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Gazpacho aromatized with fresh Basil

I want to show you the easiest and tastiest recipe for Gazpacho before summer ends. Here in Barcelona, temperatures are starting to drop but tomatoes are the cheapest veggies in the market right now. Shouldn’t we take advantage of it and buy some kilos to get our gazpachos done?

It will help you to get tones of vitamines in your system! And antioxidants too!

I’ve spent the summer away from home and my terrace plants have gone wild! See?, I installed a dripping-water automatic system and take a look at the size of my plants now!!! I feel like Gulliver in one of his trips :D.
From left to right: Bay tree, Basil bush in flower, Fig tree and some lavender back there. If you don’t find fresh basil you can perfectly do it without it.
Prolong your summer holidays with Gazpacho is like the king of the summer dishes, there’s always some in my fridge and it’s perfect before you get into the pool, or just right after you leave the pool or taken as a picnic when going to the beach inside a small portable fridge bag. Have a glass for lunch and have another glass for dinner, have it whenever you feel thirsty and hot, you will feel immediately relieved! Gazpacho=Summer; that’s why I’m sending the recipe over to Zorra and her Vacation Food Event, you are still on time to participate! Come and join :D
Ingredients for 4 servings: For the gazpacho soup: 2 ripe tomatoe kilos, 50 grs of the yesterday’s bread white part, half a cucumber, half a red pepper, half a green pepper, 1 garlic, 2 green onions (only the white part), 8 fresh basil leaves, 5 table spoons of sherry vinegar, 12 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil, 1 -2 glasses of fresh water, salt and black ground pepper.
Keep the half of the veggies you discarded aside and cut in very small pieces. Reserve.
  • Put the bread inside a small bowl and cover with fresh water.
  • Peel the tomatoes and take their seeds away. Cut and place inside a big bowl.
  • Cut the cucumber, peppers, onions and garlic in small pieces and place in the same big bowl.
  • Squeeze the bread and place in the bowl, add the water, 4 basil leaves, the olive oil and the vinegar.
  • Blend with a food processor until you get an homogenous texture. Use a fine colander to strain and get a fine texture. Add salt and pepper to fit your taste.
  • Place in the fridge and let cool down.
  • Serve cold and with the veggies cut in small pieces aside. Sprinkle with the rest of the basil.

This is one of the best summer soups I ever tasted. What are you waiting for?


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09/14/2009 · 13:59 h by Bellini Valli

It is so nice to wake up to such a refreshing dish Nuria. Enjoy the day!!

09/14/2009 · 14:21 h by 5 Star Foodie

What a delightful gazpacho! I love the presentation in a tall glass and the addition of basil is fabulous!

09/14/2009 · 15:01 h by La cuina vermella

Hola guapa!! Feia molt i molt de temps que no sabíem res de tu, quina alegria tornar-te tenir a prop. Un petó.

09/14/2009 · 15:27 h by FoodJunkie

Thanks for the recipe Nuria! Gazpacho is a great dish, but I have had my share of terrible ones (like everyone I guess), which is always a problem with “classic” dishes. It all comes down to the tomatoes, which need to be PERFECT.

09/14/2009 · 15:53 h by Familia

Yum! Te gusta el salmorejo? Es lo que hago en casa pq a mi gente no le gustan los pepinos.

09/14/2009 · 16:10 h by Soma

I have so much basil growing inside my home, could not make them survive outside in the Texan heat & am in love with the the herb! have been using it everywhere:-) nothing more refreshing than a gazpacho during the heat.

09/14/2009 · 20:08 h by Joan Nova

What wonderful things you have growing in your garden. I agree. Gazpacho is so refreshing any time of the day. I don’t know why I don’t make it more often.

09/14/2009 · 21:17 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

I have to admit, I haven’t been a huge fan of Gazpacho when I’ve had it in the past. Somehow I suspect, they weren’t made with such fresh ingredients though and this sounds wonderfully refreshing.

09/15/2009 · 9:18 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Holaaaaa!!!! per fi una recepta teva!!! m´encanten els colors verds i vermells i la recepta amb aufàbega ummmm em pareix que la pròxima vegada et copio….petonets maca

09/15/2009 · 11:35 h by taste traveller

Good to see you posting again. A coworker tried another gazpacho you had posted a while back & loved it, I’m sure this one is just as good! :-)

09/15/2009 · 12:33 h by zorra

guapa, I love Gazpacho and yours looks extra-yummie! Thank you for your participation and spreading the word. besitos!

09/15/2009 · 15:10 h by Ivy

Sounds like a very refreshing soup. Must try it.

09/16/2009 · 1:52 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

YUM! Oh, how I love gazpacho and this looks like a perfect recipe!

I’ve already moved to fall recipes. ;-(

09/16/2009 · 2:43 h by Bren

simpleanamente delicioso. he hecho un gazpacho con frijoles negros. que rico!

09/16/2009 · 6:43 h by Mercè

Hola Núria! Me n’alegro de tornar-te a llegir!!
Les fotos, genials!!
I el gaspatxo aromatitzat amb l’alfàbrega, s’haurà de provar!

09/16/2009 · 21:15 h by Maria

I too haven’t been a big fan of Gazpacho but I guess that’s because I never had the right one. Yours looks quite good and so fresh. Love the pic too Nuria!

09/16/2009 · 22:19 h by Cynthia

I hope that you are feeling a lot better.

09/17/2009 · 16:58 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

It looks just delightful, Nuria! It is wonderful to have you back by the way! I missed your last post, but agree with most of the other sentiments – taking care of yourself is a good idea. But the swine flu? Not too worried about it.

This gazpacho looks so refreshing! I also love how HUGE your herb garden got!

Missed yoU!!!

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