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A Particular Foodie Xmas Tree

Hola Everyone!

Christmas is getting near and I feel like having a particular Xmas Foodie Tree! I thought that it could be fun to have a little post hide and seek game. Every two or three days there will be a hidden link in the puzzle Tree to find! Tomorrow you can start looking for the “recipe-present-post” and you will get a Xmas food-drink-thought, which I hope you like. Isn’t Christmas about sharing? I love to share with you all our Christmas food tradition. Have fun!

Wishing you the best for this Christmas Time… Lots of Love, Health and…. Good Food!!! Have a Merry Holiday!

Bon Nadal a tots aquells que el passareu fora de casa i els que seràn a casa també bones Festes!

Feliz Navidad a todos los que tengan que pasarla fuera de casa y a los que la pasen en casa también les deseo lo mejor!.

Special dressing: Jingle Bell Rock

First hidden post is set… Will you find it?


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11/30/2007 · 15:34 h by Peter M

I look forward to your Christmas surprises…Felice Navidad!

11/30/2007 · 18:20 h by Núria

I wish I could send you a taste of what you will see tomorrow… MMMMMM in capital letters!!!

11/30/2007 · 22:27 h by Ben

Feliz navidad a tí también! I am looking forward to your Xmas food-drink-thought. Let’s share some love :-p

12/01/2007 · 21:41 h by Misslionheart♥

Mejores deseos para la Navidad y el Año Nuevo.

Happy cocinar!

12/02/2007 · 16:05 h by Núria

Hola Ben, Hi Clare! Thanks for the Xmas wishes. Hope to see your Xmas recipes too!!

12/03/2007 · 11:56 h by Núria

It’s hard to make this work… since I can’t order my posts the way I want. I’m giving up to have the Xmas tree in the front page and I will have it on a side with all Xmas posts having a link there. Oooooohhhh
The oldest post will be again in the first page.

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