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A toast for foodie bloggers!

Hi everybody! I’m sooooo happy today!!!
La Vanguardia digital, which is the 1st online newspaper in Catalunya has published my blog!
This newspaper has a high reputation in my country. The paper version was founded in 1881 and has gone through many changes but it’s still on top. It’s the newspaper that sells the most in Catalunya. The digital version is much younger and not so long ago started with a Blog section where all kind of bloggers send their blogs, they make a selection and publish the ones they think of more interest… and here I am!!!!
This toast is for La Vanguardia digital, all bloggers in general, for foodie bloggers, for my foodmates and for me too, why not? Cheers!


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11/15/2007 · 0:11 h by Peter M

Un Cerveza por favour…OLE!

11/15/2007 · 10:17 h by Núria

Thanks Peter, a fresh beer is always good to have! Salud!!!

11/15/2007 · 13:24 h by Valli

Conratulations Nuria! You have every right to be very happy today and always. It is a real tribute when a fellow blogger has a success!!Keep up the excellent work!

11/15/2007 · 14:55 h by Núria

Thanks a lot Valli!!! You should see my stats they have jumped out of the computer!!!
See you in the Joust?

11/20/2007 · 9:06 h by Anonymous

Congratulations Núria!!!
Cheers big ears!
That’s the way it goes big nose!

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