The right time for a Vermouth and Natuchips

Since I was a kid, the time for the Vermouth has been like a ritual for our family and for many others here in Catalonia. We call it Vermouth time, (in the rest of Spain it’s called Aperitivo time) but it’s not compulsory to drink vermouth… you can have a beer, a coke, a glass of wine… What makes it so appealing to me is that beside the drinks, the table is set with cockles, chips, variated tapas such as: croquetas de pollo (chicken croquets), pinchos de gambas (shrimp pinches), marinated sardines, etc. I always associate this time with a terrace, sunglasses, the sound of the waves nearby, relax, holidays, weekend… In summary, Vermouth time is a time to disconnect and to enjoy small things.


So, from 12:00 to 13:00 hours, set a table and get your tapas and drinks ready, and if you are not by the beach play a Chris Rea song on your stereo ;D.

I was recently approached by the people at Grefusa and they were kind enough to send me their new specialty: Natuchips – a new and healthy way to enjoy your Vermouth/Aperitivo time! I say healthy because that is the best part of it, they are made with natural ingredients, gluten free and baked instead of fried! They have a 70% less of grease and they are delicious!!! I liked their barbaque and cheese and herbs flavors. Look for them in the supermarkets and give Natuchips a try :D.

If you are not into the Vermouth thing… you can always use them instead of the clasical doritos and dip them into the guacamole or any other sauce.

Enjoy your holidays… I will for sure! Soon travelling to La Toscana, Italy :D


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