli

Boleta is such a cutie Nuria :D I hope all is well with your “little ball”. Love your view as well:D The best of both worlds :D

02/19/2008 · 7:09 h by Pixie

What a gorgeous view. Hope your dog will get better very soon.

Nuria I’d love to try out one of your recipes so feel free to make your suggestion in the comment section, thanks!

02/19/2008 · 8:09 h by Núria

Hola Peter, I forgot to mention in your kitchen view about it… I loved both pictures. The red birdie is astonishing!!!! I love the view of the terrace furniture with that layer of snow :D
Almond trees always bloom by the end of January and begining February… at least here!

Good morning Jenn :D you should see her running… she has this speed face… funn! Will you let us know when you get a doggie?

Hola Peter! you make me giggle with your Spanish… good effort, thanks! No charge for the pics. darling! he, he, he ;-)

Thanks Mansi, that helps when cooking!

Hola Ivy! I love cats too! I had one long time ago, a black one.
Here buying a house or an appartment now is expensive in and outside the city. Things have changed from the time we could buy the house. Sure your dream will come true!!!

Hi Toni! Thanks for dropping by! I’m sorry I don’t visit your blog… I now have it in my Favourites and if I need a second opinion… I will check your place :D

Good morning Emiline. Hope you are totally recovered! Thanks for your words! Today is a rainy and sad looking day, though. But we need rain soooooo badly that it makes me happy ;-)

Hola guapo! Don’t worry, Ben, we all have things to hide… when you arrange your backyard and it blooms with spring flowers you can send it to Lynda!
Un beso for you too ♥

Good morning Val! Small ball and I are going for a second injection today… she didn’t feel anything when the vet inject it, so I’m happy about that :D
Have a great day Darling ♥

Hola Pixie, ok, I’ll think about a recipe and comment it on your blog… thanks sweetheart!

02/19/2008 · 13:21 h by Susan from Food Blogga

I love this idea. And no wonder you like spending so much time in the kitchen– it’s a lovely view.

02/19/2008 · 14:16 h by Núria

Thanks Susan! It does help a lot!!! The spring view is better, though :D

02/19/2008 · 15:29 h by Pilar

Nuria, he visto tu comentario en Group Recipes y no conocía tu blog. Me ha encantando lo que he leido hasta ahora. Seguiré visitandote si no te importa…

Un saludo

02/19/2008 · 17:25 h by glamah16

Beautiful settings you have. I love that you have a almond tree. I know what you mean about skyrocketing city living. I so want a garden and a yard.

02/19/2008 · 19:09 h by Maryann

What a nice blog you have here! This little puppy really pulled on my heart strings. Is that a smile I see?

02/20/2008 · 9:32 h by Núria

Hola Pilar. Muchas gracias, encantada de conocerte también!!!! Ya he ido a tu blog y me parece estupendo :D. Por mi parte, vamos a vernos más a menudo. Hasta pronto!

Thanks glamah16. Yes, living in a village is easier and not so stressful! However, I visit the city twice a week. Somehow I miss it!!!

Thanks so much Maryann! Boleta has won everyone’s heart, I think :D

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