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Stuffed Squids in a Black Inked Sea

Dear foodie bloggers friends, I’m so sorry I don’t have the time lately to come to your blogs and visit… I feel so bad about it! Hopefully, hopefully… next week I’ll be able to spend more time in front of the computer. However, you are all in my mind and heart♥.

Today, the first thing I did this morning… well, right after the 5 more minutes please, and preparing and eating breakfast was to check my bank account through Internet. If I had swallowed all Frank’s Hot Sauce I bet I would have felt better than I did looking to my extract account… They charged me 8,50 Euros for… for what? I’m doing everything through Internet, I don’t go to their office and make them work for me, they don’t spend one minute with my questions or anything!!! And they charged me 8,50 Euros under the concept of “commission for keeping the account”… unbelievable!
I guess all kind of horrible things came out from my mouth: big pigs, crossed bones, lightnings, pirates skulls… like in cartoon characters, you know what I mean?

I’ve been a good client of this bank for more than 20 years now. So I changed my morning plans and went to my bank’s office. I was ready to move my account from there and put it somewhere else, no matter the work I would have doing that change. I was ready to squeeze the bank’s boss’ neck with my hands. I was ready for the fight! Have you got a saying in English equivalent to: la gota que colma el vaso – the drop that makes the glass water overflow? It was a good thing my husband came with me because he was a bit more calm.

We did talk with the boss and he just said: yes, that’s a lot of money for nothing but this is how it works, however, I’ll pass the order that from now on you don’t pay any commissions in your accounts… he even ordered that our visa commission should only be 3 Euros per year, instead of 70!!! So there was finally no blood involved in that this morning ;-). Another Spanish saying says: Quien no llora no mama – If you don’t cry you don’t get what you want (more or less).

There’s no blood involved in this recipe but there’s a lot of ink instead. I can’t imagine writing all my recipes with ink, how many grams of ink should I need? For this dish I used only 4 grams but when mixed with water or oil you can get a great amount!
Would you like to try this dish? It takes a bit of time but since I got so mad in the morning I wanted a good lunch meal and here you have it too! Just in case you have to go and fight with your bank!

Flavours combine so good together here: the shrimps, the squid, the ink… super flavourful; give it a try :D

Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 medium squids, 100 grs of rice, 1 green pepper, 4 medium onions, 2 garlic cloves, 8 shrimps, 1 spurt of cognac, salt, olive oil, 100 grs of dry white wine, 4 grs of squids’ ink.

  • Clean the squids or ask your fishmonger to do it for you. Take the skin off and turn them inside out to wash them properly. Take their “bone” away too. Cut the legs and wings and reserve aside. And dry the empty bodies when cleaned and washed.
  • In a sauce pan add some olive oil (5 spoontable) and fry the cleaned shrimps, pour a spurt of cognac (be careful you don’t get burned!) Shake the sauce pan. When the flame dissappears, add salt and have for 1 minute maximum. Reserve.
  • In that same oil add the chopped onions (2) and when transparent, add the chopped green pepper, when it softens, add the minced garlic and when you start to feel its aroma, add the legs and wings of the squid cut in small pieces.
  • You might need to add some more oil, feel free to do so. Have all ingredients simmering at low fire and add some salt to fit your taste.
  • Meanwhile, in a different pot add some olive oil (5 tablesp) and the other 2 chopped onions. Have it covered and at the lowest heat.
  • Peel the shrimps and add to the sauce pan with the rest of ingredients. Stir for a couple of minutes at low heat so that all flavours mix.
  • In a small pot boil the rice with some water. Have it boiling for 10 minutes only. Strain and add to the sauce pan. Stir for one minute and reserve.
  • Stuff the squids with the rice and shrimps mixture. Use a toothpick to avoid the stuffing fall out of the squids.
  • Back to the onion pot, add the stuffed squids inside (the onion should be soft and transparent) and pour the wine inside too. Have it all simmering for 45 minutes at the lowest heat and covered. Turn the squids from time to time so that they get equally cooked.
  • Take the squids out of the pot and reserve. Add the ink to the juices that remain in the pot and stir at low heat for 45 seconds. Pour all the pot juices in your blender and get a black homogeneous sauce. Reserve.
  • Prepare the dish as you see in the pictures or in any other manner you wish. If you like seafood, this is your meal! You can eat it warm or cold, again… up to you!

Enjoy it!


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07/11/2008 · 10:32 h by Peter G

“You don’t get something for nothing”…thats another saying! Good on you for taking on the bank Nuria! Power to the people. And like you said, at least you made a nice lunch to calm yourself down!

07/11/2008 · 16:54 h by Windansea

Hello Nuria, I just found your blog – thank you for the recipes; my parents are Spanish but we live in the US and I’m always looking for good adaptations but we can’t always get the proper ingredients. And congratulations on your blender – I have the same one, it’s great.

La gota que colma… in English, “The straw that broke the camel’s back.”

07/11/2008 · 16:58 h by Lore

Was that the commission per year or per month? I was charged the same amount but it was their commission per one year. Still the Visa commission is WAY TOO much. Good thing it was all taken care of so you could enjoy these scrumptious stuffed squids. YUM!

07/11/2008 · 18:13 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

You and Heather seemed in squiddy moods this week!

Banking seems to get more and more bizarre these days.

This recipe looked like too much for me, but your description/instructions were fascinating!

07/11/2008 · 18:27 h by We Are Never Full

oh nuria, you’re a woman after my own heart. and it seems that the relationship you and your husband have is VERY similar to mine! i’m the hot-headed, over-the-top-one and my husband is the calm and cool one. i’d do the same thing if my bank over-charged me. wait, they alwasy over charge me!

i LOVE this post. love, love love. i wish we could get packets of squid ink here (maybe for the next package exchange – ha ha ha! kidding!). so delicious.

07/11/2008 · 19:14 h by Ivy

Nuria, I like stuffed squid but have never cooked them with black ink. Maybe I should try them.

07/11/2008 · 20:45 h by giz

You go girl!!! Isn’t it nice when you win one for a change!!!

Each time I visit your blog I’m learning something new. Today is no exception.

07/12/2008 · 1:00 h by Peko Peko

I was really surprised to see these images. I did this post on KyotoFoodie about squid stuffed with flavored rice — in Japan.

I guess that stuffed squid is far more international that I had thought!

Your Spanish version looks yummy and I love that you use the squid ink!


07/12/2008 · 3:27 h by glamah16

You have to watch these banks. I love the concept of stuffed squid.Have a great weekend.

07/12/2008 · 4:56 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

How about a bank that won’t let me withdraw 67 cents (because they don’t have US coins) and then charge me 2 bucks a month for keeping the account active?

On a happier note, I would love a bowl of that squid in black sea. Looks awesome!

07/12/2008 · 9:42 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Yes, you are right, but sometimes it feels as they are robbing me :(. Thanks chico :D

Hey Windandsea… Hola!!! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. So glad you enjoy my recipes!
Thanks so much for telling me about the proper translation of the saying! I love sayings! Any suggestions or questions you have… I’m here for you :D

Hola Lore! Commissions are per year, but if I have to send some money, for example, to another bank’s account I get charged 3 E every time I do that… just too much. And the Visa is per year 70 euros each card. Yes, the squids brought a smile back to my face! Thanks darling :D

Hola sweet Jen :D I haven’t gone to Heather’s for a couple of weeks now, I will go and see her squids! I’m curious now!
The recipe takes a bit of time but is not as complicated as it looks and soooooo delicious :D

Hola Amy… your wishes are orders ;-)… want some ink? you’ll have it the next time… but I’m sure you can find it in a Frozen products Seafood shop… it gives a wonderful flavour to the dish!
So you are a tempered woman!!!! Ha! Banks fear us… Amy and Nuria are there to fight ;-)

Ivy, you will be so surprised to see the inks fantastic sea flavour! It gives such a twist to the dish :D

Giz…. what do you mean… is it what I think? I won your tested and true second edition? No… really? I’m rushing there with my 53,6 Kbps internet speed!

Hola peko Peko… welcome to Spanish Recipes! Ha, ha, ha… we all think we are so original and when we take a look around we see we haven’t invented anything… :D, I feel the same so many times! Have to go and see your Japanese version, will love to know how you cook it :D

Aaaahh, Courtney! Thanks sweetie! Have a great weekend you too!

Hey EatingClub! Would it sound horrible if I say… banks suck! ?
There’s two bowls for you here :D

07/12/2008 · 9:54 h by Núria

Ha, ha ha! How can I be so silly? I got all confused here… never mind, Yeap, I won with my bank this time :D

07/12/2008 · 16:22 h by Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Nice dish! Beautiful presentation. I may have to try this one…

07/15/2008 · 0:33 h by Cynthia

Stuffed squid is my weakness!

07/15/2008 · 10:24 h by canarygirl

One of my favorite dishes, Núria! Yours looks wonderful. Y qué cabritos, los del banco. >( (Ya sé que les quité años, pero bueno. jeje) Por lo menos lo solucionaste.

07/16/2008 · 21:18 h by Peter M

Nuria, I’ve only ever had squid ink pasta and I adore it. Your stuffed squid sounds magnifico!

07/17/2008 · 9:25 h by Núria

Hola Hunter! Thanks. You will surely enjoy it!

He, he… you know what you want, right Cynthia?

Nikki, eres tan graciosa hablando en castellano!!!! Sí tienes razón en lo de quitarles años, je, je… nunca lo había pensado.

Yeah, thanks Peter :D

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