Vichyssoise and lobster soup

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Vichyssoise with lobster soup

Here you have an easy and impacting dish to do for a celebration, a holiday, a party… Vichyssoise with Lobster soup! You know that I rather prepare my food at home, but sometimes I get lazy and take advantage of modern life and huge supermarkets with all kind of canned and packaged food.

Vichyssoise and Lobster soup

So, you can do this dish nearly as a magician would… buy a vichyssoise pack, a canned lobster cream soup and a salmon roe can… as easy as that! To tell you the truth, this time I made the Vichyssoise myself at home; find the recipe here. All you have to do is pour the lobster cream inside a pot, warm it up and add the same amount of milk. Stir and when it’s warm enough, reserve until it colds up a bit.

Vichyssoise with lobster soup

Pour the Vichyssoise inside a glass, place the lobster soup on top and the salmon roe. Isn’t this the easiest dish ever? Have it a bit warm or cold in summer. This is a present for those who like food and eating well but don’t have the time or haven’t learned yet to cook. To my friend Neus whom surprised me one day with this beautiful spoon! Gràcies bonica :D

Vichyssoise with Lobster soup



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04/14/2014 · 15:42 h by Joan Nova

With a first course like that, who needs a second course? P.S. Very fancy spoon!!

04/15/2014 · 9:33 h by Núria Farregut

Thank you Joan! And on top of that, it was delicious :D The spoon is a present from a friend :D

04/22/2014 · 20:46 h by Katie

Love the spoon…. And your photos are gorgeous! (Soup looks tasty, too ;-))

04/16/2018 · 13:54 h by Pedro

Hi Nuria, how do you keep the Vichi soup and the lobster soup so neatly separated inside of the glass

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