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Estany de Banyoles



Ca LArpa in Banyoles

Going for a weekend scape outside the city will always be a blast if you combine it with other factors such as: good company, a beautiful environment, great climate, wild scenery, comforting hotel services... That's why we chose Ca LArpa in Banyoles lake. It's a small Hotel ...



El Rocío, Andalusia. Spain

In the fifteenth century, a hunter, named Gregorio Medina, went hunting in a place called the Rocina, he realised that something was hidden when heard his dogs barking. Penetrated through the high weeds and found an image placed in the hollow trunk of a tree. It sized just over a ...


Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Pinchitos, Montaditos… all kind of Tapas!

Is there a dish, a meal, a special bite that cheers you up? Nope? Then ask for these outloud with me: Un pinchito de langostinos, por favor! That's all you have to say when entering a Tapas bar here in Spain. The world will no longer be in black and ...


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Pork Loin in Salt and Herbs. And a Spanish Transport Strike!

There's a big transport strike here in Spain since Monday and everything is getting directly affected; there's nearly no fish left in the big markets, the meat's shelves at supermarkets are starting to get empty, fresh fruits and veggies are hard to find... Can you imagine?The ...

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