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Hola everyone! I’m a spanish housewife (nowadays, old fashioned occupation-job)… I take care of the “house”, kids, dog, garden, shoping, clothes and COOKING, among other things. Also I know a bit of English (you will notice that soon) so I thought I could share my knowledge on cooking traditional Spanish dishes with all of you! This blog pretends to be the place where you find good and genuine spanish recipes. Every recipe has its own photo webalbum and also a power point presentation just in case you want to print it. Everything is home made: recipes, pictures, power points… with Patience (first and most important ingredient), Love (basic in kitchen and life) and… Hunger, of course!

All recipes are very typical in Spain, but since this is a multicolored country, recipes performed in the north could be unknown in the south. I will try to show a wide picture of the whole cooking tradition. Differences make us richer!

Every recipe is thought for 4 persons. Measures are in Kilos and grams (sorry about that).

I hope you find what you look for. Any comments are welcome!

Enjoy cooking and enjoy eating it!




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