Rosquillas de anis

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Spanish Anise Doughnuts

Spanish Anise Doughnuts are called Rosquillas de Anís here :D. This is an old sweet recipe, easy to prepare and delicious to enjoy with some tea or coffee or just when nobody is watching and you can sneak into the kitchen and steal one or two from the cookie’s can.

There’s two ways to prepare these: one would be baking them, but I’m not a fan of that procedure because they become too hard to bite. And the other way would be to fry them… This is the texture you want… a bit hard on the outside but still soft inside.

Spanish Anise Doughnuts

Get your hands on the dough and prepare some Rosquillas for the family! They will be grateful! The anise (liquor) that is used in the recipe will make no harm to kids. You will see that it only stays the flavor and the scent. I really love these sweets and the shorties in the family also do ;D. Christmas time is just perfecto for these cuties; prepare a tray with some Spanish turrón, polvorones and these Rosquillas and see how their magic works… they will disappear in a blink!

Spanish Anise doughnuts

The spoons and forks, the jar and the plates can be found at Inhala. Your corner shop… a warm place where the scent of the teas and the coffee will take you to India, and the kindness of the owners will make you feel home!!! Gràcies :D


Ingredients for 4 to 6 servings: 125 ml of Anise (liquor), 125 ml of olive oil (0,4º), 250 grs of white granulated sugar, 400 grs of all purpose flour, 1 egg. Enough sunflower oil to boil them and icing sugar to cover them with.

  • In a big bowl, mix 1 egg, the olive oil, the anise and the granulated sugar. Mix well and beat manually. Pour the sifted flour little by little while you mix with a rubber spatula. Once all in, use your hands to get an homogeneous dough.
  • Shape the dough in large and thin strips. Join the ends.
  • Prepare the sunflower oil inside a pot and get ready to fry. Don't get the oil too hot or the doughnuts will burn. You want to achieve a nice golden brown. Fry by small groups (maximum 3 units) and reserve on kitchen paper to eliminate the excess of oil.
  • Use a strainer to pour the icing sugar on top.
  • Serve and enjoy!!!


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01/22/2014 · 11:58 h by bellini

They do sound comforting my friend.

02/03/2014 · 14:37 h by Inhala

Nuria, we really thank you your nice words and recipe. It’s a pleasure… Big hugs from Inhala !!!!

02/03/2014 · 16:40 h by Núria Farregut

Thanks Inhala!!!

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