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Timbal d’Escalivada


I couldn’t help it :D. Barça is my Team! For those of you not in the know, I’m talking about football :D.

Escalivada is a typical Catalan dish made out of Roasted Peppers, Eggplant, Onion, Tomatoes,… To prepare mine, I only used some red peppers, eggplant and potatoes.
Roasted all of them. When done, covered them with a clean kitchen cloth or kitchen film to let it sweat. Peeled them and cut into long strips. Discarded the seeds, poured some extra virgin olive oil on top, thick sea salt and black ground pepper.

Boiled some potatoes (you can roast them instead). When done, peeled and smashed them a bit. Added some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Presented the dish in a Timbal shape using a mold. Decorated with an anchovy on top.
You can have as a side dish or as a complement to your fish or meat dishes. Have it cold. Delicious and easy! It’s perfect for summer time :D.

Finally a short post!!!!


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05/28/2009 · 19:27 h by Maria

Definitely a wonderful summer dish. Simple flavors that really wow. And once again, great presentation Nuria!

05/28/2009 · 20:09 h by Bellini Valli

These would be amazing for a diner party I am having Nuria. Love the swirl of anchovy.

05/28/2009 · 21:04 h by ENRIC

Siiiiiiii !!!!

Visca el Barçaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Visca Catalunyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
i visca l’escalivada !!!!! mmmmhhhhhhhh… que bona és !!!!
Enhorabona barcelonista !
…i a seguir fent aquests plats deliciosos !!!

Jusqu’à la prochaine !


05/28/2009 · 22:20 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Yikes, Nuria… these have me drooling. Absolutely drooling. They look beyond perfect.

05/28/2009 · 23:47 h by Peter G

This looks so elegant Nuria! I could easily serve this up as an entree at a dinner party.

05/29/2009 · 2:34 h by we are never full

CONGRATS!!! we watched the game and, not sure if you know, but jonny is from manchester and is a diehard Man U fan. he was a bit depressed yesterday (and today!). but barcelona def. outplayed them. luckily we love spain and will never be sore losers (ok, maybe jonny is…).

these timbales are awesome. gorgeous. honestly… these really could be a meal themselves. really great.e

05/29/2009 · 3:55 h by Mercè

Visca el Barça i Visca Catalunya!! :)
O-le-le, o-la-la, ser del Barça és, el millor que hi ha!!
I perfecte celebrar-ho amb un timbal d’escalivada com aquest!! :)

05/29/2009 · 8:04 h by Ivy

Perfect side dish and such a lovely presentation.

05/29/2009 · 9:38 h by Kalee

Oooh, yummy! Beautiful presentation.

05/29/2009 · 11:46 h by 5 Star Foodie

congrats for the football team! We watched the game here too, fun! The dish looks so beautiful, perfect for summer!

05/29/2009 · 14:41 h by La Llibreta Viatgera

Nuria, Visca el Barça!!! Es tan bo el pebrot i l’ albergínia escalivada amb un bon raig d’ oli és un plaer!

Un petó! Beth

05/29/2009 · 15:46 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow, Nuria! This is such a gorgeous dish! You are really getting so creative with presentation! Everything you make looks like it should be at a restaurant!

05/29/2009 · 15:59 h by Debbie

This dish looks amazing. My friends and family will love this!

05/29/2009 · 18:00 h by Soma

Pretty! Great for a party.

05/29/2009 · 21:29 h by Joan Nova

I saw the photo on Flickr a few days back and was waiting for the post. I’ve never done this but I know I would enjoy. Great lunch with a glass of cava!

05/29/2009 · 22:40 h by Tom

Nuria – The photography here is getting better and better. Your photos can almost make me taste the dish! Keep up the great work!!

05/30/2009 · 4:50 h by c de cocina

Visca el barça! Un plat molt apropiat per la ocasió, i deliciós.
Tot i que no m´ha agradat mai el futbol, ara comença a agradar-me! Salutacions des de Barcelona.

05/30/2009 · 8:05 h by pigpigscorner

Congrats! but my hubs is a man u fan =P Another wonderful recipe!

06/01/2009 · 16:24 h by Familia

congrats to you and your team!

06/02/2009 · 20:09 h by Peter M

Congrats to Barcelona… good match!

I adore the ingredients in this Catalan dish and it’s amazing how all the Mediterranean countries can reinterpret the same ingredients in so many ways.

06/04/2009 · 22:43 h by Maria Jose

Mi hijo no para de cantar lo de “copaaa lliga i xampion sss xampion sss jajajaja”, y esa escalivada tuya tiene un aspecto delicioso, como lo has hecho para que la base de patata te quedara tan perfecta?? eres una artista!!!

06/19/2009 · 17:59 h by katiez

I love escalivada! And timbales…

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