Spanish Omelet

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Spanish Omelet

This is one of my first recipes in this blog… Ahhhh sweet memories… July 17th 2007 to be exact! Wow, time flies! Now, that I’m a big girl and my photos have improved a bit, here you have the 0.3 version of the Spanish Omelet. A must in any Spanish kitchen, one of the kids’ favorite dishes, the moms joker’s dish, the tapas Queen, one of the basics in our Gastronomy… give it a try!

Spanish Omelet Sandwich

I always add onion to my Tortilla to make it more tender and juicy, but you can find the recipe without onion and it’s equally fine. Once you have it, get some bread rubbed with tomato, extra virgin olive oil and salt and place a piece of the Omelet inside… Sooooo delicious!!! A great idea for a quick lunch or supper in front of the TV with a handy beer or a good glass of wine.

Pincho Tortilla Española

You can also prepare some tapas and pinchos out of it. It would surely be the favorite: get a slice of bread, a fried green pepper and a piece of the Omelet on top. It’s equally delicious warm or cold. You will see that these will be the first pincho to disappear!

This is my Sandwich for the Creative Cooking Crew June’s Challenge: Three ingredients starting with the same letter: Omelet, onion and Olive oil… Omelet is a bit tricky, but eggs (even though they are round) don’t start with O… lol. Or maybe I could say: Pimiento, Pan and Potatoes Omelet… this is a bit tricky too, but hopefully the Crew will be ok with it! To see what the rest of the members have come up with, follow this link to our Pinterest board :D.


Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 potatoes medium size, 1 onion, 5 eggs (big size), Extra virgin Olive oil, Salt.

  • Peel the potatoes and put them under tap water, then break them into small pieces. Take the onion and peal it, then cut it in slices and put it together with the potatoes.
  • Take a new pan or one that is only used for omeletes and pour some olive oil in it (just to cover the surface). Turn the heat into medium. When the oil starts getting hot pour the potatoes and onion inside the pan.
  • Take a wooden spoon and keep on moving it. After 3-4 minutes drop the fire to minimum. Then put a lid on the pan.
  • Keep on stirring every 3-5 minutes. If the mixture gets stick to the pan, add a bit more of olive oil.
  • Depending on the potatoes (each kind needs different time for cooking) it will take between half an hour more or less to have the potatoes ready. They should "sweat" to be nicely done.
  • Beat the eggs inside a big bowl.
  • When the the onion/potatoes are tender, take from the pan into the eggs' bowl caring that the oil stays in the pan. Use a kitchen tool with holes to do that. Stir it all up. Add the salt now.
  • Strain the oil of the pan inside a recipient. Clean the pan and pour back 3/4 spoons of this oil, making sure it gets all over the pan and borders.
  • Drop the mixture into the pan when it’s starting to get hot. The heat should be medium-high. Spread the mixture all over the pan. When the eggs start being curdled, turn the heat into low.
  • After 5 minutes aprox. Turn the omelete upside dow. Leave the omelete out of the heat and pour a bit more of olive oil if needed in the pan. Put the omelet back into the pan and cook the other side. Keep the heat low. After 5 minutes aprox. it will be finished! But, to make sure it's well done, insert a toothpick in it and if it comes out clean, it's done.


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06/20/2009 · 20:25 h by Gina

Spanish tortilla is one of my favorites. It’s not too easy to find here in the US, so I usually make my own. My results vary quite a bit, and I’ve experimented with several pans. Why is it that you use a new pan? Is there some secret omelet-only pan that I haven’t heard about?

Thanks for posting this recipe!

08/01/2009 · 1:28 h by Cassie

My tortilla seems to turn out fine as long as the pan has straight sides. Don’t use a “regular” frying pan that has tapered sides or it won’t look or cook right. I’ve also had Spanish Tortilla with pieces of ham and/or tuna in it, but rarely more complex that that.

02/09/2010 · 9:18 h by Cherine

mmm I LOVE tortillas!!

06/25/2014 · 11:19 h by Norma

As,always your presentations and photography are the best. Welcome to out Crew and what an amazing addition you are.

06/25/2014 · 11:24 h by Núria Farregut

Thanks Gina! Using a new pan helps you get it right because it doesn’t stick to the surface. When you use an old one, there’s always the same problem, when you turn it, some of it sticks to the surface and it becomes a mess.

Thanks Cassie! Yes, you can add more ingredients or simply change them… so many delicious options :D

Thanks Cherine!

Norma, with comments like that you make my day!!! Thanks so much darling :D It’s my pleasure to be part of this fantastic Crew!!! Muchos besos.

06/25/2014 · 13:59 h by bellini

Yes we have to have Spanish omelet my friend. And yes our photos (even mine) have improved tremendously over the years.

06/25/2014 · 14:22 h by Núria Farregut

Yes Val! We are off the ground and flying!!!! Hahahaha

06/25/2014 · 15:08 h by Joan Nova

Quite ‘ok’ with ‘O’ or ‘P’. Beautiful photography and mouth-watering sandwich.

06/25/2014 · 15:50 h by Nuria

Thanks Joan! I appreciate your comment :D

[...] P or O: Tortilla Española from Spanish Recipes. [...]

07/02/2014 · 18:34 h by Evelyne@cheapethniceatz

Great omelet sandwich indeed, looks delicious. Wow we started blogging same year but 1 month apart.

[...] The most well-known dish in Spanish cooking is by far tortilla de patatas, or Spanish omelet. This basic creation makes use of staple ingredients found on the Iberian Peninsula: eggs and potatoes. Although a very common dish, there are many ways to prepare it, as well as a number of variations on the traditional recipe. However, the big debate regarding the recipe is whether Spanish omelet is better when cooked with onions or not. Such a debate has undoubtedly led to arguments at more than one dining room table and perhaps even been the cause of family quarrels. Ok, maybe not really, but people seem to be quite divided on the issue. What is for certain is that the best tortilla in all of Spain is always the one prepared by one’s mother, grandmother, aunt, or other family member, or in some cases by a particular restaurant which is worth traveling far and wide to get to in order to have a pincho, or small serving. Nonetheless, this will definitely be a dish you’ll want to know how to prepare for when you return home or move on elsewhere. This is one of many possible recipes of the Spanish Omelet. [...]

09/04/2015 · 13:31 h by Spanish Tapas Guide | Beroomers

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12/13/2017 · 18:36 h by Joey caraway

Los tortilla espanola es delicioso. Es pan en el pollo estaba bueno. Yo el pollo estaba poco sal pero estaba aun barbaro. Grande foto.

03/14/2018 · 20:41 h by adrian jenkins

Muy delicioso mi familia y yo disfrutamos de este muy mucy

07/26/2018 · 15:16 h by Ashish Larambla

Wow Great Spanish Omelet Recipe, you have done a great job. I tried your recipe and it is very easy and omelet is very delicious.

06/11/2020 · 23:17 h by Keren Binderman

¡Me encanta esta receta! ¡Lo hice anoche para la cena y sabía muy bien! Me encantaban las patatas en el omelette, pero me encantaban aún más las cebollas. Y no creo que vuelva a hacer omelette sin aceite de oliva.

06/17/2020 · 15:16 h by Keren Binderman

¡Me encanta esta receta! ¡Lo hice anoche para la cena y supo muy bien! Me encantaron las patatas en el omelet, pero me encantaron aún más las cebollas. Y no creo que vuelva a hacer omelet sin aceite de oliva.

01/16/2021 · 23:29 h by Keren Binderman

¡Esta receta es fantástica! Lo hice sin cebolla porque a mi mamá no le gusta, y todavía sabía muy bien – incluso con solo patatas. Me encanta que esta es una comida de “desayuno” que funciona perfectamente para la cena también. ¡Gracias!

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