Eat Apples

There’s an old saying here that goes: Una manzana al día, de médico te ahorraría. There’s the same saying in English too: One apple a day will keep the doctor away. So let’s eat APPLES! Here in Spain you can have apples from August to January, so if you haven’t started yet, you can grab your apple today. Follow this link to know all about seasonal products here in Spain.

Apples are known for:

  • Being rich in fiber, their pectin and polyphenols; fiber helps with bowel movements (we all know that) and pectin and polyphenols are great to fight the cholesterol and therefore protect our hearts.
  • Reducing body’s inflamation
  • Helping in loosing weight
  • Preventing from Ictus and some Cancers. 

See the 10 reasons Mother Nature Network gives you to eat one Apple a day!

BE HEALTHY! Invest in your body and mind :D. Eat Apples!!!



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