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Hocus Pocus Chicken


Meat & poultry | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Hocus Pocus Buried Chicken

Let's get in the Halloween mood... call me creepy if you want to... but now and only because death is like "the thing"  these coming days, I have prepared for you all kind of dreadful ways to die and this poor chicken served my purposes. Some of these methods were ...


Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Pumpkin puree with Sugar and Beer’s Spider Web reduction

If you are looking for trouble... you came to the right place! Here you have the most scary Pumpkin Puree. Dare to try it at night and you will have the most horrible nightmares. Dare to try it for lunch and maybe you don't get to see the sunset....


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Día de Todos los Santos – All Saints’ Day

Here in Spain, we celebrate the 1st of October and we call it Día de todos los Santos which means All Saints' Day. During this day most families go to the cementery to honour their dead people.In Catalunya (the region were I live) the 31st ...

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