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Día de Todos los Santos – All Saints’ Day

Here in Spain, we celebrate the 1st of October and we call it Día de todos los Santos which means All Saints’ Day. During this day most families go to the cementery to honour their dead people.
In Catalunya (the region were I live) the 31st at night we eat “panellets” and drink very sweet white wine and also eat toasted chesnuts and sweet potatoes. It’s a tradition to buy the toasted chesnuts and sweet potatoes to the Castanyera (an old woman, dressed in an old way), she has a little moving shop in the middle of the street and the smell of the toasted chesnuts is just irresistible!!!
Nowadays you can buy everything at the supermarket, of course, but it’s so nice to see the “oldwaytodothings”!

The most popular panellets in Catalunya are these beauties on the left side! Containing all calories you can imagine: Pinenuts, sugar, almonds, potatoes and egg!

But you can make them out of many things such as, coconut, chocolate, lemon, orange, bla, bla!
You will have noticed seeing my blog that I’m not much into bakery and cakes and sweets, but this recipe is really easy and for those of you who might be interested I’ll be glad to upload it soon… you only have to leave a comment asking for the recipe, ok? Ja, ja, ja I love comments!

However, our kids just love Halloween!!!!!! They love to disguise that night and do the Treat or trick! Your American tradition is spreading all over!
Happy Halloween, Happy All Saints’ Day!


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11/02/2007 · 11:19 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

These look so cute and delicious Nuria! I adore roasted chestnuts! They are just so wonderful!

11/04/2007 · 22:05 h by Misslionheart

Have a great time in Dublin.

We are going to Spain the following week!


11/14/2007 · 18:00 h by Anonymous

Nuria me parece genial tu post, pero ya que lo haces en inglés,creoq que seria interesante publicarlo en castellano para todo el mundo que no conoce inglés ya que me pareció muy interesante

11/15/2007 · 11:28 h by Núria

Gracias anonymous por el comentario, pero justamente el sentido de este blog es hacer llegar recetas españolas a gente de habla inglesa. Siento no poder complacerte pero hay traductores a través de google y también un montón de blogs de recetas en castellano.
Gracias de todos modos.

11/01/2009 · 8:38 h by Jan

Have just found your blog, and would love the recipe!

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