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Red Peppers Puree

What Color Is Your Diet? This is the tittle of a book published in 2001 by David Heber, MD, where he wrote about the benefits of a colored diet… 12 years later, I have started to hear about “La dieta de los colores” here in Spain. I wonder if it’s the same thing? Not that I want to follow it, I’m just a bit curious to learn about the properties that colors hide and how they can benefit us. For example, here you have a super Red Peppers Puree recipe which obviously goes into the category of the Reds, it also has tomatoes in it, that makes it redder!!!  See why you should try it…

red peppers puree

By having a lot of vitamin A or niacin, red pepper prevents eye diseases, strengthens the immune system and has anti-cancer properties. Also for its high content of vitamin A, this vegetable also promotes good skin and mucous membranes. The antioxidant action of vitamin C, makes red pepper consumption beneficial to our eyes, skin, ear and respiratory system. Furthermore, the high amount of vitamin C of this vegetable can help reduce cold symptoms and fight diseases like constipation and hyperthyroidism. It is also recommended during menopause because vitamin C helps reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Source

red peppers puree

Now that the season still offers us this fantastic vegetable, be healthy and take advantage of the low prices; you can even prepare canned peppers for the Winter! It’s really easy… Roast the peppers until they get the black burned peel. Place inside a recipient and cover with a clean kitchen cloth, let them sweat. After 15 minutes, peel and reserve without the seeds. Preserve the juices too. Get some sterilized glass cans and place the peppers inside pressing a bit so that there is no air bubbles. Pour the juice over the peppers and olive oil on top. Leave one centimeter to the top, close the glass can and boil for 10 minutes in a big pot full of water for 10 minutes. Take outside the pot, turn the cans upside down and let cool. There you are!!!

red peppers puree

Stay tunned for the next colors :D

Nothing tastes better than those dishes/ foods prepared at home!


Ingredients for 4 servings: 5 red peppers, 2 ripe tomatoes, one onion, Extra virgin olive oil, salt and black ground pepper. Add some bread croutons on top if you wish :D

  • Roast the peppers, the onion and the tomatoes. Keep inside a recipient for 15 minutes to let it sweat. Peel and discard the seeds.
  • Use a blender to get an homogenous puree. Add salt to fit your taste. Add olive oil to achieve the texture you want (I used 50 ml). Use a thick strainer to get a smother and finer puree. Ground the pepper on top.
  • Serve with the croutons and a smile on your face ;D


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09/12/2013 · 20:33 h by Katie

My diet is every color LOL… Love the red peppers. I think you’re puree would be great with pasta… And I love stuffing the pimientos with goat cheese and baking them. I’m getting hungry….

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