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Madalenas or Muffins? Chocolaty or lemony?

As long as I can remember, my mom has always baked the same cake, same ingredients, same good results…
There is a birthday to celebrate… she bakes the yogurt cake. There is some party to attend… she takes her yogurt cake along. Always the very same recipe! She has never tried to bake different desserts for us, instead, she has a wide savory experience and knowledge.
Maybe that’s why I’m also more into the savory side, but lately, I’ve been hearing the “baking call” and here you have my mom’s yogurt cake converted into Chocolaty and Lemony Muffins. The recipe and baking process is so easy, so so easy, that I’m sure you will adopt it too :D.

This is my first time tasting and using Lemon curd in a recipe and it won’t be the last! What a delicious thing!!! I didn’t buy the Traditional Curd… it was one of those Christmas gifts my husband got this last Holiday: Traditional Lemon Curd from Duchy Originals. I’ve visited their web and if you have the chance, I encourage you to do the same:, they got tones of wonderful organic and natural products… A delish!

Want to know how I would complete this menu?

I would have some Rice Mint Balls with pistachios and shrimps to start with, and as a second either I would have Meatballs with squid to make it all round ;D, or Chicken done with Cider and a good bread loaf!

Buen provecho :D


Ingredients for 1 batch (aprox. 17 or 18 units): 1 natural yogurt (125grs), 3 eggs, 16 grs of baking powder. Once you have the recipient of the yogurt empty: 3 recipients full of flour, 2 recipients full of sugar and 1 recipient full of olive oil 0,4º. These are the basic ingredients; now, if you want to give them a little twist, you'll also need: 1 tablespoon of lemon curd, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips.

  • Take a big bowl and mix the basic ingredients in no particular order, blend with a food processor and once you have an homogeneous dough, divide in two. In one half add the lemon curd and in the other half add the chocolate and cocoa ingredients.
  • Preheat oven at 180ºC. Place the dough in the muffins' wrappers and in the oven's middle rack. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 180ºC. Baking time might vary a bit depending on the oven and the wrappers.



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03/02/2009 · 12:45 h by Peter G

The cakes look very pretty Nuria! Que amazing! And the pictures are quite pretty too!

03/02/2009 · 12:48 h by Peter M

Nuria, I’ll have one chocolate muffin, an espresso and a glass of water, gracias.

03/02/2009 · 20:39 h by Joan Nova

Por fin, I finally get to see them and they look great. Big ones, little ones — all so beautifully arranged.

03/02/2009 · 21:26 h by janetching

Can I have one? they are so lovely. Chocolate muffin with a cappuccino is just what I vision to have one right now!

03/03/2009 · 2:16 h by glamah16

Yougurt is always great for baking. Funny how our mothers ways and tastes creep up on us when we cook:-)

03/03/2009 · 3:46 h by Heather

Ooh, yummy! I’ve never thought of putting lemon with chocolate, but it’s so good with orange, why not? I would take a bite of each one and let the flavors have a party in my mouth.

03/03/2009 · 12:44 h by pigpigscorner

They look so cute and delicious! I want a few right now!

03/03/2009 · 14:24 h by Bellini Valli

My two favourite ingredients together in one delicious baked good..chocolate and lemon. Nuria you have me dancing in my chair:D

03/03/2009 · 14:29 h by Maria

I used to be much more into baking a while back as well … now it’s mostly savory for me as well. But when I do get to bake something sweet, it’s great. These muffins look lovely–I adore the mini muffins…I think they are adorable to look at and you can just pop ‘em right in your mouth!

03/03/2009 · 16:15 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That does sound like a great recipe that you can do so much with! It is so fun to see you baking! :O

03/03/2009 · 18:51 h by Su-Lin

Your cakes are so pretty! I’m tempted to make some cupcakes this weekend!

03/03/2009 · 20:50 h by Maryann

I like your photos Nuria :)

03/03/2009 · 21:08 h by Ivy

You say that you do not bake and yet you have done such a great job. I love both flavours.

03/04/2009 · 15:21 h by Tracey

Estos parecen irresistible, Nuria! I´m glad you like lemon curd….it´s a British product! Where did you buy it? Online? I can´t buy it in the Spanish town where I live so have to order it from a British food shop in Madrid or I often make it myself. It´s quite easy! I could give you the recipe or maybe I´ll blog it for you sometime, Nuria!

03/04/2009 · 15:35 h by veggie belly

this looks amazing and easy to make! love your photos!

03/04/2009 · 17:23 h by Núria

Thank you all for your fantastic comments :D. You always make my day!!!!!!

Tracey, in the post you will find a link to the web of the Lemon Curd producers. I know it’s a British product and I love it!!! My husband got it as a gift… I didn’t buy it. Maybe if you get in touch with Duchy originals they can tell you if there’s a place where you can buy it here in Spain :D

03/04/2009 · 23:30 h by Cynthia

Soft, delicate and I am sure absolutely yummy.

03/05/2009 · 5:15 h by RecipeGirl

These look so delicious!!

03/05/2009 · 8:25 h by Ivy

I have something for you.

03/05/2009 · 23:59 h by bee

how gorgeous these are!! some recipes are too perfect to be messed with. this seems to be one of them.

03/06/2009 · 20:42 h by Tracey

Thanks,Nuria! Will look at the link provided and see what I can find out! I know I can order it from the Food Hall in Madrid. I´ve heard there is an English food market in Barcelona- maybe you could get your lemon curd there in the future(or make it yourself!)

03/06/2009 · 23:52 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Hi Nuria! How are you? Those miniature muffins are darling.

03/07/2009 · 23:05 h by Maria Jose

Hola Nuria, que buena receta la de tu madre junto con tus variaciones…me la apunto…y tus fotos como siempre deliciosas, me encanta como juegas con la luz…besitos

03/08/2009 · 2:21 h by chuck

Pass me a dozen or two lol. I love little treats like these. Wonderful!

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